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Alternate Naruto Endings

Naruto‘s ending was deeply satisfying for all the fans that waited it out and rooted for Naruto all these years. But has anyone ever wondered about other possible ways Naruto could have ended? Given that Naruto’s original ending serves as an inspiration – if you work hard, your dreams will come true – it’s hard to think of any other. But here are 5 endings for Naruto that would have been interesting to watch. 

1. Sasuke – The ‘Fierce’ Hokage

The first scenario would be Sasuke actually becoming the Hokage of the Konohagakure with Naruto following Jiraiya’s steps. Sasuke’s pain in his entire life motivates him to reform the flaws in the ninja system and prevent something like the Uchiha Clan massacre from happening again. Naruto goes on to travel the country – forming allies, helping people out and writing a book on his life. 

2. Shikamaru – The ‘Smart’ Hokage

The second scenario would include Shikamaru, who was considered for Hokage, becoming the Hokage. Being a Hokage can be a tedious job and it’s hard to picture the energetic Naruto sitting behind a desk. Shikamaru, on the other hand, would probably complain about the workload yet this gives him the opportunity to work his brain – which he’s good at. It would be interesting to see how he handles the village.

3. Naruto and Sasuke become a legend

The third scenario would be Naruto and Sasuke dying in the battle. This would have been quite heartbreaking and unlike the anime. Naruto has its heartbreaking moments but to kill Naruto before he becomes Hokage would have been a bit extreme. It would have been interesting to see Naruto give his life to help bring his friend back.

4. Sakura – The ‘Lady’ Hokage

The fourth scenario would be Sakura becoming the Hokage. Although considering the hate she gets, this would be laughable. But if Kishimoto had written her character better, it would have been quite plausible. She’s a medical ninja, an apprentice of Tsunade who she surpasses, she’s smart and compassionate. From only caring about Sasuke, she grows to care for her friends by the end. Her determination, wittiness, and her protective nature would push her to become a good Hokage. 

5. Naruto follows Iruka’s footsteps

The final scenario would be Naruto help train the future of Konohagakure. Naruto is surprisingly a good teacher. He helps teach Konohamaru and provides inspiration to him. Naruto balances between giving him a challenge but also motivating him at the same time which is what a teacher would do. With Naruto as a teacher, I’d say the future is bright. 

The Plot of Naruto

Naruto is an anime that follows the journey of the isolated orphan Naruto in fulfilling his dream of becoming a Hokage (leader of the village) and gaining recognition. The anime deals with themes of friendship, hard work, loneliness, dreams, and loss. 

I would probably consider the scenario where Shikamaru becomes the Hokage the most likely as he was actually considered as a candidate. In a scenario where he becomes the Hokage, I can imagine the trio working together and under him, to keep the village they love safe bringing their unique strengths to the table just like they did as Team 7. 

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