Zetsumetsu Kigu-shun Premieres In December 2020, Trailer And Visual

Zetsumetsu Kigu-shun is a peculiar anime about endangered animals. I am calling it peculiar because the anime is dialogue-less. The animals don’t have any conversations and only say the word “-shun.”

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Although it looks like a kid’s anime, it is thought-provoking and brings attention to environmental issues.

The Zetsumetsu Kigu-shun anime has revealed a premiere on 16th December. It will stream on Nico Nico Douga in Japan. It is animated by the GEEK TOYS studio. All the episodes will be free to stream till 22nd December.

A new visual has been released for the upcoming anime.

Zetsumetsu Kigu-shun Premieres In December 2020
Zetsumetsu Visual | Source: Crunchyroll

The visual shows Shirokuma-shun, a polar bear who can’t swim. Shirokuma is standing in front of an abyss, highlighting the dangers that different species are going through.

A trailer for Zetsumetsu Kigu-shun is also being streamed.

Anime [Zetsumetsuki Gushun. ] Sea otter Shun self-introduction (CV: Riho Sugiyama)

In the trailer, we see Rakko-shun, an otter. The otter does a self-introduction and talks about the different dangers that their species is facing.

The cast for the anime include:

CharacterCastOther Works
Rakko shun (otter)Riho SugiyamaMinare Koda (Wave, Listen to Me!)
Manbo shun (ocean sunfish)Ai KakumaHikari Karibuchi ( Brave Witches)
Ishikawa-Gaeru-shun (Ishikawa’s frog)Haruki IshiyaChad Chadan (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)
Shirokuma-shun (polar bear)Natsuki HanaeYota Narukami (The Day I Became a God)
Aji san (Arctic tern)Hiroshi NakaYuji Tachiki (BNA: Brand New Animal)
Zo shun (Elephant)Daiki YamashitaMitsuro Soutsuda (Food Wars! The Second Plate)
Panda shun (giant panda)Sumire UesakaPeach Maki (Hozuki’s Coolheadedness)

Kgmania, a creative unit of Kadokawa and Geek Pictures, has been planning and developing the Zetsumetsu Kigu Shun anime. The franchise already has a short net anime series on Youtube.

About Zetsumetsu Kigu-shun

Zetsumetsu Kigu-shun is serialized in the Twitter account of the series. It also has a short Youtube series. It will get an anime in December 2020.

The anime brings attention to environmental concerns. It is a dialogue-less anime showcasing characters that are considered endangered species.

Source: Official website of Zetsumetsu Kigu Shun


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