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Yuri!!! on ICE Season 2: Release Info, Rumors, Updates

Yuri!!! on Ice is an anime series that is different from mainstream animes in many aspects. The series revolves around the passion of figure skating in some youngsters and the single sighted focus to win the grand title.

Yuri!!! on Ice was first aired on October 6, 2016, and was showered with love by the fans. Though there isn’t much information on the renewal of the series, do scroll down to our “Theory Section” for some interesting facts.

1.Release Date

Yuri!!! on Ice last aired on December 21, 2016, leaving fans craving for more. Though there is no official statement yet, the show was expected to release in the fall of 2020, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it might shift to mid-2021.

2.Theory Section

Yuri!!! on Ice is quite different from all the mainstream sports anime in a lot of aspects. There are prominent cast members from Russia, Thailand, China, Switzerland, etc.

It is one of the very few animes where women are not objectified, and the show also represents same-sex relationships. These attributes added with a great storyline and in-depth character development helps the show stand out.

Yuri!!! on ICE Season 2 Updates
Yuri!!! on ICE

I.Financial Standings

In the first few months of 2017, it was the second-most successful media franchise in Japan, taking ¥3,262,936,824 from sales in home video and music releases.

II.Animation Quality

Yuri!!! on Ice has some elaborate figure skating routines for us to lay our eyes upon, it’s beautifully done and is undoubtedly a treat for the eyes. Off the Ice, the animation is also good, and detailing has been done quite impressively. Score-(8.5/10)

III. Is season 1 any good?

The plot of the show is fresh and unique when it comes to a sports anime, From the get-go what sets it apart from your typical sports anime is clear, our main cast is not in high school.

Having mature, full-grown adults lead the narrative means that many stereotypical conflicts can be avoided, giving the show a different flavor.

We are given a romance between two males, which isn’t fetishized, exploited, or mistreated. It’s a romance that’s written with respect and subtlety, not pulling out focus from the main genre of sports. Score-(8.5/10)

Yuri!!! on ICE Season 2 Updates
Yuri!!! on ICE

IV.Season 1’s accomplishments

Yuri!!! on Ice Season 1 won three awards at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival, a Japan Character Award, seven awards in Crunchyroll’s inaugural Anime Awards, and in 2019 was named by the website’s editorial team as one of the top 25 anime of the 2010s.

It had the second-highest combined Blu-ray and DVD sales of any anime in Japan for 2017 and had the highest combined sales for a TV anime that year.

3.Production Update

Since the show was a little different from mainstream anime, it was also subjected to criticism. Some said that the same-sex relationship was portrayed unrealistically.

The series was flooded with love by the fans, and they desperately wanted a season 2, which now might get delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

4.New Teaser/ Trailer

No new teaser has been released yet.

5.Key Visuals

No new Key Visuals for the second season have been released as of now.

6.Expected Storyline

The second season might be more about exploring the relationship between Yuri Katsuki and Victor since they are no more than just a coach and student.

We can also see Victor competing with Yuri on the next Grand Prix even though he serves as Yuri’s mentor. If this happens, then it will be a much more dramatic situation where the trainee will have to stand opposite to his teacher.

Yuri!!! on ICE Season 2 Updates
Yuri!!! on ICE

7.Cast & Staff

Directed by Sayo Yamamoto (Series), Jun Shishido (Chief)

Written by Sayo Yamamoto (Composition), Mitsurō Kubo (Screenplay)

Music by Taro Umebayashi, Taku Matsushiba

Studio: MAPPA


Yuuri Katsuki by Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Victor Nikiforov by Junichi Suwabe

Yuri Plisetsky by Kouki Uchiyama

8.About the Anime

Yuri!!! on Ice is a Japanese sports anime television series about figure skating. The series was produced by MAPPA, directed and written by Sayo Yamamoto with original scripts by Mitsurō Kubo under the chief direction of Jun Shishido.

The story revolves around Yuuri Katsuki, once Japan’s most promising figure skater, returns to his family home to assess his future options.

At the age of 23, Yuuri’s window for success in skating is closing rapidly, and his love of pork cutlets and aptitude for gaining weight are not helping either.

Victor, a champion himself, abruptly appears at Yuuri’s house and offers to be his mentor. Being one of his biggest fans, Yuuri eagerly accepts, kicking off his journey to make it back onto the world stage.

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