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Science SARU’s New Video Introduces Us to the World of ‘Yurei Deco’

Imagine peace and harmony being brought about by social media elements. It might sound ridiculous, but Yurei Deco is an upcoming anime that will show us how such a concept can work in practicality.

It follows the story of an average girl named Berry who meets an eccentric personality, Hack, and her team of misfits living in the digitally controlled Tom Sawyer Island. Getting charmed by these people, Berry starts working with them to uncover the island’s secrets.

Science SARU has revealed an introductory video for Yurei Deco anime that explains the workings and society of Tom Sawyer Island. The anime will debut on July 3, 2022.

TV anime “Yurei Deco” world view PV “Information on Tom Sawyer Island” | Broadcasting starts on July 3, 2022!

It begins by showing us the playful atmosphere of the island filled with vibrant colors and attractive holographic visuals. The voice-over explains how the town exists where reality and cyberspace overlap.

Due to this coexistence of real and virtual spaces, residents use devices called Deco that are embedded in their eyes. Decos help them balance their lives in reality and the digital area that is known as the Ultra Reproduction Space.

People can upgrade their Decos and unlock more features by increasing their social value count, known as ‘love.’ It is basically hearts that citizens can collect by being nice and friendly, which in turn preserves harmony among them.

We’re shown that the anime’s protagonist Berry gets her Deco embedded and is able to unlock a world she has never seen before. It also shows the operating place of the island and how they make the whole intro video.

Moreover, the franchise has also revealed a webtoon adaptation for Yurei Deco in the works by Digital Shokunin Studio. This is Line Manga service’s first television-tie-in webtoon and will launch on July 8.

\ #Yurei Deco LINE Manga will be delivered for free! /

TV anime “Yurei Deco” WEB comic version

The release has been decided! !!

The first episode will be available on LINE Manga from 00:00 on July 8 (Friday)

It will be delivered every Friday at 0:00 after the second episode, so please look forward to it

Click here for LINE Manga


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Science SARU is known to blow fans out of their minds with its stories, and I’m sure Yurei Deco will do the same.

I hope I’m not the only one looking forward to what this anime has in store for us.

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About Yurei Deco

Yurei Deco is an original anime by Science SARU. Its release date and other details have not been revealed yet.

In a small trailer, the anime teased that it will deliver lots of love to its audience. It is possible that the anime will be a romance or romantic-comedy series.

Source: Yurei Deco Anime’s Official Website

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