Will Yuno Die in Black Clover?

As the deuteragonist of Black Clover, Yuno is brushing far too close to death than what the fans are comfortable with. The Spade Kingdom arc has enthralled the audience with its constant plot twists and surprises.

As formidable villains are being introduced, for the first time in a while, our heroes are in a pinch.

With Nacht’s plan in motion, Yuno and Langris confront the Dark Trio leader, Zenon.

However, as the first gate of the Tree of Qliphoth opens, their fates become uncertain. While the audience predicts either Yami or Vangeance to meet their end, some believe Yuno might end up suffering this time around.

1. Will Yuno Die in Black Clover?

Yuno is not going to die in Black Clover as his development has barely begun. Tabata recently revealed Yuno’s identity as the Spade Kingdom’s prince, and there’s still much to be explored in regards to his future.

Will Yuno Die in Black Clover?
Yuno | Source: Fandom

Golden Dawn was annihilated, as barely half of its members survived Zenon’s attack. While Vangeance could have saved himself from being abducted, he chose to use his remaining power to heal Yuno.

With his squad and captain in such a dire state, the flames of rage and revenge have been ignited in Yuno like never before.

In his showdown against Zenon in the latest chapter, Morris, the magic scholar who defected from the Diamond Kingdom, used the power of his devil to transplant Lolopechka’s vast trove of knowledge into himself.

By doing so, he created a method to hasten the growth of the Tree of Qliphoth and opened the first gate.

The appearance of two high-ranking demons in the human world has fans worried about the attack force.

While they don’t appear to be on the Dark Triad’s side and seem to find the situation amusing instead, there’s no knowing when the twin demons will unleash their attacks.

Fortunately, there is little to no risk of Yuno dying. If we look at Black Clover from the beginning, rarely any characters have died, let alone significant ones such as Yuno, Noelle, and Yami.

Taking this tendency of Tabata into account, no central character will be written off this soon.

Furthermore, while Black Clover has started to delve into some of the mysteries behind Yuno and Asta’s past, there’s still a long way to go before the story ends.

Yuno is undoubtedly going to be a motivating rival figure to our protagonist, and until and unless they see the end to their promise of becoming the Wizard King, neither will die.

However, some resounding opinions and theories from a section of the audience believe that Yuno’s days are numbered.

I. A Failed Revenge

Zenon killed half of the Golden Dawn members AND abducted its captain; if that’s not enough for Yuno to go absolutely nuts, I don’t know what is.

Will Yuno Die in Black Clover?
Zenon Zogratis | Source: Fandom

Revenge in anime is often shown to be the downfall of any character that is not the protagonist. Yuno’s desire to exact revenge against Zenon is at its heights, and he will stop at nothing until he achieves it.

In the latest chapter, while Yuno assimilated Sylph, created Spirit of Boreas, and pushed Zenon back, there’s little chance of the latter being defeated this easily.

With the devils arriving, the Dark Triad’s reinforcement has only grown stronger, lowering the chances of the Clover Kingdom’s attack squad winning.

This theory wonders whether Yuno will fail in his revenge and instead die at the hands of Zenon.

II. The Ultimate Sacrifice – A Tragic Ending to Black Clover

Only one can become the Clover Kingdom’s Wizard King, and the audience is betting on Asta.

Asta and Yuno promised and bet that each would work towards becoming the Wizard King; however, only one of them can achieve that position and title. Obviously, with the protagonist as his contender, Yuno doesn’t stand too great of a chance at success.

Will Yuno Die in Black Clover?
Asta And Yuno | Source: Fandom

There has been a theory going around in the fandom that states that Black Clover will have a bittersweet ending – Asta will become the Wizard King, while Yuno ends up sacrificing himself for the greater good.

As it seems unlikely that either Yuno or Asta will give up on becoming the Wizard King, killing one of them off seems an easy way out. It also provides an impact to the ending of Black Clover with a classic “he won but at what cost” kind of a situation.

There is also another situation where Asta becomes the Wizard King of Clover Kingdom while Yuno ends up as the Spade Kingdom’s Wizard King, or the latter maturely accepts his loss.

This method works out for everyone but is less juicer and a lot more predictable than Yuno just suddenly dying (not that we are hoping for it to happen).

No matter what, Tabata is sure to surprise us with how both the heroes carry out their promise.

2. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. It began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2015 and currently has 23 volumes in tankōbon format.

Will Yuno Die in Black Clover?
Asta | Source: Fandom

Black Clover follows the life of Asta, a young boy without magic powers within a World of Magic. His circumstance does not hinder his dream of becoming the next Wizard King.

Along with his frenemy, Yuno, Asta sets into the world of Magic Knights and Squads in hopes of making his dream a reality.

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