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Will Noelle gain Undine, the water spirit?

Recently, Black Clover is following the events of Spade Kingdom arc as Dante and Vanica are hunting for arcane stage mages.

The last few chapters showed a significant battle between Vanica and the duo of Lolopechka and Noelle. Unfortunately, after Megicula made a return, Lolopechka and Undine’s curse activated, and the battle took a sudden turn.

Will Megicula’s return spell the end for Undine and Lolopechka?

1. Will Noelle gain the water spirit?

Noelle Silva will not get Undine, the water spirit of the Four Great Spirits. Noelle already has massive mana reserves and a Valkyrie armor like her mother. Also, Undine has made a pact with the queen lineage of the Heart Kingdom & will never leave Lolopechka’s side.

Noelle Use His Mother Magic Valkyrie Armor - Nozel apologized to Noel for everything
Noelle uses Valkyrie armor

Noelle’s magic is closely related to water. Due to this, many fans of the series expected that Noelle would acquire the water spirit. But their expectations were shattered when it was revealed that Undine already had a contract with Lolopechka.

However, in the latest chapter, we see Lolopechka’s curse activate due to Megicula’s presence.

While Lolopechka is not dead yet, she is in a near death-like state. This leads us to believe that in the case of her death, Noelle might gain Undine.

I. Why won’t Noelle get Undine?

Since the beginning of the Heart Kingdom, all the princesses had a contract with Undine, the water spirit.

With both of their powers, they protected and made the Heart Kingdom a haven for its citizens. Because of this, Undine might not agree to contract Noelle even after Lolopechka’s death.

Another reason why Noelle might not gain Undine is that she has just started to develop her powers. After gaining Undine, chances are that she will start to depend upon the water spirit too much and lose control over her individual abilities.

Hence, Yūki Tabata, the creator of this series, might not give her Undine so soon.

2. Is Undine, the Water Spirit, going to die?

After Nero’s sealing magic loses its effect due to Vanica and Megicula’s “falling world” spell, Megicula appears, taking control over half of Vanica’s body. Due to his proximity, the curse on Lolopechka activates, and she falls to the floor in pain.

Why Noelle won’t gain Undine?
Undine, Water Spirit Of The Four Great Spirits | Source: Black Clover Anime

At the same time, Undine also finds herself disappearing under Megicula’s curse. Lolopechka’s cries and Megicula’s words raise a major death flag for Undine. However, despite the low chances of survival, her death has not been confirmed yet.

I. Megicula’s Takeover

In the Black Clover chapter 254 that came out recently, it is proved that sealing a devil of Megicula’s stature is nearly impossible.

When Vanica released 70 percent of her strength, she activated the magic “falling world” which reduced the sealing magic’s effect. Due to this, Megicula remained unsealed and appeared, taking control over half of Vanica’s body.

II. Is Lolopechka dead?

In the Black Clover chapter 254, when Vanica releases 70 percent of her strength, she activates the magic “falling world” which reduces any magic’s effect. Due to this, the effect of Nero’s sealing magic is diminished, and Megicula remains unsealed.

Is Lolopechka dead in Black Clover
Lolopechka | Source: Black Clover Wiki-Fandom

Due to Megicula’s presence, Lolopechka’s curse activates, and she falls to the floor in pain. Since Noelle cannot beat Megicula and Vanica by herself, the chances that Lolopechka is going to die are high.

The only way Lolopechka can survive is if Gadjah arrives and buys her enough time to escape. Even then, the likelihood of this happening is quite less. Therefore, while Lolopechka is not dead yet, she is in a near death-like state.

3. About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story centres around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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