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Will Melida Become Paladin In Assassin’s Pride?

Assassin’s Pride had built its story on the mystery of Melida Angel’s powers and her lineage. Even when Kufa transplants a portion of his power to manifest mana in Melida – but she remains in the class of Samurai, unlike her noble aristocrat family of Paladins.

But are there possibilities of Melida ever becoming a Paladin ringing true her family’s legacy that they wish to uphold? Let’s explore whether the show or light novel has given any indication towards this.

1. Quick Answer  

Melida hasn’t become Paladin as of yet. In the beginning, she is set to establish her abilities despite lacking in mana. Although Melida does hope to join Crest Legion. Yet, later on, it was revealed that Melida has shown traces of Paladin-like magic.

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2. Will Melida become a Paladin? 

Melida can be made Paladin. However, the important question is whether Melida wants to become Paladin? Of course, her troubles and questions of illegitimacy would vanish if she were Paladin.

will melida become paladin

Yet, Melida’s spirit and determination to prove her abilities were not centered around becoming Paladin. Even without the help of Kufa, Melida still hoped to join the Crest Legion – an elite unit in Flandore.

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Although, Melida can be made Paladin as she has shown Paladin-like traits in her magic later. This again brought into question the legitimacy of her parentage.

Melida inherits the Samurai class through Kufa’s transplant of blood. Still, it is quite odd for her to emit or reflect Paladin mana. It is possible that the Paladin mana within her was dormant, and her biological reaction to Kufa’s mana may have triggered it.

is kufa vampir strongest

But this also points to the fact that Melida currently possesses Samurai and possibly Paladin mana. When it was publicly announced that Melida inherited Samurai mana, her father claims that the Angel family had a distinguished individual of the same class.

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This breaks the myth about the exclusivity of her family within the Paladin class. The fact that Melida displays mana as potent as others in her family is a reassurance for her father due to potency being a hereditary aspect. Another attribute that might help upgrade her class is her hard work.

Before possessing any mana, Melida would compensate for the lack of it through extensive hard work – a value she hasn’t given up on even after obtaining mana. The anime is yet to build on this possibility but given enough hints to make conclusions. 

3. What is a Paladin class? 

Paladin is a high ranking class that has been monopolized over generations by the Angel family from which Melida comes from. It is a well-rounded class that has a high level of fighting power and supporting allies.

The Paladins possess a unique ability called Blessing, which allows them to increase the overall power of a unit wherever they’re present.

4. What is a Samurai class? 

Samurai Class is an assassin class that is dictated by abilities such as excellent stealth and agility. 

5. About Assassin’s Pride 

Assassin’s Pride is a Japanese light novel series written by Kei Amagi and illustrated by Nino Ninomoto. A manga adaptation of it drawn by Yoshie Kato began serializing in Shueisha’s seinen magazine Ultra Jump from May 2017. The light novel has 11 volumes, whereas the manga has 5.

Humanity has settled within a city-state called Flandore to protect themselves from the monstrous lancanthropes. Within this kingdom, a noble girl Melida Angel’s legitimacy, is questioned when she is unable to manifest mana like her noble counterparts.

Kufa Vampir, an assassin, is assigned as her tutor to investigate her parentage secretly and to kill her if she turns out to be illegitimate. 

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