Master Chief and Dr. Halsey Get Closer to the Halo Array in Episode 4

At the end of Halo Episode 3, Dr. Halsey and Master Chief, aka John, set off on their mission to retrieve the second artifact.

After removing the emotion-suppressing pellet from his body, John touches the artifact, only to realize that his visions are his memories.

He sees himself and his parents in those flashes and wants to know more about his roots. However, there’s one more thing that dawns upon him—the existence of another artifact of the same kind.

While we don’t know how he comes to this conclusion, he’s quite positive about the existence of a second artifact. Through his visions, he sees his father and himself standing near their house, with a spade in his hand.

John tells Halsey that the object is buried outside his house, on the planet Eridanus. With this, Episode 3 comes to an end.

Will Dr. Halsey and John find the second artifact on Eridanus? Will they also find the Halo Array on Eridanus, or will they get closer to it?

John and Dr. Halsey would find the second artifact on Eridanus, but they wouldn’t find the Halo Array on the planet. The Halo Arrays are megastructures placed at various locations in space but not on a planet.

Master Chief and Dr. Halsey Get Closer to the Halo Array in Episode 4
Dr. Halsey & John
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In Episode 3, John tries to track down his home planet. Cortana helps him through the process as they zero down on three planets with silver rings around them.

While doing so, John goes a little off-course and asks Cortana about his parents. She tells him that they never made it alive. This was due to the plague that affected the entire planet, after which the UNSC sealed it to prevent further transmission.

In the Halo Episode 4 promo, we saw both the characters ride on a vehicle on an orange, dusty terrain. This could be Eridanus, John’s planet, destroyed by the plague.

There’s a great chance that John would find the second artifact on the planet. Even if he doesn’t find it in the exact same place he saw in his memories, it would be somewhere around.

I believe this because nobody in the universe knew of these artifacts except for the Covenant, who until now only know that the UNSC has taken one such piece.

Master Chief and Dr. Halsey Get Closer to the Halo Array in Episode 4
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This would surely get Master Chief closer to the Halo Array, but I believe there’s still a long way to go. The Halo Arrays are giant megastructures made up of multiple Halo Rings. These were built to eradicate the plague in the games and would eliminate any sentient life within its range.

Currently, in the show, the UNSC doesn’t even know that such technology exists. So, we would first look at one Halo Ring, and then hope for the Halo Array to be revealed later in the story.

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