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Why Does Marley Want the Founding Titan?

Prosperity. Civilization. Authority. The nation of Marley has everything. Even if they are behind in developing the latest tech gadgets, the nation did a wonderful job to sustain their powers around the world!

But where do you all think these influences are coming from? Well, it’s their drive to seek the Founding Titan, of course! Ah, the Founding Titan — the one and only Progenitor Titan that also serves as the Coordinate among the Nine Titans.

Even if many mysteries are surrounding it, the nation of Marley will continue to seek its invincible powers — no matter what form or shape it takes!

Hello and welcome! Today, allow me to enlighten your minds on the world beyond the walls — why Marley wants the Founding Titan’s powers, and why it wants to keep hogging it!

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Attack on Titan.

Oh, the ways to answer this question… 😁 To tell you the truth, there are several convoluting reasons why Marley salivates for the god-like powers of the Founder’s “Scream”. But I want to make it fun for you guys while reading this 😊. So, let’s get creative!

The nation of Marley seeks the Founding Titan because of POLITICS:

  • PPower – Marley oversupplies itself with power from military personnel, to Titan Shifters, to political connections.
  • OObsession – Marley is obsessed with a) Paradis Island’s mineral resources; b) retrieving the Founding Titan’s strength; c) & domination.
  • L – Leadership – Marley is a global leader, and it wants to maintain its leadership, status quo, and the national authority for a very long time.
  • IIntimidation – Marley uses intimidation to scare off its enemies around the globe and to keep Paradis Island citizens within the Walls.
  • TThreat – Marley uses threats, force, and violence so they can subdue their enemies and Paradis Island citizens for generations!
  • I Ideals – Marley’s ideals include world domination using the invincible and god-like powers of the Founding Titan.
  • CColony – Marley dreams of the perfect colonial expansion using different nations’ coalitions with Marley’s militia and the Founding Titan.
  • S – Strength – Marley wants to become the strongest nation in the world! And it can do so by utilizing the power of the Founding Titan.

Well, that’s the quick answer.  But if you’d like to read more, let’s dissect the special skills and abilities of the Founder. 😊

2. Advantages of the Founding Titan to Marleyans

In this section, I’m going to utilize the acronym POLITICS to better explain my point why Marley wants the Founding Titan.

  • PPower – Power is the primary reason why Marley seeks the Founding Titan. If Marleyans can dominate and subdue the Founder, they can bask themselves in Titan Creation, mind manipulation, and the ability to see visions of the future and the past. Take note that “visions of the future” is an ability that the Attack Titan kept hidden for centuries! When Eren reveals it to his half-brother, Zeke was shocked. When Freida Reiss (the former holder of the Founding Titan) found out about this special skill when confronting Grisha Jaeger’s Attack Titan, she was also surprised!
Why does Marley want the Founding Titan?
Zeke | Source: Fandom

In any case,not only will Marleyans increase their military prowess, but obtaining the Founder also means propelling their civilization and standing against the rest of the world!

To acquire the Founder’s power means winning in wars one after another. And if this goes on, Marley’s enemies back out slowly but surely.

If Marley can frighten off their enemies, they can deter them off while simultaneously increasing their political connections through national alliances acquisition.

  • OObsession – Obsession is a strong trait in Marley. We know that the nation itself is obsessed in retrieving the Founding Titan. But other than that, they’re also obsessed in world domination. They can do this if they can secure alliances and business partnerships with close nations. But in order to do so, they must use the power of the Founding Titan to alter other nations’ memories or manipulate their enemies’ minds. Extracting Paradis Island’s rich mineral resources is also an obsession by Marleyans. For example, the Eldians living within the walls were able to use Icebursts minerals to light their houses. But even if these glowing stones were used as part of Eldians’ electrical utilities, Marleyans thought that it’s underutilized! They believed that they can better utilized Icebursts’ full potential if they excavate it themselves.
Why does Marley want the Founding Titan?
Marley | Source: Fandom
  • L – Leadership – Marley’s goal is dominate the world. And if it can become a global leader, power, influence, and political connections will soon follow. Controlling the Coordinate through the Founding Titan is a means to do this. The Founder has the capacity to create and control Titan Shifters through its “Screams”. So, if Marley can achieve this, it will maintain its leadership amidst the rest of the world. Status quo will bring them to the top if they can utilize the worlds’ different infrastructures according to their will. If Marley wants to maintain this status quo, they will subdue and dominate the Founding Titan as soon as they can.
  • IIntimidation – Intimidation and deterrence are two reasons why Marley seeks the Founding Titan. If it can scare off its enemies by positioning itself as a military global leader with an outstanding economic standing, the world will bow down to it. Remember how the Mid-East Allied Forces used to be scared of Marley? Well, not anymore, and that’s because of anti-Titan artillery and because the power of Marley’s Titan Shifters dwindled! So, if Marley can’t be viewed as an intimidating nation, and if they can keep it that way by acquiring the Founder, they will keep themselves at the top of the food chain.
Why does Marley want the Founding Titan?
Marley arc | Source: Fandom
  • TThreat – What is intimidation without threat? In order to intimidate people, threats must be used. And Marley cannot achieve its global position in the world if it doesn’t acquire the Founder! If Marley possess the Founder, they will be a threat to each and every nation that plans to assault their country. That’s why they need the Founding Titan so badly. The Founder doesn’t just give them the upper hand; rather, the Founder is their trophy! And if they brag this trophy to rest of the world, the non-Marleyan citizens would fear their military power, their colonialism capacity, nuclear attacks, and more
Why does Marley want the Founding Titan?
Marley | Source: Fandom
  • I Ideals – The ideals of Marley are too many to list: the powers of the Founding Titan, world domination, the strength of its military, economic stability, and it goes on and on and on. And if they want to secure their position in the globe as a superpower nation, they must acquire the Founder so Marley can continue to create Titan Shifters. Controlling Titan Shifters is a gateway to establishing their strength in the world. And if they can establish it as early as they can, they’ll be feared and be viewed as an intimidating nation with unprecedented power.
Why does Marley want the Founding Titan?
Marley | Source: Fandom
  • CColony – Colonialism and monopolism are Marley’s main agenda. If they can expand their hold of other nation through these means, they will acquire power and increase their monetary gains! Perhaps they won’t need the Founding Titan’s powers for that job, but it will help if they can get certainly retrieve the Founder! Propelling their civilisation and military is also at the forefront of their minds. They want to build a strong economy that can withstand different threats and attacks around the world. Colonialism also builds Marleyans forces stronger! In addition to the Titan Shifters that Marleyans can control now, they also have different supplies of guns, artilleries, nuclear weapons, and explosions they acquired (or looted) from their former enemies.
Why does Marley want the Founding Titan?
Marley Security | Source: Fandom
  • S – Strength – As I said earlier, Marley wants to become the superpower nation in the world! And we can understand this given that the world beyond the walls is in a dire state of war. The stronger the Marley militia is, the better their standing is amidst global catastrophes and wars. The Founding Titan would give them advantage because if they can subdue and gain control over the Founder, they can manipulate it to create all sorts of strange and strong titans. Not only that, but they’d be capable of altering their Eldian enemies’ memories. Marley would also gain the upper hand if they can weaken the body composition of their Eldian enemies. Take note that this only applies to Eldians. If it were any other race or nationalities, memory alteration and changes in anatomical or genetical composition would not apply.
Why does Marley want the Founding Titan?
Marley | Source: Fandom

3. About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha publishes it in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

Why does Marley want the Founding Titan?
Eren Jaeger | Source: Fandom

The manga began serialization on September 9th, 2009 and continues to date with 30 tankōbon formats.

Attack on Titan follows humanity settled within three concentric walls to protect themselves from the terrifying titans that prey on them.

Eren Yeager is a young boy that believes that a caged life is similar to that of cattle and aspires to go beyond the walls one day, just like his heroes, the Survey Corps. The emergence of a deadly Titan unleashes chaos.

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