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Who Killed Shinra’s Mom in Fire Force?

The end of season one of the Fire Force completely changes the trajectory of the story. It leaves some fiery details for us to register. Season two is eagerly awaited by fans and will take the story into new territory.

The climax addressed the very identity and past of Shinra with a shocking and unprecedented reveal that has deepened the mysterious world Shinra lives in. Without further ado, let’s answer, “Who killed Shinra’s Mom?”

1. What happened to Shinra’s mom?

Shinra’s mom was turned into a Demon Infernal, who then submitted to the Evangelist for servitude. As per Captain Burns, Shinra was not the cause of the fire and his Mother’s turn – but it was his brother Sho Kusakabe.

what happened to shinra's mom
Shinra’s Mom | Source: Funimation

Haumea, one of the Evangelist’s Pillars, used the opportunity to control Shinra’s mom in Infernal form to abduct Sho successfully.

2. Who killed Shinra’s Mom? 

The narrative of this incident was fixed on the awakening of Shinra’s abilities to blame for the tragic loss of his brother and his Mother. The nickname of ‘Devil’s Footprints’ became more familiar in the streets and Shinra’s fake smile – a known trait.

With a seed of doubt sown in Shinra’s gut for years, he approaches Captain Burns to unveil the truth of the incident to him. This attempt fails in the beginning of the anime but Shinra is able to prove his ability to handle the truth in his second attempt.

Captain Burns reveals to him that it was baby Sho who was inadvertently responsible for the incident rather than Shinra.

The anime reveals that Sho was being continuously monitored by Haumea and her guardian Charon in hopes of the awakening of his Adolla Burst so he may join as one of the Pillars under the Evangelist.

strongest fire force characters

It is well known that the Evangelist had been conducting experiments on children via artificial bugs to awaken the Adolla Burst in them.

Therefore, the incident was an orchestration at the hands of Haumea under the orders of the Evangelist. She, Charon, and the Evangelist also remain witnesses to the event.

Captain Burns further reveals to Shinra that the Demon Infernal he saw that night was, in fact, his own Mother. It was Sho’s Adolla Burst that kickstarts Shinra’s Third Generation Abilities and turns their Mother into a Demon Infernal. In the flashback, the Infernal is seen begging Shinra to ‘run away’ and attempts to search for Sho.

Burns tell shinra the truth about what happed 12 year ago , Fire Force
Shinra’s mom Demon Infernal transformation

The Infernal comes across the Evangelist and breaks her horns to cover her eyes upon eye contact with the Evangelist. It is then that the Evangelist takes baby Sho and effectively ruins the lives of the Kusakabe family. 

3. Where is Shinra’s Mother? 

The “mom” Shinra knows may have been killed due to the plans of the Evangelist. But she does live on in the form of a Demon Infernal who pledges servitude to the Evangelist for reasons unknown.

The nature of her servitude is also unknown, but it is established later that she is held captive in the Adolla Underworld. The painful revelation of this is that she has been able to see Shinra from the Adolla realm during his fights with Sho. 

4. What is a Demon Infernal? 

The Demon Infernals are the victims of the Spontaneous Human Combustion phenomenon. They are termed as First Generation as opposed to the Second and Third Generation people who adapt to the fire better. They turn into charcoal-like beings that devastate their surroundings and only know destruction.

is shinra's mom demon infernal
Demon Infernal | Source: Fire Force Wiki-Fandom

The Special Fire Force is tasked with purifying their souls and releasing them from their agony towards a path of salvation. The variants of Infernals range from Normal, Sentient, Artificial, Giant, and Demon. Shinra’s Mother is said to be a rather powerful type of Demon Infernal. 

Who Killed Shinra’s Mom in Fire Force?

5. About Fire Force 

In a world combating the Spontaneous Human Combustion phenomenon, there emerges the Fire Force company to protect its people and guide the lost ones. This phenomenon causes people to combust in flames and become a creature of fire called Infernals.

The anime follows Shinra Kusakabe, nicknamed as the ‘Devil’s Footprints,’ who is haunted by his past. He joins Company 8 of the Fire Force in hopes of unlocking its mystery and, in turn, gets involved in deconstructing the grand conspiracy of his world.

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