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Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!

Fire Force has unveiled the importance of Pillars through their strength and proximity to the antagonist of the show: The Evangelist. But what remains elusive is the key these Pillars hold to the world’s fate.

The Pillars hold the capacity to recreate the Great Disaster through their sacrifice. It is important to understand and rank the strengths of these powerful beings: 

8. Iris: the Eighth Pillar

Iris is a sister from The Holy Sol Temple and a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. She is the doppelganger of Amaterasu and the Eighth Pillar. Initially, Iris did not possess any pyrokinetic powers.

Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!

She was able to use her spiritual powers to help Internals pass on peacefully. She is quite adept at first aid and holds extensive medical knowledge. She is usually quick on her feet and is extremely bold in certain circumstances. With the awakening of her pyrokinetic abilities, Iris has shown the ability to generate fire, albeit feebly.

7. Sumire: the Seventh Pillar

Sumire works for The Evangelist and serves as the Seventh Pillar. For 200 years, Sumire was complicit in creating Pillars. She was the perpetrator behind the burning of St.Raffles Convent and the sisters in it.

Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!

She is a powerful Third Generation pyrokinetic who is capable of creating large scale vibrations. She can channel the vibration of her muscles into heat, which in turn is transformed into kinetic energy that facilitates large scale vibrations in tandem with Adolla Burst. Her ability is strong enough to cause earthquakes and destroy metal. Her punches are quite difficult to receive thanks to the sheer force she uses

6. Inca: the Fifth Pillar

Inca Kasugatani is the Fifth Pillar and a member of the White-Clad. Inca possesses the unique ability to detect pathways of heat through her sense of smell. This allowed her to gauge the spread of fire, how explosions trigger, and how ignition abilities to act.

Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!
Inca Kasugatani

Upon awakening her pyrokinetic abilities and Adolla Burst, she was able to induce explosions by running her fingers across the air. Although, she is unable to control when these pathways appear rendering the ability, a disadvantage sometimes. Through the Adolla Link, Inca can sense and transmit the emotions of those who have experienced Adolla

5. Nataku Son: the Sixth Pillar

Nataku Son was one of the children in Tokyo bitten by the artificial bug. He was able to adapt to the flames and became a Third Generation pyrokinetic. After the experimentation by Hajime Industries, he was able to awaken his Adolla Burst, making him the Sixth Pillar.

Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!
Nataku Son

At full potential, Nataku can send beams of fire that can cut through concrete over long distances. He can also emit radioactive energy, which makes him highly dangerous. Due to his inexperience, he cannot control his power, which is estimated to be capable of destroying the Tokyo Empire

4. Sho Kusakabe: the Third Pillar

Sho Kusakabe is a Fourth Generation pyrokinetic who is the Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame. Sho is a skilled swordsman who can put up a fight against Joker. Sho obtained the ability of Severed Universe via his Adolla link with the Evangelist.

Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!
Sho Kusakabe

He is capable of slowing the flow of time as it chills the environment’s temperature, preventing the natural expansion of the universe. The only drawback is that it can be used for a limited time as it exposes Sho to very cold temperatures, and it is futile against anyone who can match his speed.

Shinra vs Sho

3. Haumea: the Second Pillar

Haumea is a Third Generation pyrokinetic who is also a member of the White-Clad. Haumea possesses the ability called Electric Shock User, where she utilizes electric signals to destroy electrical systems and manipulate the neurons of people’s brains. By controlling people’s endorphins and neurotransmitters, she can influence their behavior. 

Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!

She is even able to use electric signals to communicate with people over a distance known as Radiohead. Haumea can observe events beyond the ability of normal human beings. The downside of her abilities is that it can be negated by plasma, which Arthur possesses. 

2. Shinra: the Fourth Pillar

Shinra is a Third and Fourth Generation pyrokinetic who is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. Shinra is an excellent combatant with great eyesight. As a Third Generation pyrokinetic, Shinra can ignite, use, and control the flames from his feet.

Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!

The flames from his feet allow him greater mobility than normal pyrokinetics. Shinra can redirect and concentrate his energy through hand seals. Under Grace, Shinra can break into subatomic particles that move faster than the speed of light and re-materialize. This helps him bypass the law of physics.

Shinra vs Rekka

1. Amaterasu: The First Pillar

Hitohashira-Me is the First Pillar who serves as the source of energy that powers Amaterasu. As a First Pillar, she likely possesses an Ignition Ability and Adolla Burst. Similar to Woman in Black, she can appear in front of other Adolla Burst users using Adolla Link.

Who is the strongest Pillar in Fire Force? – All Pillars Ranked!
Hitohashira-Me | Source: Fire Force Wiki-Fandom

Her power reserves are so vast and powerful that it is the main source of power for the Tokyo Empire. She has a deranged personality and looks bewitchingly similar to Iris.


Fire Force is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo.

Fire Force

Shinra Kusakabe, nicknamed “Devil’s Footprints” is a young guy known for his ability to ignite his feet at will. He joins Special Fire Force Company 8, who dedicated themselves to end the Infernal attacks.

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how is sumire so low in rank? she can create earthquakes that can shake tokyo multiple times, and she can do that multiple times without getting tired.

Hi! I do agree that she’s extremely powerful and has great destruction capabilities. However, I do believe that the ones positioned above her, possess qualities that can still bypass her destructive abilities. And this is just a comparison amongst Pillars, not all the characters of Fire Force. She’s undeniably powerful.

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