Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World?

Even though Re:ZERO season 2 ended in 2021, fans haven’t stopped debating about the strongest characters in the series.

Season 2 of the Re: ZERO anime covers arc 4 of the source material. But the light novel series is currently on arc 7, with plenty of advancement in terms of character strength.

Below, I have listed the top 15 characters in the series based on who I think is more powerful as of the end of arc 6. Beware, there will be spoilers!

15. Wilhelm van Astrea

Wilhelm van Astrea, grandfather to Reinhard himself, is a member of the Crusch Camp and was married to Theresia van Astrea. Aside from being Crusch’s servant, he also acts as her sword instructor.

Strength and Abilities

Despite being self-taught, Wilhelm is exceptionally skilled with the sword and has honed his swordsmanship to superhuman levels. In fact, he was able to barely defeat the previous Sword Saint in a duel.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Wilhelm van Astrea | Source: Fandom
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Due to his appearance and godly skills, he was called the Sword Demon and considered a threat to the Demi-Humans during the Demi-Human War.

Currently, Wilhelm is in his 60s; if we had considered prime-Wilhelm, he’d be higher on the list.

As per his power and abilities at the end of arc 6, he is ranked in 15th place.

14. Beatrice

Beatrice is Subaru’s contracted Artificial Spirit as of arc 4 and a member of the Emilia Camp. She used to be the caretaker of the library until its destruction. Just like Puck, around 400 years ago, she was created by Echidna.

Strength and Abilities

Beatrice has mastery over Yin Magic and can cast even those magics that have long since been forgotten. Her power is far greater than Subaru’s own Yin Magic. Beatrice’s magic creates stakes made of crystallized mana, which are strong enough to penetrate defenses.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Beatrice | Source: Fandom
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Also, while she can only affect physical wounds, Beatrice can summon water mana to heal herself and others. She can even regenerate lost organs and detect and remove curses.

She can also sense curses like Puck and can remove it if the curse-caster has yet to activate the curse. She can also absorb mana from living beings, draining them like Puck and Reinhard.

She is way faster and stronger than Wilhelm due to his age and race, and is thus place higher in rank than him.

13. Priscilla Barielle

Priscilla is the Matriarch of the Barielle House and a candidate to become the 42nd King of Lugnica. She was born in the Vollachian Empire as the daughter of its Emperor.

Strength and Abilities

Arc 6 changed a lot of things for characters. For instance, Priscilla was stronger than Emilia until arc 6.

Priscilla has the Divine Protection of the Sun, which makes her stronger during the day and increases the buffs’ effects. Along with that, she is also able to use Yang Magic.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Priscilla Barielle | Source: Fandom
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During the Stars What Make History Arc, she showed an ability to remain uncontrolled by Sirius during the battle against Wrath. In addition to that, she was also capable of protecting other people.

Priscilla also has a unique ability, which makes her extremely lucky in her daily life and fights. Her pieces of equipment, buffs, and skills place her in the 13th position, although with the completion of arc 7, Priscilla might get a huge bump in rank.

12. Ricardo Welkin

Ricardo is one of Anastasia Hoshin’s followers and the captain of the mercenary group called Fang of Iron.

Strength and Abilities

Ricardo is demi-human and possesses heightened senses like excellent hearing and insane physical strength. He can unleash a Resonance Wave, which is a potent blow of mana from his mouth, without sustaining significant weakness.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Ricardo Welkin | Source: Fandom
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After arc 5, Ricardo sports a prosthetic iron hook after his battle with Roy Alphard. But he uses this hook as a weapon. Mounted on his liger, not many can beat Ricardo in terms of speed and endurance.

11. Julius Juukulius

Julius is the finest of Anastasia Hoshin’s knights and is a member of the Royal Guard.

Strength and Abilities

Since Julius has the Divine Protection of Gathering Spirits, he can communicate with spirits and can form contracts with them. He can use the magic of 6 spirits – fire, water, wind, earth, yang, and yin – and also use Spirit Magic with any of them. Post arc 5, his Quasi Spirits became proper spirits, multiplying his power.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Julius Juukulius | Source: Fandom
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Julius is a master swordsman and can also use the power of spirits in conjunction with his swordplay. He was able to kill the 9th Divine General of the Vollachian Empire using the power of the 6 spirits imbued into his sword.

Julius also defeated the Sword Saint Reid Astrea, although it has to be said that Reid wasn’t at full strength at the time.

11. Lye Batenkaitos

Lye was a Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, representing the Gourmet aspect of gluttony. He was one of the most overlooked Sin Archbishops due to the nature of his Authority and wasn’t particularly held responsible for any attacks orchestrated by the Witch Cult.

Strength and Abilities

Lye ate multiple people and absorbed their memories as well as their abilities, like magic, combat skills, experience, and knowledge.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Lye Batenkaitos | Source: Fandom
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He could also merely touch a person with his left hand and lick his palm to eat their name. Those that had their name eaten, were completely erased from the world – along with any contracts they had made with spirits.

Like his siblings, Lye could command Demon Beasts since he possessed the Witch Factor of Gluttony. He could control the Hakugei and the Oousagi but not the Kurohebi. Lye used his Leaper technique to avoid Rem’s ice spears, and an unnamed wind technique as defense against Ram. He was eventually decapitated by Ram in arc 6.

9. Louis Arneb

Louis is a Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, representing the Satiation aspect of gluttony. After a fatal battle with Subaru, Louis manages to survive at the cost of losing all her memories and is transported to Vollachia at the end of arc 6.

Strength and Abilities

Like Lye, Louis too can consume names and memories simply by touch. Her trump card is Solar Eclipse which allows her to harvest victims’ and transform into their appearance.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Louis Arneb | Source: Fandom
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She can control Demon Beasts and also create life using her Witch Factor of Gluttony.

She can also split and create a copy of herself, which can in turn possess someone else. In arc 6, she uses this ability to possess Subaru.

8. Roy Alphard

Louis is a Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, representing the Bizarre Eating aspect of gluttony. In arc 6, after a fatal battle with Reid where Roy tried to eat him, Roy was sealed away by potent Yin Magic.

Strength and Abilities

Along with the Authority of Gluttony, Solar and Lunar Eclipse, Demon Beast Control and Creation, Roy has the added advantage of the Witch Cult’s Gospel, which had details of future events – albeit subject to change.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Roy Alphard | Source: Fandom
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Roy is ranked higher than his siblings since he ate Julius’s name, causing everyone but Subaru to forget about him. Although he was sealed after that, he wasn’t killed, which is why Julius’s name hasn’t returned yet.

7. Roswaal and Regulus

Although Roswaal might seem slightly more powerful than Regulus, there’s no way to really tell who would win between them on a 1v1.

Roswaal is the lord of the Roswaal Mansion and a descendant of the original Roswaal. However, it is later revealed that he is, in fact, the original Roswaal who has been possessing the bodies of his descendants.

Strength and Abilities: Roswaal

Roswaal has the Divine Protection of Sorcery, which makes him compatible with all six magic elements. Roswaal is considered to be the best in the kingdom and is recognized as strong as an entire army.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Roswaal | Source: Fandom
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Roswaal has grown to be much stronger than before and has been awarded the titles of “Red,” “Green,” and “Yellow” for having reached the pinnacle of Fire, Wind, and Earth magic, respectively. Roswaal is also quite capable of fighting physically.

His most skilled magic is AI Goa, a massive inferno. Along with his prodigious abilities in using magic, he can also break it apart using his yellow eye. If it weren’t for Ram’s broken horn, he would be placed slightly lower on the list.

Strength and Abilities: Regulus

Regulus Corneas on the other hand was the strongest Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult. He represented greed until he was defeated by Reinhard van Astrea, Natsuki Subaru, and Emilia.

Regulus was able to use the Authority of Greed until Natsuki Subaru took his Witch Factors following his death.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Regulus Corneas | Source: Fandom
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He could stop time and, therefore, any interference from outside. While this ability was active, he would not take any damage; however, using it could be deadly as his heart would also stop.

Regulus would stop the time of pebbles, gravel, or dirt and throw them at an enemy. Due to the ability, these objects would travel through anything and anyone, resulting in utter destruction.

6. Puck

Puck is an Artificial Spirit created by Echidna. 7 years before the start of the election, he unfroze Emilia and began to act as her friend and mentor.

Strength and Abilities

Puck is a Great Spirit presiding over Fire Mana. In addition to fire, he can use Water, Yin magic as well as others.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Puck | Source: Fandom
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While he usually takes a smaller form, his true form is a monstrous, 20 meter, a golden-eyed cat-like beast called “the Beast of the End”.

However, he needs a massive amount of mana to stay in this form. During this time, he forcibly drains it from his surroundings and causes them to freeze or pause.

5. Emilia

Emilia is a half-elf and a candidate to become the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica in the Royal Selection.

Strength and Abilities

Emilia has a strong spirit affinity, has contracts with several spirits, including Puck, and is capable of using her Spirit Arts with Puck and her other spirits. According to author Nagatsuki Tappei, Emillia is second only to Roswaal in terms of mana attack power.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Emilia | Source: Fandom
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Emilia specializes in Ice Magic which she uses for offensive attacks. Her trump card is Absolute Zero, which can pretty much put an end to any battle.

Emilia’s rank mostly shot up because of the events at the end of arc 6. She becomes the admin of the Watchtower after the liberation of Pleiades Watchtower, and this resulted in her having control of the Divine Dragon Volcanica, who is almost as powerful as Satella.  

4. Sekhmet

Sekhmet was the Witch of Sloth. She once killed her entire clan due to them abandoning her. While she did not understand what she was feeling at that time, it was hatred and a desire for revenge.

Over 400 years ago, Sekhmet drove Volcanica past the Great Waterfall just so she could rest. This led to a fight between the two where Sekhmet fell from the Great Waterfall and died.

Strength and Abilities

Sekhmet can use the Authority of Sloth and is capable of using an advanced version of the Unseen Hand. This is seen when she hits things with an invisible force without moving and can use it in all directions.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Sekhmet | Source: Fandom
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Nagatsuki confirmed that before her death, she was the strongest witch among the 6.

3. Pandora

Pandora is the Witch of Vainglory and is related to the Witch Cult that worships Satella. She attacked the Elven village 100 years ago along with Regulus and is also the one behind the attack on Garkla 30 years ago.

The failed Hakugei conquest battle 15 years ago, where Theresia died, has somehow turned her and Kurgan into puppets for the Cult.

Strength and Abilities

Pandora can use the Authority of Vainglory. Due to this, she can rewrite any phenomenon in her favor and negate her own death. This makes her almost invincible and undying.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Pandora | Source: Fandom
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Pandora can also bury people in the ground, teleport people, as well as change their memories. Although she cannot control the Kurohebi, her ability to direct it wherever she wants is more than enough.

The main reason she isn’t ranked higher on this list is that she lacks any directly offensive ability. She doesn’t directly harm anyone but instead utilizes her surroundings to bring harm to them.

2. Satella

Satella is the Witch of Envy but in reality, Satella and the Witch of Envy are separate personalities, formed when she took in incompatible Witch Factors. Satella is the only being in Re: ZERO who is capable of stopping Reinhard.

Strength and Abilities

She can use the Authority of Envy and the Authority of Sloth and can cause physical interference by creating an invisible force field in the shape of a hand. Satella uses the Unseen Hand to grasp Subaru’s heart as a warning whenever he mentions his Return by Death.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Satella | Source: Fandom
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She can also control shadows, though it’s unknown whether this is a part of her Authority of Envy. They destroy all life and matter around her as well as abstract things like thoughts and memories.

She is able to stop time whenever Subaru tries to tell someone about his Return by Death ability.

1. Reinhard van Astrea

Reinhard van Astrea, the son of Heinkel Astrea and Louanna Astrea, is the strongest character in Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World. He is the current Sword Saint and a member of the Royal Guard. Reinhard is known as a “knight among knights” and is acting as Felt’s knight.

Strength and Abilities

As the holder of the Divine Protection of the Sword Saint, which he inherited when he was 5, Reinhard is the current Sword Saint. His power is so great that upon awakening even a small part of it, Subaru already considers him a monster.

Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World?
Reinhard van Astrea | Source: Fandom
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The main reason why Reinhard is so powerful and almost invincible is that he gets Divine Protection whenever required. For example, he wished for the Divine Protection of Judgement during the battle at Priestella. This ability is unrelated to him being the Sword Saint.

Some of Reinhard’s other Divine Protections include Divine Protection of the Sword Saint, Wind and Fire Resistance, Anti Magic, Dodging, War God, Cloud, Lake, Lightning, and Death God.

Apart from Divine Protection, Reinhard also has enough physical strength, which he boosts by absorbing an incredible amount of mana. When he is in the process of absorbing it, others are unable to use any magic. If he is ever injured, he is healed by Minute Spirits that are attracted to him.

He doesn’t need any other buffs to be stronger than other characters; all he needs is mana.

As the Sword Saint, Reinhard is a master swordsman and wields the Dragon Sword Reid. He can suck mana from the air to perform the sword art of the Astrea family. He used the Dragon Sword Reid to defeat the Beast of the End with a single swing.

Reinhard is perfectly balanced on all aspects. Along with the Divine Protection that almost acts as a cheat, he is the strongest character in Re:ZERO.

About Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is a Japanese light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka.

The plot is based on Subaru Natsuki, the protagonist who gets sucked into a fantasy world on his way home from the convenience store. He gets attacked by a group of thugs and is beaten to a pulp immediately, but this girl from the fantasy world named Satella saves him.


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1. We dont know who would win in a 1v1 with Roswaal and Regulus
2. Wilhelm is significantly slower and weaker than Beatrice
3. Emilia and Satella while certainly having a relation are not the same and its impossible for Satella to be blood related to Emilia because both of them are half elfs, her father was an elf which means her mother has to be a human. Note: witch doesn’t just refer to satella, out of the 7 witches Carmilla,Daphne, Minerva,Typhon and Echidna are all human. Daphne and Typhon are too young to be a mother, so it leaves Carmilla, Minvera and Echidna as the candidates.
4. Emilia is weaker than Priscilla till arc 6, and if you are considering arc 5 then Lye Batenkaitos, Roy Alphard and Louis Arneb should also be added all 3 of them being stronger than Priscilla since Lye/Roy/Louis>>>Julius and Ricardo>>>Priscilla.
5.finally Reinhard cannot wish for a dp he just gets it whenever its required, i did also like if you mention all of his known DPs otherwise it greatly undermines his actual strength. He also is physically strong and doesnt need any buffs to be stronger than any of the characters in the entire series, he needs mana to channel his sword art of the Astrea family which is when mana from the air gets sucked into his body.

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