Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Ranked Based On Anime

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the best Shounen anime out there. The anime does the right things at the right times. It delivers solid comedy when required and, at the same time, makes you feel the brevity of a grave situation.

It has an engaging plot, great characters, realistic bonds, and most of all, strong female characters.

Somehow, shounen manga always manages to write annoying female characters but not this one.

Gojo Satoru is the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen, with Sukuna coming a close second.

With the reported conclusion of the manga as announced by Gege Akutami (the creator of Jujutsu Kaisen).

The clash between Gojo and Sukuna is much anticipated, with fans buzzing and teeming excitedly.

Here’s a list ranking the strongest characters based on the anime so far.

11. Itadori Yuji

Itadori has immense potential, he is the vessel of the King of Curses, after all, but as of now, he is only a budding sorcerer.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Yuji Itadori | Source: IMDb
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Itadori has great physical prowess. Even without using any cursed energy, he is able to beat world records with ease and bend a soccer goalposts with ease.

Satoru Gojo acknowledged his potential to be at the level of Yuta Okkotsu and Kinji Hakari, students whom Satoru believes will surpass his strength.

He beat Nanami’s record of Black Flash and was even able to withstand Mahito’s curses.

Eventually, we will see Itadori grow and become much stronger as he is a proficient learner.

Though Maki, Inumaki, and Panda are more experienced, the growth rate of Itadori, along with Sukuna’s powers, is the reason why he made it on the list.

10. Aoi Todo

Aoi Todo is a Grade 1 sorcerer despite being born into a non-sorcerer family. He is exceptionally strong and is one of the strongest students standing only next to Yuta.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Aoi Todo | Source: Fandom
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Todo has a deep understanding of Jujutsu and was able to help Yuji grasp the understanding of Jujutsu along with teaching Itadori Black Flash.

He partnered with Itadori and was able to fight with Hanami when most of the other students were totally crushed in defeat.

 He is known for singlehandedly defeating five grade 1 spirits and one special grade spirit.

9. Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami is a Grade 1 sorcerer who is well-trusted by Gojo. He was the underclassman of Gojo and Geto, who left to work as a salaryman but returned later on.

Nanami is an exceptional Jujutsu Sorcerer, even acknowledged by his opponent Mahito, a Special Grade Cursed Spirit.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Kento Nanami using Overtime ability | Source: Fandom
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Before Itadori broke his record, Nanami held the record for most Black Flashes.

Nanami is an astute character who an innate technique, his 7:3 ratio method, which divides his targets with ten lines, exposing an enemy’s weak point and slashing it with his iconic blunt blade.

His signature move is Overtime. This ability limits the amount of cursed energy he can use while working officially. Once he crosses this time, his energy rises exponentially.

8. Hanami

Hanami is a special-grade curse that is manifested from the fear of Land-based natural disasters. His desire to kill stems from the mistreatment of nature by Humans.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Hanami Source | Source: Fandom
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Hanami is on par with Jogo in strength and cursed energy. He has the ability to manifest cursed plants into reality. He can also launch buds that feed on cursed energy and weaken the target.

Also, he can move through plants and erase his presence completely, making it hard to track him down.

Even Gojo commended Hanami’s ability, as he was able to sense and evade the Six Eyes’ strong perception and is bound to surpass Jogo.

7. Jogo

It might seem like an exaggeration to put Jogo on this list when his battle with Gojo made him seem like a Level 1 player.

However, we have to remember that Gojo is insanely powerful, and Jogo just had the worst match possible in history.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Jogo | Source: Twitter
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Jogo is a special grade curse that is aligned with Mahito, Hanami, and Dagon. He is the curse of Volcanoes and other fire-related natural disasters.

He is said to contain immense cursed energy, comparable to around nine of Sukuna’s fingers.

In a fight against Mahito, predicting the outcome is impossible. While Mahito has the raw talent, Jogo is more experienced. He mastered domain expansion long ago, while Mahito only obtained it recently, which puts Jogo at a higher ranking for now.

6. Mahito

Mahito is one of the most unpleasant characters we encounter in Jujutsu Kaisen, but we can not deny that he is a very strong curse.

Mahito is a special grade curse that has manifested from humanity’s hatred. He has rapidly developed in a short period and is said to possess as much strength as Sukuna’s three fingers.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Mahito | Source: Fandom
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Mahito depicted his strength and tactics in the two-on-one battle with Nanami and Yuji and would have most likely defeated both of them had it not been for Sukuna’s intervention.

He was even able to conjure his Domain Expansion when his life was dangling by a thread.

His ability, Idle Transfiguration, helps to change the shape of the souls he touches. His Domain expansion allows him to be in contact with all the souls that fall within the environment enabling him to transfigure them at will, which is quite a gruesome scene.

5. Geto Suguru

We do not see much of Geto Suguru in the anime series, and he is pretty much a background character, but as the anime rule goes, never trust the slit-eyed character with that uncanny toothy smile.

Geto Suguru’s character was expanded in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. He has the ability to control cursed spirits, which is a terrifying ability. He has 4,461 cursed souls under his control.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Suguru Geto | Source: Fandom
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SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Jujutsu Kaisen.

His technique, “Maximum: Uzumaki,” lets him combine a plethora of collected curses into one powerful attack. He used this technique to unleash the power of four thousand during the climax of his battle with Yuta and Rika.

He was also one of the four special-grade sorcerers and was on par with Gojo regarding strength.

Geto’s major strength comes from his tactical ability, and he was one of the sharpest students in Jujutsu High and used to help Gojo out.

The true abilities of Geto will be explored in upcoming seasons.

4. Rika Orimoto

Rika Orimoto was introduced as a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High prequel series. She carries the lofty title of the “Queen Of Cruses” parallel to Sukuna.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Rika Orimoto | Source: Fandom
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She shared a special bond with Yuta, and after her tragic death, she was turned into a vengeful spirit and desired to protect only Yuta.

She stuck around like a cursed spirit around Yuta until he attended Tokyo Jujutsu High, where he learned to unravel the curse on her spirit, setting her free to pass on to the afterlife.

Yuta Okkotsu was able to defeat Geto and overpower all the cursed spirits he threw at them with Geto’s “Maximum: Uzumaki.”

3. Okkostu Yuta

Yuta was introduced in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, the movie. He was already one of the special sorcerers without any prior experience and has immeasurable cursed energy.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Okkostu Yuta | Source: Twitter
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Initially, Yuta’s powers were mainly attributed to Rika. However, later on, it is revealed that Rika is as strong as she is due to Yuta’s immense cursed energy and becomes the Queen of Curses due to his influence.

During the series, Yuta was mentioned multiple times, and everybody seemed to respect him. He was acknowledged by Gojo, who claimed that Yuta had the potential to be a sorcerer on his level.

It seems like Yuta developed a lot after freeing Rika and became one of the most powerful and feared Sorcerers to exist.

His immeasurable cursed energy comes from his genetic relation to Michizane Sugawara, one of the Big Three Vengeful Spirits and an ancestor to both Satoru Gojo and Yuta Okkotsu.

2. Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna and Gojo are incredibly close in strength. In a clash between the two, it would be a really close match with fans on the edge of their seats.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Sukuna | Source: Fandom
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Ryomen Sukuna is a being of the past, and he existed 1000 years back. It took several sorcerers to subdue and defeat him. Even then, they couldn’t destroy his entire body and left 20 fingers from his four hands behind.

He was incarnated when Yuji Itadori consumed one of his fingers and

Even with a mere fraction of his power, he was able to use a special grade curse which instilled fear even in the viewers.

Sukuna’s domain expansion, Malevolent Shrine, is quite unique. It takes the form of a Buddhist shrine that enshrines a demon such as Sukuna himself.

This does not create a barrier; rather, it allows an escape route by forming a Binding Vow, which expands up to a radius of up to 200m. It’s even considered a divine technique because of the missing barrier.

He was able to scare the shit out of Mahito with just his presence and got an entire army of people to thirst over him. He wrecked Mahito the second time he touched Sukuna’s soul.

1. Gojo Satoru

The iconic Gojo Storu had viewers thirsting over his captivating eyes and nonchalant yet goofy personality.

Gojo is unequivocally the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen anime. He reigns over shamans and spirits as the first person in a hundred years to possess both rarest cursed techniques – Six Eyes and the Limitless Curse Technique.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Satoru Gojo Six Eyes – Jujutsu kaisen | Source: Fandom
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Limitless is a technique that grants him control over space at an atomic level. Infinity is a technique that allows him to slow things down. This power does not allow any attack to reach Gojo providing absolute defense.

In episode 3, when Itadori asks Gojo if he is stronger than Sukuna, Gojo replies by saying that it would be hard to deal with Sukuna in full power. Still, ultimately he would win, confirming that he is the strongest character.

Apart from his remarkable physical strength, Gojo also possesses exceptional intelligence and strategic thinking skills. He can scrutinize his opponents’ vulnerabilities, develop efficacious combat tactics, and adjust his strategies accordingly.

Strongest Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen Based on Anime-Ranked
Jujutsu Kaisen | Source: Jujutsu
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About Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen, also known as Sorcery Fight, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 2018.

An anime television series adaptation produced by MAPPA premiered in October 2020.

The story revolves around Yuuji Itadori, a high-school student who, despite hating athletics, is insanely fit. Yuuji gets involved in the world of sorcery when he swallows a powerful talisman to protect his friends from its curse.

On observing that Yuuji wasn’t affected much even when inflicted with this curse, Satoru decides to send Yuuji on a quest to save the world.


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