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Who Is Princess Syalis Going To End Up With In Sleepy Princess In The Demon Castle?

Did you ever think that Sleepy Princess would sprinkle itself with shipping wars?

With comedy as the sole highlight of this series, I never would have expected many romance hijinks in a Shōnen Sunday manga publication! Yet, here we are, and as a fan, I crave more hilarity goodness!

The shipping wars in Sleepy Princess are “laugh-out-loud comedic”! The atmosphere turns out crazy, but charming when Syalis meddles with her friends in the Demon Castle!

Now that the events in the manga have turned complicated, let’s ask ourselves the big question: who is Syalis going to end up with?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle.

As this manga is first and foremost a comedy, it’s confusing to tell whether Princess Syalis will end up with one of the demons working at Demon Castle.

But, since shipping wars slightly fuel the fandom of a Shōnen manga genre like this, let’s explore the three demons who could be Syalis’ potential love interest!

1. Poseidon x Syalis

This pairing seems to be on the borderline of “playmates” instead of a romantic couple. That’s because Poseidon is a carefree child water deity and Syalis is a naughty girl who slashes demons left and right!

The two may not have romantic feelings for one another. But there’s one chapter where every member of the Demon King Castle thought Poseidon and Syalis are boyfriend-and-girlfriend!

Who is Princess Syalis going to end up with in Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle?
Poseidon x Syalis | Source: Fandom

It was a hilarious mix-up because the demons thought they attained sexual gratification. In truth, each of them was just sleeping peacefully with adorable “eggplant seals” as their pillows!

Anyway, when the citizens of Goodereste worship Poseidon on Marine Day, he transforms into this hot-looking adult (see Chapter 155)! Unfortunately, Syalis didn’t recognize that this merman-like hottie is the very same untamed Poseidon she argued with!

Similarly, Poseidon thought Syalis was just fooling around; but she does not have a clue that she’s looking and talking to the very same and wild Poseidon she has always known!

Poseidon may share friendly bonds with Princess Syalis. But fans couldn’t see him getting together with her. If they’re a romantic couple in fanfiction, I’d accept that.

They do look like the typical teen couple who’d enjoy each other’s company when they go on a theme park trip!

2. Twilight (the Demon King) x Syalis

After reading the first few volumes of Sleepy Princess, I became a big Twilight and Syalis shipper! I like them as a couple because the “insecure/emo guy” is paired up with a “sweet but naughty girl”. It makes them an unpredictable combo!

Truth be told, Twilight and Syalis’ friendship was rooted in their wild hijinks and adventures in the castle.

Who is Princess Syalis going to end up with in Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle?
Twilight (the Demon King) x Syalis | Source: Fandom

The bond they share is adorable, especially when it’s sprinkled with hilarity! But what solidified their wholesome connection is the fact that they are both royalties.

They may not be romantically tied to one another (although, you could say that for the earlier parts of the manga). But Syalis wishes to become a better queen in Goodereste Nation because she is inspired by Twilight (who desires to become a dignified Demon King in the Demon World!)

Despite their cutesy and fluffy time together, they have a give-and-take relationship when it comes to their nobility.

Not many fans might be supportive of this pairing (since Twilight was given a female demon romantic interest in the name of Zetsuran in Volume 15). But Syalis and Twilight’s time together in the early portions of the series is as sweet as honey cakes!

3. Leonard (Demon Cleric/Demon Monk) x Syalis

This is the most obvious pairing in the manga. And with a large fanbase supporting this pairing, no wonder the author is giving us more of these two’s hijinks whenever they bump into one another!

Their romantic relationship might be silly and awkward in the beginning. But it became prevalent story-wise because it fleshed out Leonard’s character development! Fans all know how Leonard is smitten and head-over-heels whenever he gazes at Syalis.

Who is Princess Syalis going to end up with in Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle?
Leonard x Syalis | Source: Fandom

He just doesn’t have affection for her; rather, he’s obsessed with her! He stalks her, gets jealous of a weasel demon (who’s also infatuated with Syalis), and curses his male co-workers and boss (Twilight/Demon King) whenever they come near her.

Demon Monk is so infatuated that he couldn’t even look Syalis properly in the eyes when resurrecting her from her deceased state!

Leonard’s actions and affections were obvious to Syalis, but she doesn’t mind. She treats Leonard as a friend and even retrieves him when he resigned from his Demon Monk position in the castle.

This goes to show that her friendship with him is also growing somewhat, but fans failed to label it as “romantic” because she’s not in love with him.

Demon Monk’s feelings may be unrequited, but that’s okay. This is a Shōnen manga, after all, so we shouldn’t expect over-the-top romantic scenes.

In any case, Demon Monk doesn’t scold Syalis whenever she uses his real name (Leonard) in front of him or in front of his co-workers. And I think, that’s already a “good enough” sign that she wants to maintain this type of friendship with him.

4. About Maoujo de Oyasumi

Maoujo de Oyasumi or Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle stars Princess Syalis (a.k.a. Suya), the beloved Princess of the Unified Human Nation of Goodereste.

One day, she was kidnapped by the Demon Lord to lure the hero (Akatsuki a.k.a. Dawner) and make the world fear him.

Unfortunately for him, Suya only cares about finding a good place to sleep…and she isn’t afraid of getting what she wants with whatever means necessary.

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