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Who is the Evangelist in Fire Force? What is her Goal?

The Evangelist has been the driving force of much of the events in the Fire Force.

To be exact, The Evangelist is responsible for the events dating back to the dawn of humanity’s history as it is known to the characters of the story, i.e, the Great Cataclysm Event 250 years ago. Therefore, we can pen The Evangelist down as the ‘Big Bad’ of the story but on a grander Biblical scale.

The Evangelist’s goal is to cause the destruction of the earth and transform it into a second sun. She hails from the realm of Adolla, implied to be equivalent to Hell from the Bible. Upon reveal, it was seen that she had empty sockets for eyes with star-studded sparks within.

Evangelist’s True Goal

It was revealed early into the series by Lieutenant Rekka that the main goal of The Evangelist is to engulf the world in flames and turn it into a second sun.

Who is the Evangelist in Fire Force?
Rekka Hoshimiya and his Ignition Ability | Source: Fire Force Wiki-Fandom

Additionally, it is addressed that the Great Cataclysm Event that took place 250 years ago was merely a failed attempt by The Evangelist in pursuit of her goal. Here is where Pillars such as Sho and Shinra come into play.

To enact the Great Cataclysm Event such as the one 250 years ago, The Evangelist requires 8 pillars. The Pillars are Adolla Burst users that form a special section in the society.

The failure of the previous Great Cataclysm Event was concluded as the number and strength of the Pillars used previously.

Therefore, in the duration of the two centuries, Sumire experimented and assembled the Pillars for the second Great Cataclysm Event. It was understood that once all eight pillars came together with The Evangelist, it was possible to recreate the event.

Who is the Evangelist in Fire Force?
Sumire Standing behind Princess Hibana | Source: Crunchyroll

However, the aftermath of the first event led to a huge shortage of viable candidates for Pillars. With humanity concentrated in the Tokyo Empire, it was not easy to acquire Pillars, who are distinct in their ability to possess the Adolla Burst.

For this, the Evangelist allowed human civilization to grow and awaited the emergence of more pyrokinetics. She facilitated this process by implanting young children with a Bug.

A Bug is an organism from Adolla that contains a spark of Adolla in them and it instigates Spontaneous Human Combustion in the human. If incompatible, they turn to Infernals but if compatible, they can become Second Generation or Third Generation pyrokinetics.

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What is her Motive?

As of Chapter 234 of Enen no Shouboutai, it is still unknown what the Evangelist’s drive or motive is to enact the Great Cataclysm event. It is hinted that The Evangelist is, in fact, Sol – the ardently worshipped Sun God.

Who is the Evangelist in Fire Force?
Yona during the Asakusa chaos | Source: Crunchyroll

In Episode 14, Yona says,

“Then they will learn that Sol is the only thing they can believe in”.

Given Yona’s history with The Evangelist, it can be understood that the only person Yona would ever praise is her. This would also align with her goal to transform earth into a second sun.

The Woman in Black had implied to Shinra, via the Adolla Link, that The Evangelist’s presence in the world and her meddling with humanity’s affairs can be traced further beyond the first Cataclysm event and to ancient times with the inception of “various Gods”.

Who is the Evangelist in Fire Force?
The Woman in Black | Source: Crunchyroll

This would also explain why The Evangelist asked Yona to create a religion called the Holy Sol Temple where people could safekeep their faith in a Being – as a way to manipulate the thoughts and feelings of people.

No fan is remiss in noticing the frequent Biblical references and the influence of The Holy Sol Temple in the workings of the world. In truth, through worship of the Holy Sol Temple, people may very well be giving power to The Evangelist.

The Evangelist comes from an alternate dimension called Adolla through the spatial rift located in the Chinese Peninsula. Therefore, she is not human but a being of another world.

Considering the recent developments in the story where it is implied that Shinra is the “savior” born to a virgin mother and his brother Sho implied to be his Guardian Angel, the Biblical references are extremely strong with this one.

But of course, The Evangelist cannot be some twisted iteration of God. The most reasonable conclusion is that The Evangelist is The Devil.

Shinra surprises everyone with his power
Shinra’s Power

This is resonant with the implications of “demonic interventions” in Shinra’s childhood, the horns on the Evangelist’s head and a possible hint towards her true form (which looks like a horned devil).

However, despite the ambiguity of The Evangelist’s gender initially, it is revealed that she is female. As far as Biblical knowledge goes, The Devil was never female.

But if The Evangelist had a counterpart, it would most likely be the most controversial figure in Jewish folklore, the female demonic figure Lilith.

Lilith is said to have a turbulent relationship with children as a way to enact her revenge against the Angels. She is viewed as a “mother figure” being responsible for the demonic offspring of Adam.

This is especially interesting as Sho claims The Evangelist to be a “mother figure” to him initially.

And given the complex history The Evangelist shares with the children of humanity (implanting bugs), Lilith seems to be the contender for the inspiration behind the character.

The Evangelist’s History

What is known of The Evangelist’s history is from the battle between Shinra and Tempe. Through Tempe’s memory, Shinra witnesses his life as a human.

As someone who lost his daughter and wife, Tempe travels to the Tear in Space or Spatial rift in the Chinese Peninsula to investigate the Great Disaster. However, upon finding he was unable to enter, Tempe contemplated whether humans were able to.

Shinnra vs Sentient Demon Infernal Tempe

That is when Tempe sees a woman enter earth through the rift. Believing her to God, he begs her for happiness after his misfortune. However, the woman, i.e., the Evangelist, smiled at him and planted a bug in him turning him into a sentient Demon Infernal.

Even the Woman in Black reveals to Shinra that she was turned by the Bug implanted by the Evangelist in the Chinese Peninsula. This dates The Evangelist’s appearance on earth during the Great Cataclysm days.

The Tabernacle located in the Chinese Peninsula acts as a Adolla Burst-powered thermal power generator similar to Amaterasu in the Tokyo Empire.

However, at the core of the machine, they find a mechanical heart beating and discover eight white-feathered arrows with tips in the shape of keys being inserted into a large keyhole connected to the core.

Licht uncovering the Tabernacle’s Source of Power

Licht recalls an old tradition of marking the houses of sacrifices with white arrows. This allows him to draw connections between the Eight Pillars and the white-feathered arrows.

He realizes that both Amaterasu and Tabernacle function on the sacrifice of Adolla Burst Users. While the Tabernacle is powered by the Woman in Black.

This confirms the link between the Holy Sol Temple and The Evangelist who has been the mastermind behind all the operations of society all along.

Raffles I who is claimed to have discovered the “unsullied flame” that powers the Tokyo Empire is revealed to be Yona, an inhabitant of Adolla and the subservient of The Evangelist. Therefore, Evangelist’s history with humanity runs deep.


The Evangelist is a large figure that is hooded from top to bottom shrouding her face in mystery. The Evangelist has two horns on top of her head which makes the hood stick out giving her the appearance of The Devil.

The symbol of the Sun God rests around her neck and there is structure that floats behind her neck which resembles the Sun.

Who is the Evangelist in Fire Force?
The Evangelist towering over Sho | Source: Fandom

It is revealed in Episode 22 that she is capable of manipulating the gold rings that rest around her neck and above her head. When her face was partially shown, it is seen that her eyes are empty sockets with star studded sparks in it.

There have been speculations regarding The Evangelist’s true form which gained power once the second ending of Fire Force came out. The Ending theme titled Nounai, has a panel that shows a female horned Devil.

While it is not new for shows to slip on Easter Eggs for what’s to come (I’m looking at you Attack on Titan Season 2), it is perfectly plausible that this is what The Evangelist truly looks like.

What is the Grace?

The Evangelist is capable of several inhuman feats. But one of the most fascinating abilities of hers that’s increasingly being addressed on the show is Grace.

It is shown that those who possess Adolla Link can forge a connection with The Evangelist and can be bestowed with what is termed as “Grace”.

Under Grace, the pyrokinetic users (Third-Generation) are able to tap into higher powers that are termed as Fourth Generation abilities.

By any chance, if a user forms an Adolla Link connection with anyone under Grace, they’re also able to access the Fourth Generation ability by proxy. However, The Evangelist can take back Grace if she wishes so.

Where is she from – the Special Rift?

The story establishes that the Evangelist hails from an alternate dimension called Adolla which is linked to Earth via the Tear in Space or Spatial Rift. It is unknown whether the Spatial Rift is specific to the Chinese Peninsula or if it runs through the circumference of the earth.

Through the visions from the Adolla Link, Adolla is painted as an endless landscape of blackened earth and black flames with burning human bodies scattered around (sometimes not).

Who is the Evangelist in Fire Force?
Spatial Rift | Source: Fire Force Wiki-Fandom

The Evangelist and the Bugs come from Adolla.

It is revealed that the Spontaneous Human Combustion takes place when a Doppelganger encroaches into a human. Later on, it is revealed that Adolla is the collective consciousness of humanity.

The Evangelist is using the thoughts and fears of humans regarding death to power Adolla. She is set on using the Eight Pillars to fully encroach Adolla into Earth and transform it into a second sun where, as claimed by Giovanni and Rekka, only those with ignition abilities will survive.

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