Does someone die in the Halo season finale?

The Halo season finale ended with some major deaths. The final episode takes place on the Covenant planet, where a battle ensues between the Spartan soldiers and the Covenant army in the presence of the Prophets and Makee.

Besides this, Dr. Halsey also makes an attempt to flee from the UNSC after she takes off in an aircraft from Planet Reach, along with her assistant. If you haven’t watched the episode, jump to another tab because this article contains numerous spoilers.

So, who all dies in the Halo season finale? Let’s find out.

John, aka Master Chief, and Makee die in the Halo season finale. While Makee gets overpowered and killed by the keystones, John sacrifices himself to save the other Spartan soldiers and prevent the Covenant from using him as the Blessed One.

John, or Master Chief, Dies in the Halo Season Finale

John’s death was one of the most surprising ones. While he’s not technically dead anymore, he isn’t alive either. Here’s how: When the Spartans go to the Covenant’s planet, Cortana reveals Dr. Halsey’s motive to John.

Does someone die in the Halo season finale?
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She tells that Halsey designed her to take over his body entirely and eradicate his consciousness and thus his identity. However, Cortana herself decides against it because, to her, it was wrong.

When they reach the planet, and the fight between the Covenant and the Spartan ensues, the Spartans cannot stand the attack. In fact, Riz’s ribs get busted, and she’s nearly dying.

Furthermore, Master Chief isn’t entirely present because of Makee and her antics, which I’ll discuss a little ahead in this article. A while later, when John looks around, he sees his team falling. He knows his humanity is getting in his way.

Everything is at stake here. The two keystones, his entire team, and humankind’s only chance against the Covenant, because if they have the keystones, they will get access to the Halo rings, and with that, the war will be lost.

So, in a desperate attempt to give his team a fighting chance, he sacrifices himself by getting shot and knocked over by a zealot. But, before he does, he instructs Cortana to take over his body and consciousness because he knows she will eliminate the cons of humanity and make Master Chief invincible.

With this, John, aka Master Chief, dies, and when he is resuscitated, it’s Cortana inside the body and mind. It was pretty sad seeing him leave because he was the one who freed the Spartans from Dr. Halsey’s conditioning of all those years. Nevertheless, we will have to wait for Season 2 to see this new avatar of Master Chief.

Makee, the Blessed One, Also Dies in the Halo Season Finale

That’s right! Makee also departs from the show in a tragic and painful way. In the penultimate episode, we see her childhood trauma resurface after one of the UNSC guards tases her. Filled with rage, she vows to make humankind pay.

Does someone die in the Halo season finale?
Chief & Makee
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In the season finale, she reaches the Covenant’s planet along with the two keystones. Here, these two artifacts are attached, and the Prophets are ready to make the divine journey. She touches the artifacts just when the Spartans reach the planet.

A beam shoots up in the sky, and we see different coordinates shuffle like a hologram. These coordinates would point to the location of the Halo rings where the Prophets of the Covenant army plan to go.

However, the Spartans interrupt this, and as mentioned in the earlier section, a fight ensues. The Prophets summon the Zealots who are too powerful for the super soldiers, including John, aka Master Chief.

On seeing this, Makee decides to touch the keystones again, and the two are transported back to the Halo ring. She tells Master Chief about how the two can just stay here forever. But Master Chief urges her to let go of the artifact because he has his team and the entire humanity to save.

Does someone die in the Halo season finale?
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In the next few moments, blood appears on Makee’s chest, and we realize that the keystones were too powerful for her, even though she was a Blessed One. We see her transported back to the planet, and she drops dead on the ground.

This is how Makee’s story comes to an end. While it is sad, it is also underwhelming because all the build-up should have led to something bigger.

Besides this, nobody else dies in the Halo season finale. Dr. Halsey narrowly escapes death by letting the UNSC soldiers catch her clone, who gets seizures and becomes lifeless. Halo has been renewed for Season 2, and hopefully, it will be much more interesting than the first one.

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