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Which ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Couples Are Still Together?

Are the couples from Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle still together? The reality TV show challenges hookup kings and queens to try and form emotional connections without involving sex. Are these relationships meant to last?

In an exclusive with ‘In Touch in April,’ Sharron Townsend and Francesca Farago said that they both are in Touch with love interests.

Though the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has kept all of the couples apart, The Canadian beauty and her man are already talking about marriage and future plans. During the online reunion episode, on Friday, May 8, on Netflix, we got an update from the couples.

Too Hot To Handle
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Sharron AND Rhonda

In April, Sharron disclosed to In Touch, that he and Rhonda were talking “throughout the day, consistently” after the show. Shockingly, they appear to have come together from that point forward.

During the get-together, they stressed they were companions — yet that was all they were.

While Rhonda was enthusiastic when she affirmed that they aren’t together, these two made it understood there is still a lot of affection between them.

Harry and Francesca

Francesca disclosed to In Touch that she and Harry “talk each day” about how they will get ready for marriage. Yet ata the Netflix gathering, she uncovered they had been separated for around eight months.

Harry too hot to handle
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Although they met each other’s families not long after the show, there came the point when they weren’t “agreeing” on a great deal of subjects. Yet, however it took Harry getting drunk for them to be reunited, the British Columbian cutie never doubted that they were in it for the long stretch.

“I knew right when we separated that we would reunite,” she said. “Each time we battle, we get stronger and stronger.”

Though she figures a proposition should hold up until they can see each other face to face. Harry was glad to hold her over with a ring pop over Netflix’s video visit.

David and Lydia

These two got quite comfortable on the show, and by the last scene, it appeared like they might really be keen on beginning a relationship.

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Be that as it may, that sentiment doesn’t seem to have converted into this present reality. Even though the Too Hot to Handle cast all stay in contact through a reunion talk, these two are simply companions.

Francesca and Haley

Was there much else to that kiss? With In Touch, Francesca affirmed that both she and Haley are keen on ladies, and their small makeout sesh was “extremely fun.”

However, her sentiment with Harry shielded things from going any further. In an alternate universe, she might’ve sought after the blonde beauty; yet, for the time being, they’re still close buddies.

Nicole and Bryce

On the show, Bryce had a sentiment with Chloe. Yet, the British beauty revealed to In Touch, he really had a considerably more grounded association with her BFF Nicole once shooting finished.

“I think [these] two are a really cute match,” Chloe spouted.

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