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Which is Sung Jin-Woo’s Strongest Shadow? Is it Beru?

After Sung Jin-Woo became the Shadow Monarch, the system vanished and no longer held back any power from him. With an army of 130,000 plus Shadows, Jin-Woo’s one-man army can obliterate any other in his path.

But who are his strongest Shadows? What powers do they have? And, What are they capable of? Read on to find out!

There will be spoilers from the novel.

1. Quick Answer

who is the strongest shadow of sung jin woo in solo leveling
Sung Jin-Woo & Shadows, Solo Leveling

Bellion is Sung Jin Woo’s strongest shadow in Solo Leveling. He is the oldest of all shadows who used to command the army of former Shadow Monarch, Ashborn and now serves Hunter Sung Jin-Woo.

2. Strongest Shadow of Sung Jin-Woo

When the truly enormous gate opened in Seoul, South Korea, instead of an army of monsters, an army of shadow soldiers ready to serve Sung Jin-Woo came out.

This was thought of to be a Gate that was extremely dangerous and one needing the entirety of the world’s Hunters to be stopped. However, what came out was reinforcements.

who is the strongest shadow of sung jin woo in solo leveling
Sung Jin-Woo in a Red Gate

It was the original Shadow army that belonged to Ashborn before Ashborn passed the power and title of Shadow Monarch to Jin-Woo and died peacefully. With this addition of new Shadows, Jin-Woo gained an especially strong Shadow, Bellion.

Bellion brought hundreds of thousands of Shadows that once belonged to Ashborn and kneeled before Jin-Woo.

Who is Bellion? What are his powers?

Bellion was one of the original servants of the former Shadow Monarch, Ashborn. He has the highest rank of all the Shadows, Grand-Marshal.

Bellion wields a full set of armor as well as a unique sword that is said to look like a centipede. Its purpose was shown in Bellion’s duel with Beru, where he wielded it both like a whip and a sword. This, alongside Bellion’s enormous speed and strength, proved difficult for enemies to counter-attack when caught in a barrage.

who is the strongest shadow of sung jin woo in solo leveling
Bellion – Solo Leveling

Bellion’s duel with Beru proved that he really was deserving of his title, Grand-Marshal. Bellion easily swatted away and dodged Beru’s attacks, which were capable of instantly killing or seriously wounding even the strongest Hunters.

Bellion also withstood a direct attack to the head by Beru and continued fighting as if it was nothing. Truly, even among Jin-Woo’s powerful Shadows, Bellion is the most powerful.

3. Other Strong Shadows

Jin-Woo does not lack strong Shadows who are more than willing to serve and fight alongside him.

Out of the many, however, the title of the top five strongest goes to Igris — the first high-grade Shadow that followed him, Tusk — the high orc to whom he gave the orb, Beru — the king of chimera ants, and Greed — the shadow extracted from hunter Hwang Dong-Su.

4. What is a Shadow Lord?

When Sung Jin-Woo attempted the Job Change quest, he was transported to a dungeon-like place and had to fight enemies such as knights and mages. He was not allowed to access the store of the system and could not rejuvenate himself.

who is the strongest shadow of sung jin woo in solo leveling
Sung Jin-Woo & the Statue of God

However, using the penalty game loophole, Jin-Woo managed to gain an extra four hours and restore himself back to health.

This bonus helped him defeat all the monsters and survive much longer than the original time limit. Thanks to factors like him not using the hearthstone, exceeding the time and having more than enough health, points were added and his original job — a necromancer, was changed to Shadow Lord which was an exclusive job skill. He thus came one step closer to becoming the Shadow Monarch.

5. How many shadows does Sung Jin-woo have?

After becoming the Shadow Monarch and completely assimilating with him, the system vanished, and no power was held back from him.

As long as the conditions such as the period of time passed before death were met, Jin-Woo could summon and create an unlimited number of shadows. The number of Shadow he had after becoming a monarch numbered 130,000+.

Grades of Shadows

Shadows have varying amounts of personality and emotion, depending on their grade. They are divided into:-

Normal Grade: The most basic soldiers. Typically consists of newly summoned Shadows that Sung Jin-Woo has captured.

Elite Grade: Shadow Soldiers that are stronger than Soldier Grades but still pale in comparison to the upper grades. They are roughly about as strong as a B-ranked monster or hunter.

Knight Grade: These soldiers have the strength that appears to be around a mid-A-rank Hunter to nearly S-Rank. When Igris was first extracted, he started at this rank.

who is the strongest shadow of sung jin woo in solo leveling
Blood Red Commander Igris | Source: Solo Leveling Wiki – Fandom

Elite Knight Grade: Elite Knight Shadows are comparable to mid-S rank hunters. Tusk was the first extracted Elite Knight Grade as the boss of a high A-Rank dungeon. Igris was also promoted to this rank after climbing the demon tower for a bit with Jin-Woo.

Commander Grade: Commander Grade appears to be much much stronger than any S-Rank Hunter and can fight multiple S-Rank Hunters with ease.

Before Beru was a Shadow Soldier, he was able to easily manhandle over 10 S-Rank hunters, instantly killing Japan’s strongest hunter Goto Ryuji. All Shadows of this level are able to talk before and after being extracted.

Marshal Grade: Marshal Grade is the second highest and serves as the final evolution to a Shadow’s strength as well as it being their level cap. The second Shadow Soldier to ever reach this Grade was Beru (the first being Bellion) after Jin-Woo and Beru cleared Gate after Gate in Japan as well as Beru’s previous battles.

Jin-Woo stated that Marshal Grade was the sole head of an army, and there could not be two that led an army.

Grand-Marshal Grade: This was the Grade of Bellion when he appeared from the super-massive Gate that opened in Seoul, as well as the Leader of the Shadow Army excluding Jin-Woo.

This Grade is capable of leading the entire army of the Shadow Monarch, which numbered up to 130,000+ Shadows, as well as 3 Shadow Dragons. This was a clear indication of a Grand-Marshal’s power.

6. About solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel written by Chu-Gong, It was serialized in Papyrus and later in KakaoPage and concluded with 14 volumes and 270 chapters.

Since a portal connecting our world to a world full of monsters and creatures of all kinds appeared, some people have acquired powers and the ability to hunt them: they are called hunters.

Sung Jin-Woo is the weakest of the rank E hunters and barely stronger than a normal human. One day, he and other hunters find themselves trapped in an extremely dangerous dungeon, and only a few of them survive and manage to escape. Sung Jin-Woo himself hardly survives and is the only one who completes all the trials in this dungeon. Thus, he begins his journey of becoming the most powerful hunter!

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