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When John Stamos called Netflix Sh*tflix, April Fools Much?

There are regular April Fools’ pranks and then there are pranks which are remembered long after April Fools’ is over and many more have passed, and you still revisit them for a good laugh.

The 2016 Netflix-John Stamos April Fools’ prank belongs to the second category and here we are revisiting that massively elaborate prank which had the internet ROFLing for days after.

It all began with John Stamos’s biopic coming to Netflix, because of course he deserves one. Why isn’t there one already, I say? Stamos. First, Netflix began obsessing over the former Full House actor.

When John Stamos called Netflix Sh*tflix, April Fools Much?
John Stamos: A Human Being

Its usual film and television categories were edited to include Stamos, such as “Trending Now Like John Stamos,” “Comedies John Stamos Thinks are Funny,” and “TV Dramas That Make John Stamos Feel Things He Hasn’t Felt In a Long Time.”

Netflix’s profile picture on Twitter was changed to include a photo of Stamos over its logo. Before we knew it, there was a fake trailer for an upcoming documentary about the actor’s life, with a due date and everything.

The Netflix announcement on Twitter read:

A VERY exciting new original documentary unlike any other. “John Stamos: A Human, Being” coming to Netflix on April 31st.

Watch the trailer here:

Stamos: A Human, Being | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
Stamos: A Human, Being Trailer

Later in the day we saw a fuming Stamos in a “caught-on-camera” celebrity freak-out style video at the Netflix offices to continue the prank.

The freak-out video, wherein Stamos harasses an innocent receptionist with a big, red “Netflix” logo in the background, was allegedly “leaked” to People. 

He went on to call Netflix as Sh*tflix and derided all of the streamer’s Emmys as bull. It was the wackiest kind of roast Netflix ever got and we couldn’t stop laughing.

In addition to the fake meltdown, Stamos’s indignation was up for display even on Twitter.

Netflix thinks they can make MY BRAND into a JOKE??

— John Stamos (@JohnStamos) April 1, 2016

In response, Netflix took to Twitter once again to issue a public apology to Stamos by end of day.

Mr. Stamos is a valued partner of ours & we’re working hard to make things right.

— Netflix US (@netflix) April 1, 2016

Our deepest apology to @JohnStamos for suggesting that a documentary on his life was in some way a joke.

— Netflix US (@netflix) April 1, 2016

There was a subsequent clip of Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos apologizing to Stamos for failing to realize its obvious potential.

But, eventually, all things fun must come to an end. People admitted the whole thing was a prank, with Stamos as the inception mastermind.

But who can convince fans otherwise? They were soon calling for the fake docu-series to become a reality.

@JohnStamos I’m just seriously so disappointed that it’s not a real documentary!!!!

— Kimberly Thomas (@olive_thethings) April 2, 2016

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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