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What would Chloe/Koharu’s Eevee evolve into?

We know that the Eevee of Chloe (alternatively named as “Koharu” in the Japanese dub of Pokémon Journeys: The Series is special. But who would have thought that even after 30+ episodes, Chloe’s Eevee is still hesitating to evolve!

As many Pokémon fans know, there are 8 “Eeveelutions” that Eevee can transform into. And we must remember that 8 evolutions are rare in ANY Pokémon type!

Just look at this Pokémon Evolution chart! Do you see any other Pokémon evolutions that are as many as Eevee’s? None!

The 8 evolutions only occur on an Eevee. But what makes Chloe’s Eevee special is not because of its 8 evolution potentials; rather, it’s slowly taking its time to pick an “Eeveelution” that it can have an affinity with Chloe!

Today, allow me to discuss some Eeveelution Pokémon that Chloe’s Eevee can possibly transform into!

What would Chloe/Koharu’s Eevee evolve into?

Chloe’s Eevee could evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, or Umbreon.

Now, hear me out. We know that there are 8 Eeveelutions. But why did I only list 4 out of 8? Well, you see, these 4 Eeveelutions were strongly hinted at between Episodes 49 to 79 of the Pokémon Journeys: The Series.

Therefore, I’m not going to cover Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon in this blog. Rather, I’m going to cover Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon in that order.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Pokemon.

I. Vaporeon

Fans who’ve watched the original Pokémon anime in the 90s would never forget Vaporeon (or “Showers” in the Japanese dub)! And the reason why it’s so memorable is because it’s the 1st of the Eeveelution type!

What would Chloe/Koharu’s Eevee evolve into?
Vaporeon | Source: Fandom

Water has no shape; therefore, it can turn into ANY shape as long as you put water into a container. Same with Vaporeon. Its body is composed of water molecules; so, as a Bubble Jet Pokémon, Vaporeon will melt as if it vanishes underwater! Cool, right?

Also, Chloe’s Eevee has been using “Copycat” (an attack that initiated when Eevee debuted in Episode 49 of Pokémon Journeys: The Series)! So, when Eevee saw Vaporeon during a Marine Athletic Race (Episode 63), it copied the latter’s Hydro Pump attack!

It may not be Eevee’s strongest attack. However, it’s a powerful Water-type attack that can inflict much damage to strike a foe underwater!

Chloe’s Eevee could evolve into Vaporeon. After all, we’ve seen Chloe acquire a Water Stone from one of the surfers (who happens to be a side character in Episode 63)!

Chloe can use that same Water Stone so Eevee can transform into Vaporeon one day!

And let’s not forget how Eevee loved splashing on the beach with Pikachu and Grookey (Episode 75)! Eevee even utilized other Water-type moves such as Bubble Beam and Whirlpool (see Episodes 74-75)!

If it loves water this much, Eevee could in no time become Vaporeon! That’ll totally make Chloe very happy!

II. Jolteon

Jolteon (or “Thunders” in the Japanese dub) is the 2nd of the Eeveelution types. Even if you’re not a Pokémon fanatic, anyone seeing Jolteon on television would interpret how its fur looks exactly like electricity sparks!

What would Chloe/Koharu’s Eevee evolve into?
Jolteon | Source: Fandom

Since Jolteon has “sparks” as its fur, anyone can conclude that it’s an Electric-type Pokémon. Also, fun fact about Jolteon: fans get confused whether it possesses a tail since its tail isn’t visible when being looked at from a distance!

I couldn’t even tell whether Jolteon had a tail from my Pokémon trading cards! But the truth is: Jolteon has a tail! It’s just snuck tightly underneath his “fur sparks”! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to use attacks like “Tail Whip” and “Iron Tail”!

Speaking of moves, Chloe’s Eevee utilized the “Spark” move when it made a debut in Episode 49 (“To Train, or Not to Train”) — the episode where Chloe and Eevee first laid eyes and fall in love with each other (even though they’re both females)!

The “Spark” move came about because Eevee imitated this very move from Yamper (or “Wanpachi”). Eevee even had to use a “Double Spark” attack with Yamper just so it can blow Team Rocket away!

But Jolteon is the Eeveelution that Chloe’s Eevee could least likely evolve to out of the 4 Pokémon in this list.

We’re 84 episodes into Pokémon Journeys, but as far as I know, we haven’t seen Eevee use other Electric-type moves other than the Spark move in Episode 49!

So, Eevee might not evolve into Jolteon. But, since it can use Spark, we can hypothesize that Eevee can develop other Electric-type moves that can help it evolve into Jolteon!

III. Espeon

Espeon (“Eifie”) is a Generation II Pokémon. So, don’t be surprised that Eevee is using Copycat to imitate Espeon’s “Heal Pulse” and “Reflect” moves.

What would Chloe/Koharu’s Eevee evolve into?
Espeon | Source: Fandom

Just to be clear, Eevee witnessed “Heal Pulse” first from Ponyta in Episode 55 of Pokémon Journeys (as there was no Espeon that appeared on that episode)!

So, of course, I was surprised that Eevee can use a move from a Psychic-type Pokémon like Espeon while witnessing a Fire-type Pokémon like Ponyta (“Ponyta”) apply it to another Fire-type Pokémon like Rapidash (“Gallop”).

But in the context of the episode, it makes sense! When Chloe traveled for a summer vacation in the woods alone, Eevee met the Galarian forms of Ponyta and an injured Rapidash!

Eevee imitated Ponyta’s “Heal Pulse” so the former can also apply it on Chloe when the latter got her knee injured. Then, Eevee applied “Heal Pulse” on the injured Rapidash at the end of the episode to cure the latter.

In other words, Eevee needn’t imitate a non-damaging Psychic-type move from an Espeon to be able to do it and eventually heal Chloe!

The “Reflect” move is a different story as we must fast forward to Episode 79 (“Moon and Sun, Koharu and Haruhi”) to understand Espeon more.

Here’s the gist of it: Espeon becomes stronger during daylight but becomes stronger with an Umbreon (see explanation below) during an eclipse!

To reiterate, Espeon becomes stronger during daytime since the sun is up, but Umbreon becomes stronger during nighttime since the moon is out. Interesting way to put it, don’t you think?

Eevee defended Chloe and Haruhi (Chloe’s look-alike in the episode) from the “String Shot” and “Needle Missiles” of Katsuki’s Ariados! Haruhi even went so far as to say that “Reflector” is Eevee’s “mysterious power”!

Despite being a side character, Haruhi mentioned an important hint to viewers: Eevee will develop more mysterious powers! Hence, why I’m leaning on the theory that Chloe’s Eevee might evolve into an Espeon one day!

IV. Umbreon

Don’t think that Umbreon (“Blacky”) is merely the other side of the coin when it comes to Eevee’s Generation II Eeveelutions. It’s true that Umbreon is the literal opposite of Espeon, but there’s more to Umbreon than meets the eye!

What would Chloe/Koharu’s Eevee evolve into?
Umbreon | Source: Fandom

As we’ve seen in Episode 79, Umbreon possesses damage-dealing moves that not many Dark-type Pokémon possesses!

Take its “Dark Pulse” (“Evil Pulse”) move, for example, when it defended itself against the “Air Slash” of a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon like Noctowl (“Yorunozuku”): Dark Pulse made Noctowl flinched!

Dark Pulse can also hit opponents in Triple Battles. So, even if it’s not demonstrated in this episode, we know that Umbreon’s Dark Pulse is powerful to cause harm to other Pokémon creatures!

As I’ve also stated in the Espeon section above, an eclipse is special as it powers up both Espeon and Umbreon simultaneously — a rare chance! Haruhi explained that during a total eclipse, it’s a “once in a lifetime chance for Espeon and Umbreon to be stronger”!

Chloe was just mesmerized at the sight because Eevee implemented Dark Pulse against Ariados’ “Needle Missiles”, Noctowl’s “Air Slash”, and Ursaring’s (“Ringuma”) “Arm Hammer”.

These are 3 powerful attacks from a side character like Katsuki in Episode 79. But Eevee helped Haruhi’s Espeon and Umbreon in taking Katsuki’s 3 Pokémon down with one powerful blast of its “Dark Pulse”!

If not Espeon, then Eevee might evolve into an Umbreon one day. This theory is not far-fetch because we have episodes like Episode 79 to support us!

Training a special Pokémon like Chloe’s Eevee is a slow process. It took 30+ episodes just to Copycat at least 7 moves! If this is going to be a trend, fans might not see Eevee evolve right away as the animation studios are taking the time to play around with Eevee’s evolution choice.

Also, an Evolution Stone is a better option if trainers want to progress quicker in whatever career they’re pursuing in the Pokémon universe: the faster their Pokémon can evolve, the quicker they can enter difficult battle centers!

Chloe’s Eevee might not evolve right away, and there might be 30+ more episodes before we can see it undergo an Eeveelution!

But to quote Chloe, “there’s no need to rush”. Eevee did not evolve even when Chloe presented the Water Stone to it! It’s taking its time to “Copycat” the other Pokémon’s moves so it can decide itself one day which appropriate Eeveelution should it evolve to.

We should be excited — not frustrated. Chloe and Eevee chose to take it slow because they want to nurture the friendship they are building over time!

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