Anime Recommendations for 10-12-Year-Olds

Although outside the anime community, it is generally assumed to be a cartoon which is meant for kids. They cannot be farther away from the truth as anime can be erhm..on the mature side.

It might be difficult to find age-appropriate anime as most of them involve gore or fan service. We have compiled a list of anime that might be great for 10-12-year-olds. Here we go!

Gakuen Babysitters, Pokemon, Yokai Watch, Little Witch Academia, Cardcaptor Sakura, Haikyuu and Naruto are great beginner friendly as well as kid-friendly anime.

1. Gakuen Babysitters

On the top of the list is Gakuen Babysitters. It is not flashy or dramatic but is one of the most wholesome anime I watched in a while.

The story of Gakuen Babysitters revolves around two recently orphaned brothers, who are taken into a prestigious academy. The only catch: the older brother has to work at the school’s daycare centre.

The anime is cute and wholesome and is highly recommended for young children.
Kids in School Daycare | Source: Twitter

2. Pokemon

Every kid has grown up watching Pokemon. It is extremely famous and for the right reasons. It is the right amount of everything, it doesn’t involve bad language nor does it involve gore or fan service. Perfect isn’t it?

‘Pokemon’ is the story of Ash Ketchum and his adventures with his Pokemons who he captures and trains along the way. It involves exciting matches and the universe only expands.

Anime Recommendations for 10-12-Year-Olds
Pokemon | Source: IMDb

3. Yokai Watch

Coming along the same lines as Pokemon, we have something that has been loved by kids. It is charming, fun and has good humour.

There are basically no fights, gore or anything of that sort. It is a great anime to get your kids started on identifying and talking about emotions.

Nate is a young boy who during an excursion meets Whisper, a ghost spirit and gives him a watch he can use to see and call upon Yokai. The series focuses on their battles with troublesome spirits.

Anime Recommendations for 10-12-Year-Olds
Yokai Watch | Source: IMDb

4. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia is a cute, little story about a girl who struggles to be a witch. The designs are adorable and the story sends off great messages.

The language is unproblematic, there is no fanservice or gore. It is a perfect show for your kids.

Little Witch Academia is about a girl named Akko who wants to be a witch despite her non-magical background. The story mainly focuses on Akko trying to prove that magic is a wonderful thing.

Anime Recommendations for 10-12-Year-Olds
Little Witch Academia | Source: Netflix

5. Cardcaptor Sakura

Following along the lines of Little Witch Academia, Cardcaptor Sakura is another bubbly show with great characters.

Sakura, the main character, is quite endearing and capable. She is not one-dimensional and is not defined by character traits. The show has surprising levels of depth and can be quite a watch.

Sakura is a 10-year-old, who accidentally releases a pack of troublesome cards called Clow Cards. The guardian of the cards, Kero, chooses Sakura to retrieve the cards. She goes on a journey to seal the cards with Kero.

Anime Recommendations for 10-12-Year-Olds
Sakura | Source: IMDb

6. Haikyuu

If your young one is into sports, this anime is just right for you. This volleyball anime is realistic and shows great character development. The anime kind of ignites the passion for the game during the watch.

Hinata Shoyo is a Volleyball player with immense love for the sport. However he is extremely short, but he doesn’t let it be an excuse to be a bad player. He improves greatly along with his teammates.

Anime Recommendations for 10-12-Year-Olds
Hinata Shoyo | Source: Fandom

7. Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi Pedal is a great anime about cycling. The first time I watched this anime, it made me wanna hop on my cycle and take a ride around the place. This anime makes cycling seem fun and exciting.

Sakamichi is an Otaku who only wants members for his anime club. However, through a series of events, he ends up in his school’s cycling club. The story focuses on this club’s experiences.

8. Disclaimer

Though Yowamushi Pedal is extremely clean with no fan service or curse words. Be warned about Midosuji. He can be slightly triggering to the young ones.

Anime Recommendations for 10-12-Year-Olds
Sakamichi vs Managing | Source: Crunchyroll

9. Naruto and Shippuden

Okay, hear me out! It might be controversial considering the fan service and mild gore but it will be a great experience for the kid. The things gained from Naruto are much greater than the controversies.

Naruto is inspiring and it is extremely engaging for a child of that age. The character development is great, the storyline is impressive and lessons learnt are many.

Anime Recommendations for 10-12-Year-Olds
Uzumaki Naruto | Source: Fandom

Naruto focuses on the story of a boy who has always been ostracised by the village as a demon fox was sealed within him. This is a story of a boy who went from zero to the greatest ninja alive.

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