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We Never Learn Mangaka Posts Twitter Update about Final Chapter!!

We Never Learn! is your typical romantic-comedy manga which is very enjoyable. It’s a must-read for people who liked Quintessential Quintuplets since they both focus on great characterization.

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Though they make their characters shine in a unique manner, the humor is what really makes it worth the read. The plot might seem quite generic but it is fun to see how Tsutsui has spun some great storylines for his characters.

The series follows the story of Nariyuki Yuiga, a high school student who is given the task of tutoring three female geniuses while they start to gradually develop romantic feelings for him.

Mangaka Taishi Tsutsui announced on his Twitter account yesterday that he has now completed work on the storyboard for the last chapter of “We Never Learn”.

My final story name has been completed. No matter how many times I experience it, the final story is lonely and it’s hard to write, but I’ll do my best for the last spurt.

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However, it is not yet known when the series will actually end.

The main story of the manga came to an end in Spring 2020. The final chapter of the manga was published in the Weekly Shonen Jump on March 9th. The manga is now on its fifth and last route.

With the upcoming issue, the manga will enter a new arc where there will be parallel story chapters featuring protagonist Nariyuki.

Here, the series will be given four alternative endings where Nariyuki will end up as another character in the series.

Fans have seen how the last few chapters of the series have been focused on the fifth and final heroine, Mafuyu Kirisu and soon with that, the series will conclude.

A new update from Tsutsui revealed that the creator has finished the storyboard for the final chapter of the series.

The first mini-arc centered on Rizu Ogata, then the next mini-arc centered on Fumino Furuhashi, Asumi Kominami, and Mafuyu Kirisu. The story is different at the same point for each mini-arc – during a fireworks display at a cultural festival.

With four of these routes now completed, the series will be reaching its end soon.

There is no indication of what will be indicated in the final chapter or when it will debut in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine but it is likely that We Never Learn will be coming to an end this year.

About We Never Learn

We Never Learn, also known as Bokuben, is written and illustrated by Taishi Tsutsui in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump.

We Never Learn Mangaka Posts Twitter Update about Final Chapter!!
We Never Learn | Source: Fandom

It began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in February 2017, with its individual chapters collected and published by Shueisha in 19 tankōbon volumes as of October 2020.

An anime television series adaptation by Studio Silver and Arvo Animation aired from April to June 2019, and a second season aired from October to December of the same year

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