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Way Of The Househusband’s Trailer Reveals An Ex-Yakuza’s Journey To Homemaking

Immortal Tatsu, the man who could take on a whole yakuza clan alone, suddenly disappeared. The next time he was seen, he was…grocery shopping and making cute bento?

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The Way of the Househusband, the fantastic yakuza cum household comedy, is getting an anime adaptation!

A new trailer has revealed some more details of the anime for curious souls like you.

From making bubble tea to bargaining prices, Tatsu is accomplished at every task that a veteran housewife can do. His skills can even put to shame every housewife in his community!

Netflix has revealed a brand new trailer for the Way of the Househusband anime. The upcoming series will debut on 8th April 2021.

The Way of the Househusband | Trailer | Netflix Anime
The Way of the Househusband | Trailer | Netflix Anime

The new trailer at first introduces Tatsu, our former yakuza hero, in the grandest of manner. With an impressive physique, a cut on one side of his face, and an intense stare, Tatsu seems like a true yakuza boss.

However, the illusion is broken when we see him making cute lunchboxes for his wife and asking for a point card from the shopping store. The yakuza demeanor terrifies everyone around him but he is oblivious of this effect.

A new visual has also been released for the upcoming anime.

The visual shows Tatsu wearing a typical villainous look on his face. However, the cute rice bears in the bento box betray his facial expression.

The cast for the two protagonists of the anime has also been revealed:

CharacterCastOther Works
TatsuKenjiro TsudaHyanosuke Ogata (Golden Kamuy)
MikuShizuka ItouIrina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom)
MasaKazuyuki OkitsuHatori Soma (Fruits Basket)

Way of the Househusband’s manga has won a number of awards like the Well Eisner Comic Industry award, and also ranked in the 9th place in the Kono Manga ga Sugoi list for 2019.

This upcoming anime is a must-watch for me especially because of its ironic and humorous situations.

The ex-yakuza who can sew, cook and manage every household work possible and more is coming to snatch some attention this April!

Way of the Househusband’s Trailer Reveals an Ex-Yakuza’s Journey to Homemaking
The Way of The Househusband | Source: Viz Media

About Way of the Househusband

The Way of the Househusband is a comedy manga by Kousuke Onno. It was first serialized in February 2018 and is an ongoing manga.

Immortal Tatsu is a retired yakuza who has chosen the life of a househusband over that of a gangster. He spotlessly finishes all household chores to support his wife, Miku.

His appearance is in stark contrast to his love for cute bentos and dogs. His run-ins with other yakuza often turn out to be a hilarious situation.

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