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Vampiric Anime “The Case Study of Vanitas” Teases Gothic Setting in 3rd PV

The upcoming supernatural, dark fantasy anime based on vampires, “The Case Study of Vanitas”, promises to differ from other shows of the genre.

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Unlike other franchises, this one promises to go deep into the world of vampires and give fans a glimpse of the complex problems the vampiric society faces.

While human-vampire interactions usually don’t go well, the protagonists, Noe and Vanitas, are all set to change that! 

Set in nineteenth-century France, the anime will follow the journey of a vampire named Noe and a human named Vanitas as they try to heal other vampires who are suffering from a dangerous illness.

Before its premiere, ten promotional videos of the highly anticipated anime have been announced to be released. 

The official website of “The Case Study of Vanitas” has released the third promotional video for the anime and revealed that the first cour would premiere on July 2. 

A total of 10 PVs will be released that deliver the world view of this work together with the music by Yuki Kajiura. 

The third short PV released! 

“City of Flowers” 


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The video is almost 30 seconds long and depicts various everyday life scenes on the streets of Paris.

We get to enjoy the remarkable French architecture in the background as well. Fans can hear composer Yuki Kajiura’s musical piece, which goes pretty well with the overall setting of the anime. 

In addition to this, a new key visual of “The Case Study of Vanitas” anime has been released by the website. 

We can see the protagonists of the show – Noe Archiviste and Vanitas, along with Jeanne, Luca, and Dominique. A blimp is also visible in the background, sailing across the beautiful Parisian skyline.

Bones, the studio behind My Hero Academia, will produce the show. The production house has announced the following additional cast who will join Kaito Ishikawa and Natsuki Hanae, the lead voice actors of the anime: 

Jeanne Inori MinaseViola (The Duke of Death and His Maid) 
LucaShino Shimoji Akari Ozora (Aikatsu) 
DominiqueAi Kayano Kanade Oe (Chihayafuru) 
Sensei Akira Ishida Tobio Ooike (Beyblade: Metal Fusion) 
Murr Miyu KomakiShizuno Saotome (Anime De Training! Ex) 

The anime is based on Jun Mochizuki’s original manga of the same name, which has been well received by fans worldwide.

Vampiric Anime “The Case Study of Vanitas” Teases Gothic Setting In 3rd PV
The Case Study of Vanitas | Source: Crunchyroll

The first promotional video for the anime was released earlier in the year, and it created tremendous hype for the show. Tokyo MX, GYT, BS11, and MBS will air the anime in Japan. Fans can expect an English dub pretty soon! 

Will Vanitas and Noe be able to succeed in their quest? How will they cope up with the problems arising due to the conflicts in the vampiric society? We will find out when the anime premieres in July! 

About The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas manga is created by Jun Mochizuka. It started serialization in the Monthly Gangan Joker magazine in December 2015. It is receiving an anime adaptation in July 2021.

Noe, a young vampire, is in search of a cursed book called The Book of Vanitas. However, on his flight to Paris, he comes face to face with Vanitas and realizes that he is a self-proclaimed vampire doctor.

Somehow Noe ends up as Vanitas’ partner to heal vampires who are going feral under an evil influence.

Source: Official Website

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