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Upload: Amazon’s Tech Satire Left Everyone on a Brutal Cliffhanger

Amazon’s new series Upload, a tech satire about a digital afterlife, was left on a cliffhanger. Just as Horizen Nora (Andy Allo) is about to reveal her feelings to the uploaded tech entrepreneur Nathan (Robbie Amell), Nathan freezes due to running out of his monthly data quota.

Even after paying for 1GB of data, Nathan’s emotions deplete the entire gigabyte, bringing us back to square one.

Season 2 Release Date

With a cliffhanger like that, you’d assume that a new season would have already gotten a release date, but that isn’t the case. There’s no official release date so far.


It likely won’t drop until late 2021, and even that is an unconfirmed timeline.

Who killed Nathan?

From all the hints in Season 1, Ingrid’s dad, Oliver Kannerman, certainly put the hit out on Nathan. The latter had back-directed with Oliver to sell restrictive code that Nathan and his colleague Jamie were taking a shot at that would sabotage the rewarding, multi-billion uploading industry.

Dubious that the accident came not long before Oliver paid Nathan the sum. Much all the more intriguing that Jamie was pressuring Nathan about completing his bits of code just before his demise.

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(Was there betrayal before Jamie opened Freeyond? What a name!)

How the pieces were set until Nathan’s close lethal auto accident is less clear. Everybody who explores the conditions around Nathan’s passing or was in some way or another associated with his historic venture, seems to end up dead.

Upload - Official Trailer I Prime Video

Not Jamie! After sleeping with Ingrid, was there something different he was attempting to stow away? It’s unlikely that Oliver would move toward them both autonomously, work with whoever was generally ready to take care of business and dispose of the other.

What is certain is that Ingrid knew about the plot and messed up with the self-driving car’s code, buying her time to upload his consciousness.

So why did Ingrid upload herself?

The daughter of the affluent business scion, who most likely claims a lump of upload tech and is unquestionably answerable for Nathan’s endeavored murder, basically ended it all to join her ex in the great beyond.

After Ingrid confesses to meditating in the plot to execute Nathan, Oliver tells Ingrid, to reword, that “it’s on,” and he won’t protect her any longer for double-crossing his trust.

To get ahead of whatever counter was to seek her, Ingrid selected to get away from reality forever at Lakeview and look out for Nathan.

Will Nathan and Nora ever be together?

If there’s one thing Greg Daniels is extraordinary at, it’s drawing out a will they – won’t they relationship situation between characters with real science.

First, we had Pam and Jim in The Office; at that point, there was Leslie and Ben in Parks and Rec, and now it’s Nora and Nathan in Upload. Even though the season ended with two uneven admissions — Nathan advised his sentiments to Nora’s symbol, which was being constrained by her manager during her working environment suspension, and Nora disclosed to Nathan she cherished him.

At the same time, his data trickled down to nothing when she asked about whether he felt the same. Who knows, perhaps connections among uploads and the living won’t be such a no-no in the long run.

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