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Meet a Modern Day Shinobi in 2023 Anime ‘Under Ninja’

‘Under Ninja’ is a tale of an unemployed ninja. I know the two words barely fit together, but hear me out.

Ninjas in Japan stand at an unbelievable number of 20,000. So what happens if you have average skills, with too many applicants, and a shortage of jobs? Unemployment comes knocking at the door.

The Under Ninja manga series by Kengo Hanazawa will receive an anime adaptation in 2023. The studio, and release date will be confirmed at a later date.

” #アンダーニンジャ ” (Kengo Hanazawa) Volume 8 released today!! [8/5 (Fri.)]

 TV anime will be broadcast in 2023!

 Kuro vs. Yamada!!

 And the story unfolds in a shocking way…!!!!

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Kodansha’s Young Magazine featured the announcement, and I’m ready to see some realistic ninja scenes.

Under Ninja takes the concepts of ninjas pretty seriously and portrays how they would blend in the present world. Not all ninjas are top-class, and the protagonist isn’t very good at his job either.

The 17-year-old MC, Kurou, silently practices his skills, rarely gets any jobs, and is ill-treated by his seniors. To no one’s surprise, a new job relights his enthusiasm.

Meet a Modern Day Shinobi in 2023 Anime ‘Under Ninja’
Under Ninja | Source: Official Twitter

Little does he know that he is only getting fattened up to be a sacrificial lamb. Fledglings like Kurou can be found a dime a dozen, so ninja organizations don’t think twice before disposing of them.

Although a studio hasn’t been revealed yet, I hope that the series receives a fitting art style. A new world of ninjas and politics is about to open up to you.

About Under Ninja

It is a Japanese manga series by Kengo Hanazawa, which began serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine in July 2018.

The series follows a seventeen-year-old high school loser named Kuro, part of the secret ninja agency to counter-terrorism and violence within the Pacific region. As terrorism rises across the world, it is up to Kuro to protect Tokyo.

Source: Official Twitter

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