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Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes’ Odyssey Premieres January 2021

If you grew up watching superheroes fighting gigantic monsters and sinister aliens, you must be familiar with the Ultraman series. It is one of the most popular franchises in Japan.

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On Saturday, Tsuburaya Productions announced the franchise’s new television series titled Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes’ Odyssey. The new series will be broadcasted on TV Tokyo from January 9 at 9:00 a.m.

The series will follow Ultraman Zero, who will travel between parallel universes of different Ultraman series, thereby connecting Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Z series.

Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes' Odyssey Premieres January 2021
Ultraman Visual | Source: Official Website

The official website also released a visual for the new series, which reveals that Ultraman Z is going to team up with Ultraman Tiga. In the background, we get to see Ultramen of different planets and universes.

Ultramen are an evolved species who fight for justice on several different planets, including the Earth, against gigantic alien monsters.

Voice actor Mamoru Miyano (Light Yagami in Death Note, Atsumu Miya in Haikyuu!) is cast as Ultraman Zero, the son of Ultraseven and master of Ultraman Z.

The live-action series Ultraman Z was released on June 20th in Japan.

Tsuburaya Productions’ official YouTube channel is streaming the series with English subtitles after the official Japanese airing. However, each episode was only available for two weeks.

A new series of Ultraman franchise, Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy, premiered on November 22.

About Ultraman

The Ultraman franchise belongs to the Tsuburaya Productions. It has multiple adaptations and sequels and is currently a mix-media series.

Ultramen belong to a technologically advanced civilization but are identical to humans. They have various abilities and have a moral sense of justice.

The Ultraman Multiverse consists of plot developments in different zones. Ultramen merge with humans to give them healing properties and live on longer on Earth.

They battle against evil aliens and maintain peace on planets.

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