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Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Get a Manga Touch in Upcoming Tech-On Avengers!

We’ve all grown up with the Avengers. Be it the movies, shows, or comics, they hold a special place in our hearts. 

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And here’s good news for all the otaku Marvel fans which will definitely make your weekend. *drum roll* The new upcoming Marvel comic series is made in collaboration with some of your favorite manga artists!!!

Marvel announced their upcoming comic series called Tech-On Avengers, and manga artists Eiichi Shimizu and Kenji Andou will be designing some of the characters.

Shimizu is in charge of drawing the new power suit for the fan-favorite Iron Man, and the first looks are just mind-blowing!

\ The fastest release in the world! /

Iron Man, designed by Eiichi Shimizu, will be commercialized at S.H.Figuarts.

Incorporating know-how such as METAL BUILD

A new body specializing in action enables dynamic poses!

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The Ultraman creator Shimizu will also be drawing the cover art for the comic series along with Tomohiro Shimoguchi. Both of them have worked together on Ultraman and Linebarrels of Iron.

The biggest feature “DH-10 mode”!

A form that exerts overwhelming power by releasing energy at once.

Reproduced by replacing parts in S.H.Figuarts!

Play value different from the conventional S.H.Figuarts Marvel series will expand.

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“Captain America” ​​following “Iron Man” and others are under active development!

Comic work, S.H.Figuarts will be developed at the same time

Please look forward to the follow-up report of “TECH-ON AVENGERS.”

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The character has brand new and very cool power-ups. All of this is honestly making me squeal like a kid who just saw Iron Man for the first time.

The creator of Tiger & Bunny, Kenji Andou, is in charge of designing the villains of the comic series like Thanos and Red Skull, who also have some new power-ups.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes Get a Manga Touch in Upcoming Tech On Avengers!
Tech On Avengers | Source: Marvel

Along with this, Ryōji Sekinishi, who has worked on classics like Mobile Suit Gundam, will be handling the story drafting of the series.

Jim Zub and Jeff’ Chamba’ Cruz, two artists who gave us Uncanny Avengers and Venom: The End, will be designing the six-issue series. It will come out in the United States on August 11.

This classic meets trending collaboration has the Avengers characters being drawn by manga artists in their style.

Marvel and Bandai Spirits have taken care of all the elements being put into the comic series to give the fans what they deserve.

The TAMASHII Features 2021 S.H.Figuarts ONLINE: Special Live Broadcast revealed that the tech shown in the TECH ON AVENGERS comic series would be from Black Panther’s Wakanda, Doctor Doom’s Latveria, and Stark Industries.

The plot is set a year after the destruction of the Infinity Stones by Thanos, where Red Skull has gained a new power. 

This is definitely going to be epic. I can already feel the goosebumps!

About Tech-On Avengers

Tech-On Avengers is born out of a collaboration between Marvel and Bandai Spirits, from writer Jim Zub and artist Jeff “Chamba” Cruz.

Tech-On Avengers begins with the Red Skull discovering a mysterious new power that allows him to strip Marvel’s heroes of their abilities.

Iron Man then designs hi-tech suits for the Avengers to combat the Nazi criminal, which leads to battles with villains that have a similar form of technology.

Source: Marvel Website

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