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Tsurune Receives Anime Film By KyoAni; New Trailer And Visual

Tsurune, the beautiful anime about archery, is now back with more projects. The anime series, with its fantastic art style, ended in 2019, leaving fans wanting for more.

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Among all the sports anime, Tsurune is unique due to its focus on archery. Although the sport requires as much sweat like any other sport, it has a sense of elegance to it.

Kyoto Animation has captured that feature quite nicely in the previous anime series.

The official website of Tsurune revealed that the anime series will receive an anime movie adaptation. A new trailer for the upcoming film has been released.

theatrical version production decision PV

The trailer shows Minato and all the members of the Kazemai High School Kyudo Club. All the members seem passionate about archery, and the animation style is exquisite, as is expected from KyoAni.

The satisfaction derived from the arrow hitting the target resonates through the trailer.

A new visual for the upcoming anime film was also released.

Tsurune Receives Anime Film By KyoAni
Tsurune Visual | Source: Official Website

In the visual, Minato is seen standing with his bow. His stance is that of the one where he has just let the arrow fly. He is surrounded by flowers, and the visual depicts an indescribable satisfaction.

Tsurune, the anime series, was aired in 2018. It was streamed on Crunchyroll and HIDIVE. An unreleased 14th episode was added to Sentai Filmworks’ home video in January.

An illustration from the director, Takuya Yamamura, has also arrived.

Tsurune Receives Anime Film By KyoAni
Tsurune Visual | Source: Official Website

Since Kyoto Animation is producing the anime film, the art style is bound to be outstanding. KyoAni is the proud studio behind Violet Evergarden, A Silent Voice, and more.

The release dates and other details of the upcoming film have not been released yet. It is unclear whether the film will have the same plot as the anime series, or it will be a sequel.

About Tsurune

Tsurune is a light novel series by Kotoke Ayano. It received an anime adaptation in October 2018. An anime film is on its way.

Minato left archery after middle school due to a certain incident. After he spots a mysterious man in the forest, he is convinced to join archery again.

With his friends and two other new members, the archery club of Kazemai High School is set to perform in the prefectural competition.

Source: Official website of Tsurune

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