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Tsurune’s Elegant New Year’s Greeting Announces Summer 2022 Film Premiere

KyoAni and its beautiful creations have carried me away time and again, and Tsurune is a prime example of it. Tsurune observes the Japanese tradition of archery.

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With gorgeous animation and an emotional story, it’s hardly comparable to the general sports anime trope.

After season 1 of the anime ended, I was one of the many fans who hungered for a sequel. Now, we are receiving it in the form of an anime film. I hope the upcoming installment quenches my thirst for the anime’s heart-melting story.

The official website of Tsurune posted a New Year’s greeting, which revealed that the new film will premiere in summer 2022.

Tsurune’s Elegant New Year’s Greeting Announces Summer 2022 Film Premiere
Tsurune | Source: Official Website

Masaki and Minato are seen posing elegantly in the visual. As expected of KyoAni, the studio has no chill even with greetings.

The post also teases future plans for the series, but their format has not been announced yet.

The mentor and student duo have a lot to unpack in the upcoming film. Minato has finally been cured of his target panic, and I hope it isn’t triggered again by another incident.

Another brewing trouble is with Seiya and Shu. Shu definitely looks down upon Seiya, but I hope that does not affect his performance and mindset.

Tsurune’s Elegant New Year’s Greeting Announces Summer 2022 Film Premiere
Tsurune | Source: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll and HIDIVE streamed the anime when it was premiered in 2018. The film also has a high chance of getting an international release. 

This fantastic tale about archery is a cut above the rest and can make you fall in love with anime all over again. I hope that the new film gives us an appropriate continuation of the story.

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About Tsurune

Tsurune is a light novel by Kotoko Ayano which was adapted into an anime series by Kyoto Animation in 2018. As of 2022, three volumes have been published under Kyoto Animation’s KA Esuma Bunko imprint.

The plot revolves around Minato, a high schooler who has grown up loving archery but developed a sudden target panic. Yet, he is recruited into an archery club in high school and along with his team and instructor finds the true meaning behind his passion.

Source: Official Website

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