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Top Strongest Heroes In My Hero Academia So Far, Ranked!

The thrill of watching shounen-superhero anime does not only lie in its consumption but also the various discussions it births.

My Hero Academia has churned out heroes after heroes in its story for us to be fascinated by – but it would be highly interesting to sit and gauge their powers within a hierarchical structure.

Here’s a list of the Strongest Heroes in My Hero Academia that has been established.

10 Eraserhead

Shota Aizawa, known as EraserHead, is a Pro-Hero and homeroom teacher for U.A. High School’s Class 1-A.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

Shota’s quirk allows him to nullify his opponent’s quirk upon eye contact, which makes his presence in battle extremely crucial.

Shota is exceptionally sharp and is very intelligent. He has polished Hand-to-Hand Combat skills and techniques to immobilize his opponents by capturing their weapon that make up for offensive tactics.

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9 Laundry Hero – Wash

Laundry Hero Wash resembles a washing machine, yet oddly, he was announced as the Pro Hero #8 during the ‘Pro-Hero Arc.’

strongest heroes in my hero academia

His quirk is not yet revealed to manga readers, but it does fall along the lines of a Water Quirk. Whatever it may be, the fact that he comes under the Top 10 Pro-Heroes in the anime speaks for itself.

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As seen in the manga, his quirk involved water shooting up from his head like steam and displacing several people from the ground. 

8 Kamui Woods

Shinji Nishiya possesses the Wood Quirk and is currently the holder of the Pro-Hero position #7. His quirk is known as ‘Arbor’ and is manifested in people quite sparsely across the world.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

He can produce wood from any part of his body – which comes in handy when trying to immobilize a wide range of targets by seizing them.

His wooden tendrils can save civilians from danger, and he is also capable of making a wooden cage to act as a barrier against hostile elements – this move is called the ‘Lacquered Chains Prison.’ 

7 Shield Hero – Crust

The Hero Billboard Chart J.P. places him in the sixth position amongst Pro-Heroes.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

Although Crust has not been seen in action yet – it can be inferred that his quirk allows him to create hard stones for offensive purposes but also use it as a shield to defend himself.

He emerges in the manga lamenting over All Night’s retirement. It is possible that we’ll see him in action in the future. 

6 Rabbit Hero – Mirko

Rumi Usagiyama or Mirko is the fifth-ranked Pro-Hero according to the ranking and possibly the highest rank female amongst the Pro-Heroes.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

Rumi’s quirk gives her extreme leg strength  – a jump from the ground can cause it to be destroyed at a magnitude similar to an explosion.

Rumi is also able to hop over vast distances with incredible speed. Rumi has a muscular build that complements her powers. 

5 Ninja Hero – Edgeshot

Shinya Kamihara is positioned at 4th in the Pro-Hero rankings. He is the leader of The LurkersHis quirk is known as ‘Foldabody,’ which helps him stretch his body.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

He uses this ability to make fine strips that pierces his opponents. The rate of transformation by Edgeshot is faster than the speed of sound.

Recently, Shinya has developed a technique called ‘Ninpo: Thousand Sheet Pierce’, where he twists himself into pointed strings and cuts his adversaries.

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4 Fiber Hero – Best Jeanist

Tsunagu Hakamata, known as Best Jeanist, for winning the ‘Best Jeanist’ award for eight years back-to-back. He is one of the strongest Pro-Heroes and a famous fashion icon.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

Fiber Master, his quirk, allows him to manipulate any type of cloth. He usually deconstructs his clothes to threads that help restrain his enemies.

Since he’s clothed from head to toe, it gives him a significant source of material to weaponize. Best Jeanist proved his strength, especially when he was able to immobilize All for One. 

3 Gran Torino

Gran Torino, or Sorahiko Torino, may be retired, but he’s a powerful combatant if put in battle. His quirk is called Jet, which shoots air from the holes on his sole. This gives him incredible speed and ability to fly short distances.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

Gran Torino possesses a keen intelligence and is an excellent teacher – he mentors All Might and even Deku briefly.

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He’s able to defeat his opponents through technique – as seen when he defeats Dabi, Spinner, Magne, etc. with a single attack. Gran Torino is the one who devises a way to defeat All for One – once and for all. 

2 Winged Hero – Hawks

Hawks is the Pro-Hero #2 out there – yet to be seen in the anime. He possesses the quirk called ‘Fierce Wings’ which gives him a wide range of abilities.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

Along with flying, he’s able to manipulate his feathers to act like projectile weapons telekinetically. His flying skills are limited by stamina, yet his trump card lies in his speed.

He’s even able to pierce through two Nomus by extending his feathers like swords. Usually a volatile character – as second Pro-Hero, he’s come to a consensus on his responsibilities.

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1 Flame Hero – Endeavor

Enji Todoroki, known as Endeavor, takes up the position of No. 1 Pro Hero after All Might’s retirement. He holds the Quirk ‘HellFlame, ‘ which allows him to produce fire at will.

strongest heroes in my hero academia

Along with these abilities, he possesses superhuman strength and amazing deductive skills owing to his high intelligence. Due to this, he has the highest record of resolved cases in history.

About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It began serialization in July 2014 in the Weekly Shounen Jump released by Shueisha. It currently has 25 volumes in the tankobon format. 

The world of My Hero Academia is 80% filled with those born with quirks, i.e., superpowers. Yet 20% of the population was unable to ‘evolve’ in a similar way – such was the fate of Izuku’ Deku’ Midoriya, who discovered he was Quirkless.

Heartbroken and depressed, Deku almost gives up on his dream to become the number one hero like his idol All-Might until a particular disastrous event pushes him to take a heroic stand and sets his journey. 

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