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Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover of All Time, Ranked!

In a series with devils and elves, spirits and knights, magic and anti-magic, strong characters in Black Clover are not exactly scarce. 

Apart from insanely powerful non-human entities, you have equally strong humans with various skills and powers. They are sometimes aided by spirits or devils, but more often than not, Black Clover characters keep surpassing their limits with the help of their own will and determination.

I feel like adding every character from the Black Bull squad on this list, but I’m going to try and keep this as objective as possible. While the devils still take up top spots in terms of power, with the recent battles in the manga, many characters have risen beyond expectations.

Here are the top 20 strongest characters in Black Clover of all time, ranked!

20. Witch Queen

Species – Human

Grimoire – 3-leaf Clover

Magic – Blood Magic

When you think of the Queen of Witches, you automatically think of Vanessa, because of their relationship.

Even though Vanessa is Arcane Stage with Rouge’s power to change fate, the Witch Queen still comes higher because of her ancient knowledge, battle experience, ability to see the future, and fatal offensive spells.

Witch Queen's Blood Magic | 魔女の血の魔法 - Black Clover

Her Blood Magic is even more advanced than Vanica’s, and if she were to get serious and use all her mana, she could potentially be the most powerful female in BC.

19. Nozel Silva

Species – Human

Grimoire – 3-leaf Clover

Magic – Mercury Magic

Magic Captain of the Silver Eagles, Nozel Silva showed us how powerful he has become after the confrontation with the Dark Triad.

He destroyed Megicula’s body and exposed his heart. He saved Mereoleona after Lucifero’s attack and later managed to restrain Lucifero’s body with mercury.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Nozel Silva | Source: IMDb

Mercury is very adaptable and due to Nozel’s training, he has learned to use it freely for offense as well as defense. He can also use Reinforcement and Creation Magic. Yami says that Nozel’s magic is greater than his own.

Due to his strength, mettle, and character, Nozel is a contender for the Wizard King.

18. Fuegoleon Vermillion x Salamander

Species – Human

Grimoire – 3-leaf Clover

Magic – Fire Magic

Just above Nozel, is his rival, Fuegoleon, Magic Captain of the Crimson Lions.

Fuegy has the Fire Spirit by his side, this Spirit Magic really adds immense power to his inherent Fire attribute.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Fuegoleon Vermillion x Salamander | Source: Fandom

He uses these along with Creation Magic, Restraining Magic, and Reinforcement Magic to fight 3 Dark Disciples and a horde of devils all at once. He also helps stop one of Lucifero’s attacks from hurting the Resistance members.

Due to his strength, mettle, and character, Fuegoleon is a contender for the Wizard King.

17. Patolli/Patry

Species – Elf

Grimoire – 4-leaf Clover

Magic – Light Magic

Patolli, former bad guy and leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, has proven himself to be quite the asset to the Clover Kingdom.

Ignoring all his awesome displays of power while he was in William Vangeance’s body (including killing the Wizard King), Patolli’s new life in Licht’s body is doubly impressive.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Patolli | Source: Fandom

He teaches Noelle and the others Ultimate Magic after Vanica attacks the Heart Kingdom. He also works together with Langris to save William and fight Lucifero.

Along with his rare and powerful Light Magic, Patolli can use Healing, Creation, Union, and Reincarnation Magic.

We also know that he can access Demon Light Magic in his Dark Elf Form, which is faster than the already fastest Light Magic. Like Anti-Magic, Demon Light Magic can affect Underworld Magic, which makes it possibly one of the most coveted abilities in the series.

16. Noelle Silva x Undine

Species – Human

Grimoire – 3-leaf Clover

Magic – Water Magic

Guess who became more powerful that her bro? Noelle is now way stronger than Nozel, not just because of her non-stop training, but because the Water Spirit Undine decided to serve her.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Noelle Silva x Undine | Source: Fandom

Even before Undine, during the Elf Reincarnation Arc, Noelle’s whole Sea Goddess thing shows us how immense her levels of mana are. Her Valkyrie Armor borrows from one of her mother’s spells and enhances her offense, defense, and mobility.

Noelle’s battle and victory against Vanica is quite emotional. When Megicula emerges, she doesn’t back down either and eventually destroys his heart. Saint Stage Noelle is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

15. Mereoleona Vermillion

Species – Human

Grimoire – 3-leaf Clover

Magic – Fire Magic

I really think Mereoleona is more beast than human. I mean, even without Salamander, she is the most powerful Fire Mage alive. Just thinking back to her battle against the elves makes me wanna give her a standing ovation. It was a 1v5 for crying out loud!

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Mereoleona Vermillion | Source: Fandom

She’s one of the most proficient Mana Zone users, having taught greats like Yami himself. She’s literally a lioness, having defeated an ancient demon all on her own.

She stands up to Lucifero and refuses to back down, even punching him and later mocking him. One of my favorite characters of all time, honestly.

14. Nacht Faust + 4 Devils

Species – Human

Grimoire – Spade

Magic – Shadow Magic

Nacht emerged from the shadows already OP. I mean, 4 devils? Shadow Magic? Vice Captain of the Black Bulls? C’mon.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Nacht | Source: Fandom

He survived for years as a spy in the Spade Kingdom and has shown how endurant he is. Guy can access 4 different Unites, each with additional modes and abilities, through Gimodelo, Slotos, Plumede, and Walgner, his 4 pet devils.

The Captains' third Meeting / yuno revealed his royal identity | Black Clover

Nacht has battled the Dark Triad and used his powers to try and restrain the mega powerful Lucifero. He is also the one who pushed Asta and Liebe beyond their limits, who in turn could then Unite and chop Luci into pieces.

13. Lilith + Nahamah (Fused)

Species – Devil

Grimoire – Unknown

Magic – Demon Ice Magic + Demon Fire Magic

Fire and Ice i.e., Nahamah and Lilith: two of the highest-ranking devils connected to the Tree of Qliphoth, residing on the first level of the underworld.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Lilith + Nahamah | Source: Fandom

Lilith fuses Nahamah’s body into hers creating a hybrid with two-fold magic powers. Their combined attributes aren’t just scary in theory. They were able to take down Nacht and his 4 devils.

Their demon ice and fire can destroy tangible and intangible things including light and shadows. In their fused form, they complement one another to an extent that they become more powerful than the first devil we met – Zagred, who had Word Soul Magic.

12. William Vangeance

Species – Human

Grimoire – 3-leaf Clover

Magic – World Tree Magic

Anyone who is a BC fan knows the powerful role William plays in the series. From bring the Captain of the Golden Dawn, the most powerful squad among the Magic Knights, to being the host to the elf Patolli, to being the one of two people Lucifero needs to fuel the Tree of Qliphoth’s growth.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
William Vangeance | Source: Fandom

His World Tree Magic is so powerful and unique that you can’t really describe the full extent of what it can do. He can heal, bind, grab, puncture, absorb, create, and destroy with World Tree Magic and he’s the only one in the series known to possess it.

After Zenon kills half his squad, William’s Budding of Yggdrasil activates and heals all the members on the brink of death. His power extends beyond him.

We can also assume that William’s World Tree Magic works against the Devils like Yami’s Dark Magic, since we know his magic was needed for the Tree of Qliphoth.

11. Yuno Grinberryall x Sylph

Species – Human

Grimoire – 4-leaf Clover, Spade

Magic – Wind Magic, Star Magic

Where do I start with Yuno? 2 grimoires, 2 magical attributes, prince of the Spade Kingdom, vice-captain of the Golden Dawn, host to the elves Licht and Tetia’s son, served by the Wind Spirit. If there’s one person who deserves all his power boosts, it’s Yuno.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Yuno Grinberryall x Sylph | Source: Fandom

Yuno’s Spirit Magic is the most powerful we’ve seen, as he is able to reach a near 100% resonance with Belle/Sylph to attain Saint Stage. With this full Spirit Dive, Yuno goes toe-to-toe with Zenon in 100% of his devil power.

With Yuno’s second grimoire, he is able to actively attack Zenon and counter his spatial magic by manipulating the stars.

With Saint Spirit of Zephyr Yuno slices through Zenon and his heart, defeating him.

Since Yuno hosts the elf-human hybrid, he has dual mana attribute affinity and can, with time, become one of the strongest characters in the series.

10. Yami Sukehiro

Species – Human

Grimoire – 3-leaf Clover

Magic – Dark Magic

Our favorite Captain pushes off the list at #10. Yami is one of those characters who entered the show powerful, but has only grown mightier since. He is constantly surpassing his limits like his protégé, Asta.

Yami could take on Licht at full power early on. He uses Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox to slice the devil Zagred in half. He is able to defeat Captain Dorothy and shatter her Glamour World, which is actually a huge feat.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Yami Sukehiro | Source: Fandom

Yami fights Dante and despite being heavily injured, deals some blows on the Demon King, Lucifero. None of the other Captains were able to do this, not even Mereoleona.

Yami is a master swordsman and also possesses the ability of sensing Ki, which gives him a sixth sense to perceive things others can’t. Additionally, after the Qliphoth Advent Ritual, Yami gets a modified body structure comparable to Asta’s devil-possession. He is literally overflowing with magic and is a legend and I will fight whoever disagrees.

9. Zenon x Beelzebub

Species – Human

Grimoire – Spade

Magic – Bone Magic, Spatial Magic

Zenon was the youngest and most bearable of the Dark Triad, host to the devil Beelzebub. His magical attribute was Bone Magic, which, even without the enhanced power of the devil, is extremely lethal.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Zenon x Beelzebub | Source: Fandom

Beelzebub’s Spatial Magic was no joke and Zenon could access and use it to manipulate space. He could also negate any mana in the space that he controlled.

With just 55% of his Devil Union, he could effortlessly “kill” Yuno in Spirit Dive. Later, in 100% Union, he fights a 100% spirit-assimilated Yuno and Langris.

8. Dante x Lucifero

Species – Human

Grimoire – Spade

Magic – Body Magic, Gravity Magic

Dante is the second Zogratis sibling, host to the all-powerful devil, Lucifero.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Dante x Lucifero | Source: Fandom

Dante’s most impressive skill is his insane magic. He’s able to manipulate bodies and regenerating and multiplying muscles, tissues, and limbs at will.

Dante defies human limits with the help of Lucifero, who grants him control over gravity. At 60% power, Dante could totally negate Vanessa’s Red Thread of Fate; at 80%, he can bust mountains with Gravity Singularity.

7. Adrammelech

Species – Devil

Grimoire – Unknown

Magic – Unknown

Adrammelech is a real cool cat. We don’t know much about him but of whatever we’ve seen of this highest-ranking devil, he ain’t afraid to defy orders from Luci, the literal King of Devils.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Adrammelech | Source: Fandom

Adrammelech might be a second-level underworld resident, but he has no qualms about tearing out Lucifero’s heart after his defeat.

We know he’s working for the fourth Zogratis brother, and we know he was able to easily manouever through Luci’s Gravity Magic. I can’t wait to see how powerful he really is.

6. Asta x Liebe

Species – Human

Grimoire – 5-leaf Clover

Magic – Anti-Magic

This pair of oddballs defies all power structure. They are the exception to the rule, the unique duo who will surpass even the strongest enemy on sheer will.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Asta x Liebe | Source: IMDb

Asta’s magic is in never giving up. Liebe is the perfect companion, a rebel-devil, not as powerful as other devils, but possesses Anti-magic which can nullify every other magic, including that of devils.

Asta and Liebe’s Unite, which lasts for no more than 5 minutes, enhances their Anti-magic to an extent that they could even overcome Lucifero’s Gravity Singularity.

Additionally, Asta’s insane training, his ki, his raw power, and his swordsmanship is enough to give him a high spot in any power-ranking list. Asta possesses Licht’s old grimoire, and his swords, and with Liebe’s magic, can imbue them with Anti-magic.

Asta and Liebe Became Friends | Black Clover

Asta becomes an Arcane Stage mage due to his control over Anti-magic and its existence due to Liebe in the first place.

5. Julius Novachrono

Species – Human

Grimoire – Coverless Grimoire

Magic – Time Magic

The 28th Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom, former Captain of the Grey Deer squad, Julius Novachrono is a magical prodigy.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Julius Novachrono | Source: Fandom

Everyone knows how OP time control is. Julius can speed up, slow down, reverse, and stop time itself. He has the power to heal himself and other by reversing the flow of time, and can also trap opponents in a time loop, including elves.

Julius uses time manipulation to age himself forward or backward in time, and can turn into other forms and humans with the help of transformation magic.

Julius’s biggest flex is his ability to steal and store time, using it whenever he desires. When he was killed by Patolli, he had 13 years-worth of time  saved up.

4. Lucius x Astaroth

Species – Human

Grimoire – Spade (Overlapping dual spades)

Magic – Time Magic

Lucius was recently revealed as the eldest of the four Zogratis siblings, and possibly the most powerful. He hosts the devil, Astaroth, and unlike Dante and Vanica, he has a great aptitude for it.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Lucius | Source: Fandom

We have to assume that due to the long and winded plot of staying hidden all this while inside Julius, Lucius and Astaroth have more power than what we saw with Dante and Lucifero.

But since we don’t know much about Lucius, it’s fair to put him one rank above Julius, for being able to trick him all this time. Lucius has all the powers that Julius possesses, and more, due to the devil inside him.

3. Beelzebub

Species – Devil

Grimoire – Unknown

Magic – Spatial Magic

One of the 3 rulers of the Underworld, Beelzebub was hosted by Zenon Zogratis of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Beelzebub | Source: Fandom

Beelzebub’s magic obliterated the base of the Golden Dawn, the most powerful squad in the Clover Kingdom, defeating the likes of William Vangeance and the spirit-possessed Yuno Grinberryall.

Spatial Magic is amazing in itself, but when wielded by a devil, it’s something else. Beelzebub creates spatial blocks to trap and cancel mana within them.

2. Astaroth

Species – Devil

Grimoire – Unknown

Magic – Time Magic

Again, we don’t know too much about the devil Astaroth, but we can rightfully deduce that he is one of the most powerful creatures in the series.

Originally one of the 3 rulers of the Underworld along with Beelzebub and Lucifero, Astaroth mysteriously disappeared, leaving his place to be filled in by Megicula.

Astaroth is the devil of time, so naturally, his Time Magic is the most powerful we’ve seen. He has been the one manipulating the events throughout the series, since the very start, tricking the Magic Emperor himself, and all those around him.

For now, since we don’t know the full extent of his magic, he comes on #2 and not #1.

1. Lucifero

Species – Devil

Grimoire – Unknown

Magic – Gravity Magic

Demon King Lucifero, the King of the Underworld is the strongest character in Black Clover. He is the topmost devil on the Tree of Qliphoth, has the ability to manipulate gravity, warp spacetime, tear apart any kind of magic, and potentially destroy all of reality itself.

Top 20 Strongest Characters in Black Clover
Lucifero | Source: Fandom

I know some of you will argue that Astaroth is stronger because he’s the final villain. Actually, no. Lucius is the final villain but if you were to do a 1 v 1 between Lucifero and Astaroth, the former would win. Simply because of the Laws of Physics – gravity can warp space and time.

Lucifero’s magic even affects intangible concepts like dreams. He beat the most powerful mages like Yami, Mereoeona, and Nacht. He can fly and also transform his wings into extra arms, take control of other devils, and absorb their power to manifest as his own.

Even in his half-form, Lucifero’s speed, durability, strength, and magic, is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Eventually, Asta and Liebe defeat Lucifero, but Adrammelech pulls out his heart before it can be destroyed, which means he is still alive.

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The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in; and his foster brother Yuno who received the rare four-leaf grimoire and has more magic power than most people! With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to become the next Wizard King.

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Yami is underrated, julius is overrated, nacht is overrated. First quickly on nacht, it is stated many times throughout the series that many low ranking devils is much weaker than a high ranking devil. This is proven by the fact that nacht attempts to aquire a weaker high ranking devil and gets shit on. The dark triad all have strong high ranking devils so they should be much stronger than nacht. Then on julius and yami, julius is much weaker than zagred as patolli was able to swap with julius, but a much stronger and more bloodlusted patolli was not even close to being able to swap with zagred. Also we know that zagred is much weaker than 80 percent dante, but yami was about equal to 60 percent dante, so post timeskip, yami is much stronger than zagred, so he sort of has to be stronger than julius by default.

Made an accounts just for this, you my guy, are very wrong about Julius. First of all Patolli was more stupid in his fight with Zagred, it wasn’t calculated like it was with Julius, it just happened randomly and he knew nothing about the devil, second Julius had to use a lot of mana and time to deal with Patolli trying to hurt civilians and third it is known that Julius held back during that fight because he didn’t want to hurt William’s body so he was limited to trying to restrain him, pretty sure he could’ve wiped the floor with him under different circumstances.

Julius is op af don’t disrespect him like that

None of what you jut said means that julius is stronger than zagred tho. Ofc Julius would have won, but the fact that patolli couldnt touch zagred means that zagred would have won by more. Also Zagred was winning against first wiz king and Licht combined so if you wanna say that Julius is that strong you kinda have to prove that he is stronger then first wiz king and licht combined. Obviously Julius is strong but hes not as strong as zagred and therefore no where near as strong as post timeskip yami.

Opera Codrut – YES! I absolutely agree with what you just said, Patolli doesn’t stand a chance against Julius! NOPE.

Dylan – Yes, I do think Yami is a little far down the list than he should be but I stand by everything else I wrote. I will surely upgrade Yami – also as far as Zenon vs Nacht is concerned, I need more data on his devil to rank him properly. So far, the only thing we know is that Zenon’s devil is the spatial devil who’s one of the top three along with Dante’s Lucifero. We’re yet to see the big bad boss though (the time devil).

Imaging Julius having the time devil LOL

Yeah, he’s damn strong. The new list will be out in a week. I’m waiting to see how Asta and Liebe “react” in the current situation now that they are out of the Devil Union mode.

ahora mismo con respecto al manga creo que la lista cambio muy drásticamente y creo que se sobre estimo a julius y a natch

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