Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked

On the surface, it seems like wind powers aren’t that impressive. What harm can a little gust of wind do, right? Well, in truth, wind manipulation is very well on par with the other elemental powers.

Don’t believe me? Anime logic aside, even in real life, tornadoes and storms are notorious for causing devastating damage.

Fire might be able to burn down seemingly everything in its path, but a wind sharp and strong enough can cut anything in its way to shreds and pieces.

Despite each anime having its own unique power system, wind users are present in nearly every one of them. I have to admit, narrowing down the list to just fifteen was quite the challenge.

Here are 15 of the all-time strongest wind users in anime:

15. Mimi (D.Gray-man)

Of all the Akuma Allen and the Black Order have encountered, Mimi, LuluBell’s ever-devoted servant, has stood out the most.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Mimi | Source: Fandom
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Mimi might look like just an ordinary adorable maid but is anything but.

Like many Akuma, Mimi too obtained specialized abilities and elemental powers upon reaching Level 2 from the evolution of the Dark Matter used to create her. Mimi’s elemental powers happened to be wind.

Unlike most Akuma, the demon maid is the only Level 3 Akuma to possess three forms– her human form, her dragon form, and an intermediate form, all of which are just as intimidating. Mimi’s second Akuma form, a huge robotic dragon, lets her manipulate wind using her wings and is quite a terrifying sight.

Even so, I’m afraid as cute as she is, Mimi’s powers don’t hold a candle to some of the others on this list.

14. Negi Springfield aka The Thousand Master (Mahou Sensei Negima!)

In a world where magic is akin to science and spells are more like complicated rituals rather than simple magic words, young Negi is a prodigy right from the get-go.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Negi Springfield | Source: Fandom
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Despite being only ten years old, Negi is immensely strong and intelligent and a very talented martial artist, swordsman, and spell-caster. It’s no surprise he surpasses his father, Nagi, earning the same title as him by the end of the series.

Negi has a particularly strong affinity for wind and lightning magic. His wind magic grants him increased speed and agility, which lets him leave most of his opponents in the dust.

Negi’s best attack, Jupiter’s Lightning Storm, is a mixture of wind and lightning magic that creates a wind vortex teeming with crackling lightning. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this one!

13. Fuu Hououji The Wind Knight (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Fuu Hououji, the calm intellectual of the Magic Knight trio, is not only an excellent strategist but also a skilled wind magic-user.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Fuu Hououji | Source: Fandom
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Upon being transported to the magical realm of Cephiro, Fuu, Hikaru, and Umi were granted powers by the Master Mage Clef, whose spell awakened the dormant magic in them. The trio later awakened the three Rune Gods, giving them a more significant power buff.

Fuu uses her magic primarily to heal, create defensive barriers, and immobilize enemies, making her magic primarily defensive in nature.

Even so, Fuu does have an impressive attack spell or two up her sleeve. Fuu’s strongest attack, Emerald Cyclone, creates gusts of wind nearly as sharp as blades. For a fourteen-year-old, Fuu Hououji is intimidating, to say the least.

12. Grandmaster Howzer (Seven Deadly Sins)

Yes, you read that right. Howzer, one of our favorite Great Holy Knights, was appointed as the Grandmaster of the Holy Knights in Season 4.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Grandmaster Howzer | Source: Fandom
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As befits the reputation of a Great Holy Knight, Howzer is anything but weak. Like many in the Seven Deadly Sins universe, Howzer possesses an ability– a magical power whose source is said to be the user’s beliefs, will, and experience.

Howzer’s ability, Tempest, allows him to create lethal whirlwinds and vortexes of air whose magnitude can rival actual tornadoes.

His signature move Rising Tornado, can tear an opponent’s limbs off or send them flying, while Super Cyclone can even suffocate an opponent trapped in it.

Although his ability might pale in comparison to his fellow knight and rival Gilthunder, Howzer still has accomplished several impressive feats earning him a well-deserved spot on this list.

11. Margaret Mitchell (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Margaret Mitchell is a member of the mysterious organization known as the Guild– a North American secret society of Ability users. All Guild members possess exceptional Abilities, and Margaret Mitchell is no exception.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Margaret Mitchell | Source: Fandom
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Abilities are special powers held by a select few across the world of Bungo Stray Dogs. These special powers are said to be powered by the user’s will and soul.

Margaret’s Ability, Gone With The Wind, is quite different from other wind users in the sense that it allows her to weather matter using her winds– even human beings if her threats to mummify people are to be taken seriously.

Although her winds might not be razor-sharp and lack the same raw power as other wind users, Margaret’s ability is still highly destructive in its own right and not to be taken lightly.

10. Kagura (Inuyasha)

I am the wind. One day, I shall be free!

Kagura is a wind sorceress created using Naraku’s flesh, making her Naraku’s second incarnation. Being a yokai, Kagura gets her powers from yōki, the demonic energy which is the source of every demon’s powers in Inuyasha.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Kagura | Source: Fandom
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Kagura’s ability to manipulate wind relies on her using a fan, much like Temari from Naruto.

Long-range and airborne attacks are rendered useless against Kagura, whose versatile offense is just as strong in close quarters and long-range combat. Using her fan, Kagura can summon strong gusts of wind, multiple tornadoes, and crescent-shaped wind-blades that can pierce nearly anything.

Kagura’s strongest attack, Dance of the Dragon, summons several tornadoes capable of flinging her opponents into the air, ripping them to pieces.

Unlike other wind users, Kagura also has the eerie ability to reanimate and control corpses like puppets with a simple wave from her fan.

9. Inasa Yoarashi aka Gale Force (My Hero Academia)

The world of My Hero Academia centers around quirks– superhuman abilities held by many that range from basic elemental powers to ones beyond your wildest imagination.

Inasa Yoarashi | Source: Fandom
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Inasa Yoarashi possesses the quirk Whirlwind, which allows him to generate and control powerful gusts of wind and tornadoes. He uses his quirk for a multitude of things, be it offense, defense, transportation, or rescue missions.

Inasa Yoarashi’s Power - Boku No Hero Academia (1080p)
Inasa Yoarashi’s Power

Yoarashi has also displayed impressive fine control over his quirk during the Provisional Hero License Exam. He was able to control multiple whirlwinds simultaneously to move debris and transport people.

It comes as no surprise that the intense Shiketsu High first-year was also the top candidate to be admitted through recommendations to U.A. before he withdrew his application.

8. Kazuma Yagami the Grim Reaper (Kaze no Stigma)

The power system of Kaze no Stigma revolves around the different magical arts of fire, water, wind, and earth, and the spirit arts, which can also be split into four different elements. Kazuma, in particular, excels in the wind arts or Fūjutsu.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Kazuma Yagami | Source: Fandom
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After being scorned and banished by his father, Kazuma, the heir of the Kannagi family, returned four years later as a master wind-manipulator, having made a contract with the Spirit King of the Wind.

Much like other wind users, Kazuma can create sharp blade-like gusts of wind, tornadoes, wind barriers, and flight. But that’s where the similarities stop. Kazuma has the unique ability to create a barrier that grants him invisibility. He can also redirect an opponent’s attacks and track them by sensing their physical and spiritual energy.

Kazuma can invoke his contract at any point, which amplifies his powers by drawing upon all wind spirits in the atmosphere and grants him the ability to heal his injuries. Kazuma is at his strongest in this situation and no less than an invincible force of nature.

7. Wamuu (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The world of JJBA and the unique powers that exist within it have a couple of energy sources like the Ripple, Stands, and Spin. Pillar Men like Wamuu, however, stand apart from the rest since their powers originate from their ability to freely control and physically morph and alter their bodies.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Wamuu | Source: Fandom
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Other than being Joseph’s rival, Wammu is also a skilled wind user. Using what he calls Wind Mode, Wammu can create razor-sharp winds, which he blows out of his own body. He can also create massive, destructive windstorms merely by spinning his forearms.

By coating himself in a Wind Suit, Wammu can render himself invisible(and protect himself from the sun!), allowing him to take his opponents by surprise. Wammu can also compress large amounts of air in his lungs, which he then releases like a razor-sharp blade through his horn.

The Pillar Man warrior also possesses a love for combat, superhuman strength, and his signature characteristic, his fighting genius.

6. Jin (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Don’t get all big-eyed. Any attack has to travel through air to get to me, right? I control the air, so you might as well hand ’em over and say, ‘Do whatever ya’ want with ’em, Jin!’

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Jin | Source: Fandom
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Like the rest of the Shinobi of Spirit World, Jin too possesses elemental powers, his being air and wind manipulation. Like many yokai, Jin’s abilities are powered by Demon Energy– one of the multiple types of energy in Yu Yu Hakusho.

The up-beat yokai primarily uses his wind manipulation powers to reinforce his punches with tornadoes, making him a deadly melee opponent. One of Jin’s strongest attacks, Tornado Fist Explosion, was powerful enough to temporarily knock out even one of the most powerful S-Class demons.

Jin can also create wind barriers and is capable of flight at wind speed. By the Makai Tournament, he also perfects more versatile, long-range attacks.

5. Danzo The Shinobi Of Darkness (Naruto Shippuden)

Shinobi in the world of Naruto utilize chakra– a type of spiritual and physical energy akin to lifeforce and manipulate it using methods like hand seals to perform jutsus. The nature of one’s chakra can be molded to take the form of various elements, such as wind.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Danzo | Source: Fandom
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The Third Hokage’s biggest rival, Danzo, is easily a Kage-level shinobi himself who has mastered Wind Release.

Danzo’s most noteworthy attacks include shooting stone-piercing wind bullets and his ability to augment simple kunai and shuriken with wind-infused chakra to create lethal weapons.

Danzo can also summon Baku, a beast fabled to devour dreams and nightmares. Baku’s suction ability compliments and amplifies Danzo’s Wind Release, even allowing him to break through Sasuke’s Susanoo with a single hit.

4. Naruto Uzumaki The Hero Of The Hidden Leaf (Naruto Shippuden)

The only thing that can keep a fire from dying and give it more power is wind.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Naruto | Source: Fandom
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Naruto Uzumaki may not be known foremost for his wind-style jutsus. Even so, his natural affinity for Wind Release is impossible to ignore. The Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken are two of Naruto’s signature wind-style attacks and are each impressive in their own right.

Naruto Vs Kakuzu

While the Rasengan is nothing to scoff at, its counterpart– the Rasenshuriken, an attack Naruto himself invented– can pierce every cell in the body, causing irreparable damage to the opponent’s ability to use chakra. Once the attack detonates, the opponent is barraged by numerous microscopic wind-blades that not even the Sharingan can count.

When it comes to pure destructive power, Naruto’s Wind Release takes the cake. While in Kurama Mode, Naruto has the ability to cause large-scale devastation with his Tailed-Beast Planetary Rasenshuriken– arguably his strongest attack. Supported by his shadow clones, Naruto has used both the Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken multiple times in a short span of time.

3. Sherria Blendy (Fairy Tail)

The power system in Fairy Tail is driven by the simple phenomenon of magic power. Magic itself is composed of particles called Ethernano, of which every wizard has different, refillable reserves, determining the extent of their magical powers.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Sherria Blendy | Source: Fandom
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Sherria Blendy is the last wizard you’d want to underestimate despite her pink hair and adorable appearance. The Lamia Scale wizard possesses Sky God-Slayer magic nearly on par with her rival-turned-friend Wendy Marvell.

Sherria’s attacks primarily consist of whirlwinds and black currents of air. She can also use a breath attack similar to Dragon Slayer magic, replenish her magic by eating air, heal herself and others, and coat her kicks and punches with her magic.

Sherria’s strongest attack, Heavenly Gathering of Clouds, shoots a massive, serpentine, spiraling current of black wind and feathers towards her opponent.

As the name of her magic implies, Sherria’s magic, if honed, has the potential to defeat a god. After unlocking her Third Origin, Sherria defeated Dimaria, a member of the Spriggan 12, and the vessel of Chronos, the God of Time.

2. Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)

My job is to support everyone but… when I have to fight… I become the Sky Dragon!

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Wendy Marvell | Source: Fandom
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Wendy Marvell possesses Sky Dragon Slayer Magic which allows her to eat air, heal others’ injuries and attack with wind attacks that mimic an actual dragon’s.

The unassuming Dragon-slayer’s attacks are versatile, much like other Dragon-slayers in the series. Her attacks include wind slices that mimic talon slashes, a breath attack similar to a dragon roar, and a barrage of crisscrossing wind slashes that mimic a wing attack.

One of Wendy’s strongest attacks, Shattering Light: Sky Drill, traps her opponent in a wind barrier before knocking them off their feet with a massive pillar of glowing wind.

After attaining Dragon Force, Wendy’s speed and reflexes skyrocketed, and she was able to single-handedly defeat Ezel, one of the Nine Demon Gates of Zeref. During the fight, the Fairy Tail wizard was able to fill the entire cavern with whirlwinds and even managed to shatter one of Ezel’s blades with her wind magic alone.

1. Yuno (Black Clover)

Yuno is the strongest anime wind user. He possesses immense magic power and was a skilled mage even before receiving a grimoire. Yuno is proficient at offense, defense, and support, with a wide range of spells at his disposal. He also has a contract with Sylph, the Wind Spirit, who further increases his magical capabilities.

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Yuno | Source: Black Clover
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Magic powers in Black Clover are fueled by Mana which exists in nature and within people which can be used to cast spells. Mana within mages takes the form of a specific element or some derivative of the four major elements and is known as a magical attribute.

Yuno’s magic takes the form of wind and is incredibly versatile. Besides tornadoes and whirlwinds of different sizes, he can also create large wind arrows, a giant wind trident, a crescent-shaped wind-blade, a wind-hawk, and a shower of knife-like wind-blades.

He can also use whirlwinds to transport himself and others, reinforce his body with wind magic, using Mana Skin and manipulate all the Mana around him using Mana Zone.

Once he assimilates with Sylph, Yuno gains the ability to use even large, mana-concentrated attacks and the ability to sense and evade light-speed attacks.

Honorary Mentions:

Monkey D. Dragon (One Piece)

Even though Dragon’s strength has only been implied, this list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the ‘World’s Worst Criminal.’ 

Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked
Monkey D. Dragon | Source: Fandom
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The head of the revolutionaries, Monkey D. Dragon, is quite an enigma even nearly 1000 episodes into the series. Although he hasn’t revealed the true extent of his powers just yet, it’s evident from his few cameos that the man is anything but weak.

Powers in One Piece are driven primarily by two factors: Devil Fruits– which each give you a unique power upon eating them in exchange for taking away your ability to swim, and Haki– the newly introduced power fueled by one’s spiritual energy. Haki can be used to sense and predict an opponent’s actions, reinforce one’s body with an armor of spiritual energy, and even impose one’s will on others.

Fans have speculated Dragon could possess a wind or storm devil-fruit based on how his winds nearly swept away all of Loguetown and the flash of lightning that saved Luffy at the time.


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