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Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!

The anime as well as the manga of Hunter x Hunter has introduced some really memorable characters over the years – hunters and creatures alike.

Recently, we’ve seen the entry of some mega-strong characters that has shifted the entire power listing game.

So, while we’re still waiting for a new season and the next chapter, here’s a list of the top 15 strongest Hunter x Hunter characters, dead and alive, ranked!

P.S.: The rankings are based on a combination of strength, Nen abilities, intelligence, feats, foreshadowing, and hype.

15. Feitan Portor

Feitan is the strongest of the Phantom Troupe after Chrollo Lucilfer. He has incredible strength and stamina, but his speed is what sets him apart from the other Phantoms.

In the Chimera Ant arc, Feitan goes against the scorpion-based Chimera, Zazan, and is able to dodge all her attacks, despite not being on top of his game.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Feitan Portor | Source: Fandom

When he defeats her, he becomes the leader of the Troupe until Lucilfer is comes back to resume his position.

Let’s talk about Feitan’s trump cards: his Rising Sun and Pain Packer abilities. Feitan is a Nen master, who also loves destruction and torture. This combines together well in the form of Pain Packer, that can torture his opponent unto death.

Rising Sun is a form of Pain Packer, where Feitan is able to transmute his aura into a mini-sun. The heat causes large-scale destruction and would have killed all the other Troupe members had they stayed until he fully activated it.

14. Illumi Zoldyck

Silva’s first-born, Illumi, is a member of the Phantom Troupe, and also has a Hunter license. He is almost as strong as Hisoka (for now – we need to see more of his abilities) and has an extraordinary control of his body; he seldom has any expression and prefers to conceal his powers.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Illumi Zoldyck | Source: Fandom

Illumi’s choice of weapons are 3 sets of needles that can be imbued with Nen. The first set allows him to alter appearances, the second lets him brainwash enemies when implanted in their head, and the third permits Illumi to control and manipulate targets.

He was able to put his brother, Killua, under a hypnotic spell, that was undetected by even Biscuit Krueger and Netero himself.

His Manipulation-type Nen abilities can also make Illumi the puppet master of a self-created army. These Needle People, as he calls them, are forced to do his bidding, no matter whether they’re dead or alive.

13. Hisoka Morow

Hisoka might play the clown but he’s as dangerous as they come. He’s the third strongest member of the Phantom Troupe and a Floor Master in Heaven Arena.

He calls himself the Magician, and brandishes multiple lethal tricks with his Nen-infused playing cards. These cards are sharp enough to slice bone.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Hisoka Morow | Source: Fandom

His main ability is his Transmutation-type Nen, Bungee Gum, that makes his aura incredibly elastic. This grants him not just super flexibility, as with gum, but also durability, like rubber, making it excellent for offensive as well as defensive moves.

Hisoka vs Chrollo | Hunter x Hunter (1999)
Hisoka vs Chrollo | Hunter x Hunter (1999)

The Gum was resilient enough to absorb a ball thrown by Gon, and adhesive enough to pull opponents toward himself. He uses Shu for direct attacks and can ensnare targets to restrain characters as strong as Machi.

Post-revival, Hisoka gains a massive aura boost due to Post-Mortem Nen and is able to automatically command his Bungee Gum.

12. Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger, aka Bisky, is a Double-Star Stone Hunter, with enhanced strength, perception, speed, and reflexes. She is strong enough to defeat the Bomber, Bara, and emerge from a hand-to-hand combat with Killua absolutely unscathed.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Biscuit Krueger | Source: Fandom

My favorite thing about Bisky is that even though she’s really an awesomely muscular hunk, she can transmute herself into a sweet looking young girl. This disguise is often her trump card during battle.

She is accomplished and experienced enough to be Gon and Killua’s teacher during the Green Island arc.

When it comes to Nen, Bisky is a Transmuter who can also combine Emission, Conjuration, Manipulation, and Enhancement techniques with Transmutation. She uses lotion transmuted with Nen to regenerate muscles and revitalize the body.

With Piano Massage, she can accelerate aura restoration – Gon and Killua are able to restore one year of aura in a single month.

11. Razor

Razor is a Game Master of Greed Island, the menacing video game for Nen-using Hunters. He can banish players that illegally enter the game using a special Eliminate card.

Razor is respected by Ging and the Spiders. He was powerful enough to crush Hisoka’s fingers and render his Bungee Gum useless by aiming a volleyball through it. He never misses his targets, with Nen-emitted balls or actual ones.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Razor | Source: Fandom

Since Razor is an Emitter, he can also enhance his balls with Nen and amplify the force with which they hit the target. He also has a spike, which once destroyed the Troupe’s boat with a single throw.

The impact is so intense that it took Gon, Killua, and Hisoka together to catch the spike.

Along with being a powerful hurler, Razor can create 8 demonic beings from his Nen, which he calls his “devils.” The devils can fuse together to form doubly strong creatures that can redirect and help Razor hit his aim.

The down-side of this is that he can’t use his full output singularly, because it is dispersed among the devils.

10. Chrollo Lucilfer and Silva Zoldyck

Chrollo Lucifer is incredibly strong, especially in the manga. It took Zeno and Silva to fight him together to defeat him. He is head of the Phantom Troupe and is an exceptionally talented fighter.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Chrollo Lucilfer and Silva Zoldyck | Source: Fandom

With enough prep, Chrollo can be the best asset to any team because of his strategic thinking during combat. I’d even go so far as to say that he’s one of the best human Nen users in the series. He can steal other Nen abilities and use them as his own. Come on.

Some people believe that Chrollo is stronger than Silva, but I rank them equally. Silva is the current head of one of the most feared families in the world – the Zoldyks. He is Zeno’s only son, and the father of Killua.

Silva killed a member of the Phantom Troupe and is an outstanding assassin trained to kill human opponents. He has enhanced durability and can resist Chrollo’s poison attacks.

Silva’s Explosive Orbs are basically 2 active bombs that he can hurl that can level buildings.

9. Zeno Zoldyck

It only makes sense to have Silva’s dad rank above him. Zeno’s assassination skills are recognized even by Netero. He was hired by Netero to attack the Chimera Ant base, and this is where we see what Zeno’s Nen is really capable of.

Zeno can transmute his aura into a dragon, emit it as a projectile, or simply use it for transport. He used it once to transport Meruem and Netero, and also was able to take Pitou by surprise.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Zeno Vs Chrollo | Source: Fandom

Zeno is stronger than Chrollo Lucilfer – Chrollo himself admits that stopping a single attack from Zeno would require all his Nen ability.

Chrollo vs Silva and Zeno Zoldyck | HunterxHunter Eng Sub HD
Chrollo vs Silva and Zeno Zoldyck | HunterxHunter Eng Sub HD

Zeno also trumps most other characters because of his age and knowledge of Nen. He has excellent skill, specially in Gyo and En.

8. Botobai Gigante and Kurapika (ET Mode)

Next, we have 2 beasts, Botobai and Kurapika in Emperor Time mode. Botobai is a Triple-Star Terrorist Hunter and the senior-most member of the Zodiacs, going by the codename “Dragon.”

Being right below the authority of Cheadle in the Hunter Association, Botobai surpasses everyone when it comes to hunting knowledge and assets. However, his full set of abilities and Nen is unknown, but it is said that he is as strong as Netero.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Botobai Gigante and Kurapika | Source: Fandom

Kurapika in ET has master Enhancer stats with his Zetsu chain work. But his chain jail is only really effective against the Spiders, and being in ET mode for even a second cuts an hour off his lifespan.  

Still, his Judgment Chain gets an insane aura boost with ET, so does his speed and physical strength. The most awesome thing is that Kurapika becomes a Specialist in ET, with control over ever category of Nen.

7. Mereum’s Royal Guard

Mereum’s Royal Guard consisted of 3 crazy-powered Chimera Ants: Neferpitou, Shaiapouf, and Menthuthuyoupi.

Pouf mostly relied on tactical skill and was able to knock Morel down with a surprise kick. He was strong enough to survive a tail-whip from Meruem.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Mereum’s Royal Guard | Source: Fandom

Colt once remarked that Pouf was strong enough to defeat Netero. His special feature was that he could gift others with Nen.

Slightly higher in power, was Youpi, who was an actual Nen-enhanced tank. His Nen used his rage as fuel to form Rage Incarnate, a devilish centaur-like creature that can deflect almost any attack.

The strongest out of the Royal Guards, and the most devoted to King, was Pitou. They even made Netero wonder whether they could be stronger than him.

Pitou could survive uninjured from Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva attack, and also kill Kite, who was a Pro Hunter. Pitou could even withstand Adult-Gon’s Jajanken: Rock attack.

6. Isaac Netero

If Netero is on #6, you can only imagine the power of the top 5. In his prime, he was the world’s strongest Nen user. He was the Chairman of the Hunter Association and the most powerful hunter at the time.

Although he did lose to Meruem, he managed to damage the body of the Chimera Ant King, a feat no many can boast of even today.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Isaac Netero | Source: Fandom

Netero’s Nen aura and abilities like the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, Ninety-Ninth Hand, and the Zero Hand could unleash unfathomable power.

The Bodhisattva gave him an access to an infinite choice of attacks that could be executed at a speed too fast for human eyesight.

Hunter x Hunter - Netero vs Jed (Nen vs On)! [60FPS]
Hunter x Hunter – Netero vs Jed (Nen vs On)! [60FPS]

With the Zero Hand, all of Netero’s aura was concentrated into a supreme beam of light that could consume everything.

Additionally, Netero was the only Hunter to have survived 2 trips to the Dark Continent, a place with a 0.04% survival rate.

5. Ging Freecss

Ging is the father of Gon. He is a Double-Star Ruins Hunter and a former Zodiac with the codename “Boar.”

Ging is one of the most enigmatic characters in the series, and his strength is mostly based on hype. He is the main creator of Greed Island, and is bound to have extremely powerful Nen.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Ging Freecss | Source: Fandom

Netero tells Bisky that Ging is one of the 5 best Nen-users in the world.

Ging is a genius and has the ability to manipulate people he doesn’t even know. We see this when he manipulates Leorio to soil Pariston’s victory. He is also a polyglot and a professor at Varvard University.

Speaking of Leorio, Ging is able to copy his Nen ability – the Remote Punch – and make it his own. We don’t know much about his Nen, but perhaps he can replicate other’s Nen? Or possibly this is just a natural ability that he has, on account of him being super intelligent.

4. Maha Zoldyck

Literally nothing is known about Maha Zoldyck other than the fact that he is the oldest living member of the Zoldyck family, and that he once fought Netero.

By deduction, Maha is probably the oldest guy in the series (apart from Don); he would probably be one of the strongest in his prime, making him at least more powerful as Netero.
Maha Zoldyck | Source: Fandom

Netero was praised for having survived a battle with Maha, and this was young-Netero.

Now, Netero was considered the strongest Nen-user and Hunter in the world; does this set Maha a level apart? He could even be more powerful than Meruem. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

3. Adult Gon Freecss

In order to defeat Neferpitou after they kill Kite, Gon sacrifices his age and innate abilities in exchange of power enough to single-handedly defeat them.

He basically grows to an age where he is in his absolute prime, his physical strength, aura, and Nen, at their max.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Gon Freecss | Source: Fandom

Adult Gon’s first Jajanken swats Neferpitou up the side of a hill and causes them to lose consciousness. With a few more attacks, he manages to kill them.

But this transformation into adult form comes with a price: he simply goes back to “normal” – without being able to utilize his aura or Nen. It also took away a large portion of his lifespan.

Pitou said that this adult version of Gon might even be a threat to Meruem himself. By this we can surmise that Adult Gon Freecss is the strongest Hunter/person in the Hunter x Hunter series – although if and when Adult Gon ever comes back is yet to be seen.

2. Mereum

Meruem was already the most powerful character in the series when he was born. He had a sponge-like learning ability, unparalleled intellect, and unbounded physical prowess. He was the ultimate biological weapon.

Meruem was undefeated in battle. He was able withstand Netero’s Zero Hand without damage and managed to push back two of the hands of Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Top 15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time, Ranked!
Meruem | Source: Fandom

He fed on aura and thus had an infinite supply of it. After consuming Pouf and Youpi, his aura became such that Knuckle believed they would need a whole country’s military power to defeat him.

What’s more, he could even demonstrate the Nen abilities of those he consumed. He acquired Rage Blast and Metamorphosis in this way.

His Photon technique could disperse his aura into photons or particles of light, allowing him to detect anything the light could reach. The fandom still can’t fathom the death of the Chimera King, and I don’t think we ever will.

1. Don Freecss

Don Freecss, the alleged author of the “Journey to the New World” – a travelogue about the Dark Continent, is the strongest character alive in Hunter x Hunter.

He is over 300 years old, which might imply that he has something to do with the creation of the Hunter Association. He is also, most probably, an ancestor of the Freecss.

We know Don is still alive since Ging mentions that the West edition of the travelogue is possibly still being written. The East edition is currently in the hands of the Association’s V6.

Don has the OP ability of being alive for hundreds of years. This could mean he is immortal and/or a Nen grandmaster. But the more probably theory is that he ate Nitro Rice during his travels, a cereal found on the Dark Continent that lengthens a person’s life.

Either way, Don has been to the Dark Continent and has presumably spent enough time there to have written at least 2 full volumes of material on it. This itself proves his might.

We’re yet to see what exactly Don Freecks is capable of, but he’s bound to be the strongest dude in the Hunter x Hunter universe.   

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