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Top 10 strongest characters in One Punch Man, Ranked!

One Punch Man is set in a world where people can enroll as a professional hero to fight off against the enemies of humanity.

In such a setting, where a lot of people with various powers exist, our protagonist still reigns over all. After becoming a hero for fun and removing his limiter, Saitama has rarely found a capable opponent. Those that exist are far and few in between.

Every Time Garou Meets saitama | Saitama Vs Garou All Fights
Saitama vs Garou

While the power scale in this series goes by titles such as Dragon level threat, etc., the more apt method to measure their power is by seeing how many punches they can take from Saitama and see how they fare against him.

While we are on that topic, I’ve made a list of the strongest characters in One Punch Man. Let’s delve right into it!

10. Bang

Bang, also known as Silver Fang, is one of the S-class heroes top 3. He may be old, but thanks to his lifelong dedication to the martial arts, he is still in top shape to become one of the strongest. The name of his fighting style is the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.

Top 10 strongest characters in One Punch Man, Ranked!
Bang | Source: Pinterest

Along with Saitama, he’s one of the few heroes that can defeat a dragon class villain with ease. Thanks to his age and experience, he contributes a lot of wisdom to this series.

Like Garou, he aims for weak points that an opponent thinks they won’t target and launches his attacks. Bang is one of the most impressive martial artists in the series second to only his monstrous pupil.

9. Darkshine

Superalloy Darkshine was impressive during the Monster Association raid. He just stood and took everything Bug God, a Demon Level threat, threw at him. He could go without much effort, one-shot Bug God into bits.

Top 10 strongest characters in One Punch Man, Ranked!
Darkshine | Source: Pinterest

His best fight was actually against Garou, where he was able to take a lot of blows from him while Garou was on the verge of breaking his limiter. Garou, in fact, praised him, saying if he could take down Darkshine, it would mean his attacks would work against anyone.

Darkshine’s defense is easily above the likes of Tank Top Master and Puri Puri Prisoner. A single tackle from Darkshine allowed him to break Garou’s ribs, and Garou himself knew that it was a tackle he could not repel.

8. Genos

Genos is Saitama’s self-appointed disciple and another strong character. He’s the ultimate cybernetic experiment, and whenever he’s damaged, he comes back stronger than ever.

Not only does it make him physically strong, but extremely fast and packed with sheer power, thanks to having features that can emit energy blasts.

Saitama vs Genos Fight | One Punch Man (60FPS)
Genos vs. One Punch Man

Recently, he gained upgrades and was able to beat Forest King. The latter was a Demon Level threat and now is confident in taking on Dragon Level threats.

7. Golden Sperm

Golden Sperm is Monster Association’s strongest Dragon Level threat. He has over 11 Trillion copies of himself. Every time a trillion combines, it will give birth to a Multi-Cell Sperm, which is far stronger than the normal Black Sperm. We have no indication of just how strong he is apart from comparing him to his normal version.

Top 10 strongest characters in One Punch Man, Ranked!
Golden Sperm | Source: Pinterest

A normal Black Sperm was faster or faster than Genos, so it could avoid Atomic Slashes and gave Atomic Samurai severe injuries with a single punch. Golden Sperm is on a far more superior level, where he was able to overpower a weakened Tatsumaki.

He, along with Boros, Garou, and Saitama, has resistance to Psychic abilities due to having a thick spirit and immense willpower, as seen when he resisted Tatsumaki’s head twist.

6. Garou

Garou is one of the characters in One Punch Man with the greatest sheer power, durability, and ferocity. Garou has defeated hundreds of heroes and monsters, including S-Rank level opponents.

Top 10 strongest characters in One Punch Man, Ranked!
Garou | Source: Quora

However, he also highlights how tough it is to make these lists because he’s shown himself to be weaker against enemies like Watchdog Man, who have extremely unique fighting styles.

Still, considering Garou has faced off against Bang & Orochi and lived to tell the tale, he walked away from strikes by Saitama and went toe to toe with the ultimate monster Orochi, all while half-dead, he definitely deserves his position in the top 6.

5. Orochi

Known as the Monster King, Orochi is arguably the most powerful monster in the world. Orochi still hasn’t been able to show the full extent of his power and could very well have made it a step above on this list in a couple of months.

However, we’ve already had good hints at how powerful Orochi is. The best proof is how easily he was able to dispose of Garou while facing him and how quickly he was able to adapt to Garou’s fighting style.

4. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki differs heavily from everyone else on this list because her abilities tend not to show up in physical hand-to-hand combat. The second-ranked S-Class hero, Tatsumaki, is an incredibly powerful esper capable of leveling entire cities with her psychokinetic abilities.

[One Punch Man] Tornado girl destroyed the alien ship with her psychic power
Tatsumaki manhandles Boros’ ship

This makes Tatsumaki an interesting person to list because we haven’t seen her face off against one of the characters we’ve ranked above her in a fight.

Due to her vastly different fighting styles, it seems very situation-based as to who would win in a fight between her and those ranking above her on the list. In that sense, the same could be said about some of the characters that fall below her.

3. Blast

The first-ranked S-Class hero comes in at #3. Barring the possibility that Blast is coasting through on reputation alone like King, he deserves to be this high on the list.

We know that Blast is regarded as stronger than even Tatsumaki, deserving acknowledgment alone. We’ve also seen that he was able to deal with Elder Centipede when no one short of Saitama was able to do it in the present.

Top 10 strongest characters in One Punch Man, Ranked!
Blast | Source: Pinterest

Furthermore, he’s regarded by all as the final solution to any threat to humanity and the Earth. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen what he can actually do.

2. Boros

Lord Boros is the strongest alien and ranks at number two in our list of powerful characters. In Meteoric Burst Mode, he can launch attacks with force equivalent to Meteors, as mentioned in the Databooks.

top strongest characters in one punch man
Boros | Source: Pinterest

Evidence for this is when he delivered a single punch to Saitama that not only sent him flying but created a large area of damage behind him, which spanned most of the size of his ship and vaporized his underlings.

His regeneration speed is determined by how much energy he invests towards it. Unlike his subordinates, he does not have a core. It’s simply energy-based. That’s also why Boros’ regeneration is amongst the best compared to his species.

He tanked countless punches from Saitama and would have had a chance of surviving a Serious Punch had he not invested all his energy into his Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon attack.

Saitama vs Boros

1. Saitama

Saitama is the strongest character in the One Punch man series and the only known man to break through his limiter. Breaking his limiter granted him the limitless potential to increase his strength.

top strongest characters in one punch man
One Punch Man

His desire and determination during his years of training were unmatched. Once he overcame the human limits, he tapped into a whole new world of Physical Strength.

His strength is such that he can defeat most if not all characters in this list with a serious punch, aka his name as the One Punch Man. He is undoubtedly the strongest character in the series as of now.

Is Saitama a God? Is One Punch Man a monster?

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