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Top 10 Must-Watch Anime If You Loved “The Devil is a Part-Timer” & Where To Watch Them!

The Devil is a Part-Timer is a story about the Demon Lord Satan who, after being driven away from Ente Isla by the Hero Emilia, ends up in the Human World.

Unable to use magic, he and his general Alsiel disguise themselves as human and start working in a fast-food restaurant to feed themselves at the end of the month.

This is a story that portrays a humorous and endearing side of the Demon Lord Satan.

So, let’s begin with the top 10 list of anime that has close resemblance with The Devil is a Part-Timer.

10. Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero

Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero attempts to display a different side of a war.

Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero

Air Date: January 5, 2013 Status: Finished Studio: Arms No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 12

After getting dissatisfied with the slow progress in the humans and demons war, the Hero abandons his comrades and forges ahead himself towards the Demon Queen’s Castle. There he discovers that the demon queen needs his help.

Maoyu Trailer [HD]
Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero Trailer

She explains that if the war ends, thousands will die in the Southern Nations without food supplies for the war.
The Hero, after getting convinced, joins the demon queen in her quest to solve this worldwide crisis.

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9. Blood Lad

Not everyone turns out to be who we think they are, that’s what Blood Lad is all about.

Blood Lad

Air Date: July 8, 2013 Status: Finished Studio: Brain’s Base No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 10

Staz Charlie Blood, rumored to be a bloodthirsty and merciless vampire, is actually an otaku obsessed with Japanese culture spending his days lazing around.

BLOOD LAD Anime Official Dub - Anime Trailer - VIZ Media
Blood Lad Trailer

When Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally wanders into the demon world, Staz is overjoyed but not for long as she was killed after a sudden attack on his territory. Staz vows to resurrect Fuyumi and travels to the human world to find the magic to bring back life.

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8. Gabriel DropOut

A dream without dedication isn’t a dream at all, Gabriel DropOut displays that through the journey of an aspiring angel.

Gabriel DropOut

Air Date: January 9, 2017 Status: Finished Studio: Doga Kobo No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 12

Gabriel White Tenma has come to earth to become a full-fledged angel as per Heaven’s rule. Gabriel soon becomes addicted to video games and becomes a Hikikomori leaving aside her dream to bring happiness to mankind.

top 10 anime like the devil is a part-timer
Gabriel DropOut | Source: Crunchyroll

While on earth, she makes friends with the angel Shiraha and demon Kurumizawa. And the one who tries to revert Gabriel to her former self is her friend Vignette April Tsukinose.

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7. Squid Girl

One shouldn’t treat the sea as a garbage-bin, Squid Girl delivers that message through a light-hearted comedy.

Squid Girl

Air Date: October 5, 2010 Status: Finished Studio: Diomedea No. of Seasons: 2 No. of Episodes: 24

To take revenge against humanity for making the denizens of the sea suffer by polluting the ocean for a long time, Ika Musume, a squid, has decided to come overland.

She has powerful hair-tentacles and can spit ink while using bioluminescence at will. Meanwhile, she surfaces at a Lemon Beach House where he meets the sisters Eiko and Chizuru Aizawa.

top 10 anime like the devil is a part-timer
Squid Girl | Source: Crunchyroll

Right away declaring war against them, she destroys a wall of the beach house and ends up as a waitress to pay the repair costs, putting up her plans for world domination on hold.

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6. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist shows a demon’s struggle to save humanity.

Blue Exorcist

Air Date: April 17, 2011 Status: Upcoming Season 3 Studio: A-1 Pictures No. of Seasons: 3 No. of Episodes: 37

To conquer Assiah, Satan, the ruler of Gehenna has sent his son to become a capable vessel for him.

After being ambushed by demons one day, Rin Okumura discovers that he is the son of Satan, who wishes him to return to Gehenna and conquer Assiah together.

top 10 anime like the devil is a part-timer
Blue Exorcist

Not wanting to join Satan, Rin decides to defend Assiah alongside his brother Yukio by becoming an exorcist.

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5. Beelzebub

Beelzebub portrays the upbringing of a demon lord’s baby through a hilarious fiction accompanied by wacky characters.


Air Date: January 9, 2011 Status: Finished Studio: Pierrot Plus No. of Seasons: 1 No. of Episodes: 60

Tatsumi Oga is the most vicious fighter of Ishiyama High School, where non-stop violence and lawlessness are the norm. While on a riverbed one day, Oga retrieves a man floating down the river.

After retrieving, the man splits into two, revealing a baby who soon becomes attached to Oga. Not to his knowledge, the baby is the son of the Demon Lord, “Baby Beel.”

top 10 anime like the devil is a part-timer

Soon after this, he confronts Beel’s demon maid, Hildegard. Together they raise Baby Beel amongst delinquents and demons.

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4. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Konosuba is the cherry on the top of an Isekai Cake.

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Air Date: January 14, 2016 Status: Upcoming Season 3 Studio: Studio Deen, Studio Drive No. of Seasons: 3 No. of Episodes: 20

After dying a laughable death, Kazuma was given two options by Aqua, the goddess. She provides the NEET with two options to either continue to Heaven or reincarnate himself in a real fantasy world.

Kazuma, after choosing the second option, made a grave mistake by bringing Aqua to his aid, as she is completely useless.

top 10 anime like the devil is a part-timer
Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

He was given the task to defeat the demon lord, but before that, they have to work for their expenses. And thus, their adventure of misfortune begins.

Watch Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! on:

3. One Punch Man

One Punch Man firmly depicts that hard work is the key to success.

One Punch Man

Air Date: October 5, 2015 Status: Upcoming Season 3 Studio: Madhouse, J.C.Staff No. of Seasons: 2 No. of Episodes: 24

Saitama has become incredibly powerful after relentless training for three years to become a hero but has gone bald in this process.

He is no longer able to enjoy the thrill of battling as he defeats his enemies with a single punch. All of this changes when he meets Genos, a cyborg who wishes to be his disciple.

top 10 anime like the devil is a part-timer
One Punch Man

Genos then proposes to Saitama to join the Hero Association to become a certified hero, and he agrees after seeing that he is not well known in society.

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2. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid exhibits cuteness in a gallery of eccentric portraits.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Air Date: January 12, 2017 Status: Airing Studio: Kyoto Animation No. of Seasons: 2 No. of Episodes: 13

While on her way to work, Kobayashi gets frightened after seeing the head of a dragon. Staring at her, the dragon immediately transforms into a young girl dressed in a maid outfit.

Introducing herself as Tooru, she reminds Kobayashi of her offer to stay in her home while she was drunk the previous night. Regretting her decision, she agrees to Tooru’s request to work as a personal maidservant to repay the debt for a shelter.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - Available 4/24
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Trailer

Efficiently doing her job as a maid, her presence attracts eccentric personalities to her new home leaving Kobayashi in crazy circumstances.

Watch Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid on:

1. Noragami

Noragami will teach you to pursue your dreams regardless of their difficulties.


Air Date: January 5, 2014 Status: Finished Studio: Bones No. of Seasons: 2 No. of Episodes: 25

Yato is a minor deity and self-proclaimed “Delivery God” who dreams of having millions of worshipers. He charges five yen apiece for doing odd jobs, for which his weapon partner keeps deserting him.

Hiyori Iki, a middle school girl, after taking a hit from a car to supposedly save Yato, finds out that her soul is leaving her body.

Noragami - Blu-ray/DVD Combo - COMING SOON! - Trailer
Noragami Trailer

She demands Yato to return her back to normal on which he agrees. Still, she has to find him a new weapon partner in exchange.

How To Watch Noragami? Complete Watch Guide
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Honorable Mention

There are some other series that resembles with The Devil is a Part-Timer quite a bit, they are:

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero, Baka & Test – Summon the Beasts, Yusibu: I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job, Working!!

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