Tokyo Requests 3rd State Of Emergency to Curb Sudden Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Japan has been hit by its worst Covid-19 wave since the 2nd state of emergency since January. Cases have been increasing daily in two of the country’s major cities, Tokyo and Osaka.

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The country is now facing the worst of situations as cases in all prefectures have been hitting their all-time highs. Tokyo recorded 800 new cases, and more than 5,200 have been recorded in a single day all over Japan. 

Tokyo has requested the government to implement a COVID-19 State of Emergency from April 25th to May 9th in order to prevent any further increase.

According to the officials and parties involved, there are chances of a sudden spike in infections due to the consecutive holidays during this period.

Statistics confirmed 843 new cases in Tokyo, and 1,242 new cases in Osaka, with more than 5,200 cases all over the country ever since the government lifted the 2nd state of emergency in March 2021.

The Japanese government implemented the second state of emergency in January 2021 due to the drastic increase in new cases. It was partly lifted in February 2021 and wholly lifted in March 2021.

The State officials and the Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, will soon be discussing the matter. Japan might go into its 3rd state of emergency depending on what the government decides.

Complications might arise due to the Tokyo Summer Olympics scheduled for July 23rd – August 8th, 2021 after they were canceled last year.

 Tokyo Requests 3rd State of Emergency to Curb Sudden Rise in COVID-19 Cases
Tokyo Summer Olympics | Source: Official Website

A state of emergency in Japan 3 months before the Olympics would be difficult to manage for the government.

For now, all we can do is hope and pray for the country and give them the strength to make it through this crisis.

Source: NHK WORLD News Official Twitter

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