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Tokyo Olympics Use Anime Promo As Their Marketing Strategy

We are officially one year away from the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Anime is one of Japan’s most recognisable exports and so the organising committee of the Tokyo Olympics decided to incorporate anime into the promotions. A special anime promo for the Olympics and Paralympics has been created. A promo in which brand new characters show their spirit towards all the Olympics sports.

Anime Promo

The official Twitter account of the Summer Olympics Tokyo 2020 recently released this promo.

The special and official tokyo 2020site– revealed the characters’ names and the official poses. According to the website, the blue one is known as Miraitowa. Miraitowa represents all the sports of Summer Olympics Tokyo 2020. The Pink one is known as Somety. Somety represents all the Paralympic sports of Olympics Tokyo 2020.

This two and a half minute anime promo covers everything. From training to success, from Basketball to track and field, from swimming to boxing- everything! Surpisingly, this animated promo for the Summer Olympics Tokyo 2020 has been created by some elementry school students. Talent is everywhere and knows no age limit! They did excellent job by creating this animation with slick designs and characters.  

The city is doing their best to promote the Summer Olympics Tokyo 2020. The commitee is putting in their best with the help of animated characters to spread the message of the 2020 Olympics.  Even Dragon Ball’s Goku is going to get in on the action by being named an official ambassador to the upcoming Olympics!

From the anime promo, there is a strong message of how much dedication one needs to perform at the Olympics. Like Miraitowa, a sportsman should train hard and rigorously. After all, the Olympics is one of the biggest platforms’ for any sports person. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 begins on Friday,24 July 2020 in Tokyo and end on Sunday, 9 August 2020. So, We are officially one year away from the Tokyo Olympics Summer 2020. So, guys keep calm because the Olympics are back… with a Japanese twist! 

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