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Time Paradox Ghostwriter Manga Canceled In August

Everyone has a dream about what they want to do in life. This dream hangs like a star in front of us, but how many people can actually grab hold of this star? Time Paradox Ghostwriter is a manga about reaching one’s dreams.

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Sasaki Teppei, a rookie manga artist, tries his hardest to get his manga published.

Just when he is ready to quit, a miracle happens and he gets the miracle story that saves him. However, will his jump to grasp his dreams hurt someone else?

Time Paradox Ghostwriter Manga Concludes In August
Time Paradox Ghostwriter | Source: Viz Media

An official tweet by Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced that the Time Paradox Ghostwriter manga has ended in the 39th issue of the magazine.

The Time Paradox Ghostwriter manga started serialization in the Weekly Shonen Jump on 12th May 2020. It is scheduled to conclude in the issue of WSJ, which will release on 30th August with chapter 14 as the final chapter.

The last comment from Kenji Ichima, the author of the Time Paradox Ghostwriter manga, has been posted on the WSJ Twitter account as well.

In the short and sweet note, he expressed his gratitude towards fans of the series and gave hope of it returning sometime in the future.

Kenji Ichima also has another manga to his name called Bokura no Q. It is a supernatural thriller manga which serialized in MangaONE from 2017-2018.

The art style of Time Paradox Ghostwriter is very neat and is loved by fans. Illustrator, Tsunehiro Date, has published several one-shots in different magazines of Shonen Jump.

Gachipin, Gal Kazoku, Cross Account, and Haru yo Koi! are some of his other works.

Fans acknowledge that the illustrations of the manga was pleasant and hope that the mangaka can get his work serialized once again.

About Time Paradox Ghostwriter

Time Paradox Ghostwriter is a manga series written by Kenji Ichima and drawn by Tsunehiro Date. It was launched in the Weekly Shonen Jump in May 2020.

The story revolves around Teppei Sasaki, a young adult who wants to be a mangaka. Despite his best efforts, none of this series makes it past his editor.

After he fails after trying for four years, he is just about to give up when lightning strikes on his house and melts down his microwave and a toy placed on top of it.

“Ding” the microwave spits out an issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump from 10 years in the future. He copies a story called “White Knight,” and kick starts his career.

Little does he know that the actual author of the story, Itsuki Aino, has noticed her personal story being published and is suspecting that he stole her work.

 Source: Weekly Shonen Jump tweet

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