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Fans Surprised as The Vampire Dies in No Time Goes on a Hiatus till May 27

The horror-comedy, shonen manga, “The Vampire Dies in No Time”, is known for its unexpected yet hilarious setting where a vampire hunter has to team up with a vampire!

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The duo of Dralc the Vampire and Ronaldo, the Vampire Hunter, has been well received by the readers.

Despite being considered one of the most powerful vampires out there, Dralc, in reality, is quite weak and turns to ashes when the slightest of difficulties arise.

As he teams up with the vampire hunter, Ronaldo, the two of them have to work together to fight against other rogue vampires.

The Vampire Dies in No Time will go on a hiatus for one month and return on May 27, 2021.

The publishing magazine, Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Magazine did not give a reason for the hiatus but confirmed that the manga would be back in the 26th issue.

It is possible that the author and illustrator of the series, Itaru Bonnoki, might be facing a health-related issue.

Readers should note that this is not the first manga to undergo a hiatus this year. Earlier, even the popular romantic comedy Kaguya Samawas also announced to be on a break.

Since the break is scheduled for almost a month, it is also possible that the author might be planning something big in the storyline and needs a bit of time to get it ready for the fans!

We already know that an anime adaptation of the manga is currently under production. A new trailer for the series has already been released.

With the anime already set to be released in October, fans are already hyped up for the franchise to expand.

Fans Surprised as The Vampire Dies in No Time Goes on a Hiatus till May 27
The Vampire Dies in No Time | Source: Fandom

Will the comical duo of Dralc and Ronaldo finally succeed in achieving their goals? Will Dralc overcome his weakness of dying and truly become the greatest vampire of all time? Tune in on May 27 to find out! 

About The Vampire Dies in No Time

The Vampire Dies in No Time manga by Itaru Bonnoki was first launched in Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2015. An anime adaptation will air in October 2021.

After Ronald, a vampire hunter is hired to rescue children from a blood-thirsty vampire in a castle, he finds a wimpy vampire playing with the children.

Unintentionally, Ronald destroys Dralck’s castle and ends housing the weak vampire in his office. This duo pair up to try to end up solving various cases.

Source: 20th issue of Weekly Shonen Champion

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