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The Prince of Tennis New 3D CG Film’s Plot Unveils Ryoma’s Upcoming Rap Battle!!

The Prince of Tennis has been a serious Tennis anime (so far), but it looks like the creators want to switch things up a bit. A random sci-fi element like time-traveling has been thrown into the mix.

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I think it will be fascinating to see how it will tie into the plot of Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis. The movie has many more surprises up its sleeve so let’s go down them one by one!

Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis will premiere on 3rd September in Japanese theatres. New visuals have been released for the upcoming film.

Completely original story

Synopsis released

Three days after the national tournament final, he went to America alone for training.

There, he happens to encounter Sakurano, who is entwined with a gangster. ⚡ Ryoma tries to help in a tennis match, but for some reason space-time begins to distort … Exclamation question mark

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Yes, you guessed it right! The new film is taking place, not in Japan but in America, the land of hip-hop.

By now, you all know that the film takes place in the three-month time gap between The Prince of Tennis and the New Prince of Tennis. However, did you know that Ryoma had departed to America in order to train?

After winning the finals in the national tournament, Ryoma visited the US alone to train. He encounters Sakuno, an old classmate there, and notices that she is entangled with some gangsters.

Ryoma hits a ball to help Sakuno, but the ball clashes with another ball thrown by a mysterious person in a wheelchair. Space-time begins to distort, and Ryoma is transported to the time when his father was an active player.

Original character lifted !!

Tennis gang

Wolf (san)

Boo (san)

Huu (san)

The <rap battle> performed in the play by Mr. Sugita, who plays the role of Wolf, is a must-see!

English Translation, Twitter Translate

Three new characters and their cast have been revealed for the series. These are American characters with whom Ryoma will engage in a rap battle.

CharacterCastOther Works
WolfTomokazu SugitaGintoki Sakata (Gintama)
BooShunsuke TakeuchiProducer (The [email protected] Cinderella Girls)
FooRyota TakeuchiWakatoshi Ushijima (Haikyu!!)

Tomokazu Sugita is just as surprised by the decision as we are. He has even commented, “How should it be done? A done thing doesn’t change, but is Sugita sane? Sane!!”

The situation is weird enough to actually make us question the staff’s sanity, but I cannot deny that I am also looking forward to how this bizarre twist will work out in the end.

About Prince of Tennis

The Prince of Tennis is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takeshi Konomi.

An anime television series animated by Trans Arts, co-produced by Nihon Ad Systems and directed by Takayuki Hamana, was broadcast on TV Tokyo from October 10, 2001, to March 30, 2005, spanning a total of 178 episodes.

The Prince of Tennis New 3D CG Film’s Plot Unveils Ryoma’s Upcoming Rap Battle!!
Ryoma Echizen | Source: Fandom

The story centers around Ryoma Echizen, son of the legendary “Samurai Nanjiro,” who retired very early from his professional tennis career despite his undeniable talent.

At age 12, Ryoma begins attending Seishun Academy Middle School in Tokyo, Japan, and joins its boys’ tennis team.

The title of the series comes from Ryoma’s title, “The Prince of Tennis,” after winning four tournaments back in America before the events of the manga.

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