The Patient Review: A Gloomy Thriller That Few Will Appreciate

The Patient is a recent limited series released by FX about a therapist trapped inside a room and held captive by a serial killer. Starring Steve Carrell and Domhnall Gleeson, this show is a blend of genres such as thriller and drama, with a twist of its own.

Right from the release date announcement and trailer drop, people were curious about how Steve Carrell fit into this role. Although he’s known for comedy, the man has also done a few serious roles.

Nevertheless, this seemed pretty unique and distinct from most things the veteran comedian has done in his career. So, how good or bad is The Patient? Is it worth watching? Let’s find out.

1. Quick Review

The Patient is a slow-burn but borderline depressive show that doesn’t entirely fit the thriller genre. While some people would appreciate the narrative sprinkled with dark humor, others might find the series fall short of their expectations.

The Patient Review: A Gloomy Thriller that Few will Appreciate
The Patient

This has been one of the major points of contention for the audience. If the genre tag says thriller, then it must be thrilling. However, the show is far from it, which I personally don’t have a problem with.

In fact, I love the genre-bending approach it has taken and love the effort behind it. While some things hit the mark, others might falter a bit. Overall, it’s an intriguing watch that will leave you with mixed emotions about the show as a whole and even the characters.

2. Is it worth watching?

The Patient by FX is worth a watch for fans of the serial killer niche. However, if you’re generally into TV shows and are looking for something off-beat, The Patient would be a fascinating experience.

You would constantly question yourself, whether you like it or not. If you don’t, is it because you’ve been conditioned to like the usual sensational serial killer shows? Alternatively, if you do, why does it hit so hard?

Well, these are merely two of the many questions you’ll find yourself wondering about. Considering it is a limited series with merely five episodes, it is certainly worth a shot.

3. Plot

The Patient is a show where a serial killer captures a psychotherapist. However, the intent is not to kill the doctor with his usual M.O. but something completely different.

The Patient Review: A Gloomy Thriller that Few will Appreciate
The Patient

The man understands his homicidal urges and wants to curb them. So he seeks out the therapist and holds him captive until he solves the serial killer’s problems.

The show doesn’t have subplots but delves deep into the serial killer’s psyche in a non-sensational, clickbaity way. Whether the therapist is able to solve his problem and save him, is the story.

4. Cast and Characters

The show stars Steve Carrell and Domhnall Gleeson in the lead roles. While the former plays the psychotherapist, the latter plays the serial killer. Both the actors have done a fine job and given compelling performances.

The Patient Review: A Gloomy Thriller that Few will Appreciate
The Patient

Seeing Steve Carrell as the psychotherapist might remind you of his role in Beautiful Boy. While the two characters are far from each other, you would find subtle hints of his previous character in the show.

5. Final Thoughts and Grade

The Patient 4/5

Story: A

Acting: A

Music: B

Direction: B

The Patient is an interesting take on the serial killer genre because it takes a slower and more gloomy approach than the fast-paced one. It’d feel more like a gloomy conversation than a bone-chilling encounter with a serial killer, which I find fascinating. So, watch it when you can on Hulu.

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6. About The Patient

The Patient is an American psychological thriller limited series created by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg for FX on Hulu. Premiering on August 30, 2022, the series consists of ten episodes.

Therapist Dr. Strauss is kidnapped and imprisoned by his patient Sam who needs him to find a therapeutical solution to help him stop his homicidal tendencies.

The mini-series stars Domhnall Gleeson, Steve Carell, Linda Emond, Andrew Leeds, Laura Niemi, and David Alan Grier. The thriller series streams on Hulu, with weekly episodes on Tuesday.

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