The Morning Show S3 E3 Recap & Ending Explained: The Fateful Interview

How would you feel if your white boss made a racist remark about you that undermined your skills and reputation for the work you do, and you had the chance to call them out on it in front of everyone? 

This might seem fictitious in our reality, but in The Morning Show, things like this do happen. The show often takes a stand on specific issues and does not shy away from them. That’s what makes us love watching this show, right?

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from The Morning Show.

Episode 3 of The Morning Show is a bold move that shifts the spotlight from Alex and Bradley to two other characters: Christina and Cybil. 

Christina is the new anchor of The Morning Show who has to prove herself in a hostile environment. On the other hand, Cybil is the boss of UBA, who has a lot of power and equally fatal secrets. The episode is an interesting clash between these two women, who have very different styles and agendas. 

In The Morning Show, being on top today doesn’t mean you’ll stay there tomorrow. And if you cross Cory Ellison, the new UBA CEO, your chances of falling are even higher. That’s what happened to UBA boss Cybil Reynolds, who sealed her fate by trying to outsmart Cory.

1. Cybil’s Crime

Cybil, the UBA queen bee, thinks she can get away with sending an intensely racist email about TMS anchor Christina to her inner circle. Not only does she insult one of her own employees, but she is also paying less to the people of color who work for her, including Chris.

The nemesis comes when the catastrophic UBA hacking happens, and all her dirty secrets are leaked. 

Now Cybil is in hot water, and she needs a lifeline. In this dire situation, she turns to the only person who might help her: Alex Levy. 

Alex tries to be reasonable and tells Cybil not to panic. Cybil begs Alex to do an “Alex Unfiltered” segment to clear her name. Alex thinks about it but then comes up with a better idea. 

Before diving into that, let’s look at what the other characters are upto in this week’s episode.

2. Chaotic Day at Work

The Morning Show S3 E3 Recap & Ending Explained: The Fateful Interview
Cybil in The Morning Show | Source: IMDb

Cybil’s ordeal is more than just a racist remark. It is a symptom of the deep inequality that pervades UBA, where the powerful exploit the poor and the minority. The minority workers at the bottom of the hierarchy feel the sting of injustice, especially after the scandalous leak. 

Their boss, Mia Jordan, is also a woman of color and seems clearly distressed about the entire fiasco. She finally vents everything out to Stella, a friend more than a colleague. Stella persuades Mia to join her for a drink after a disastrous day at work, where nothing has gone right.

The show does not keep us guessing about Stella’s connection to Paul Marks. Stella confides in Mia that she has a past with Marks and that he is a tricky customer.

They are later joined by Chris, who appears surprisingly relaxed despite the trauma she has faced in the last two days. However, we soon learn that Chris has an intricate plan to get back at her tormentors with some help from Alex.

3. The Ending Explained: The Fateful Interview!

The Morning Show S3 E3 Recap & Ending Explained: The Fateful Interview
Chris Hunter | Source: IMDb

Cybil Reynolds thinks she can defend herself in front of Alex Levy, her only ally at UBA, but Alex has a different agenda. She persuades Chris to grill Cybil on her show itself. Chris needs an outlet for her rage, and what better place than her own show? Cybil may be the boss of UBA, but Chris rules the studio of The Morning Show. An ingenious idea to prosecute Cybil and tend to her reputation simultaneously!

However, the plan is not without obstacles, as Cory Ellison apparently tries to stop it. Cory plays the role of a loyal board member and Cybil’s supporter, but he, too, secretly wants to see her fall. 

He even goes with another board member, Leonard, to discuss this double-handed maneuver and brings him to his side.

As expected, the interview turns out to be a career suicide for Cybil as she gets owned by Chris. The Morning Show is a people-pleaser show where justice is served hot, and the villains we root against are almost always canceled regardless of their power and position.

That’s what makes this show a fan favorite, something that we keep coming back to repeatedly!

4. About The Morning Show

The Morning Show is a drama series on AppleTV that revolves around the competitive world of morning television. The show follows Alex Levy, who struggles to keep her job after her on-air partner is fired amidst allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Morning Show stars Jennifer Aniston. Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell and others.


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