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The Mandalorian BTS Docuseries Set To Release On Star Wars Day! Expect Baby Yoda’s Demystification

The Mandalorian BTS docuseries set to release on Star Wars Day; expect Baby Yoda’s demystification

The first-ever live-action spin-off of the Star Wars franchiseThe Mandalorian, hit the small screen in November last year. And at the end of its very first episode was introduced the greatest gift of Star Wars franchise to the internet and the meme world –  Baby Yoda.

Now, with fans desperately waiting for the second season to air on Disney+, the show’s makers have a sweet surprise for this May The Fourth.

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, a behind-the-scenes documentary on what all goes behind the making of The Mandalorian, is ready to hit the small screen on May 4th. New episodes will premiere every Friday.

Narrated by the spin-off creator Jon Favreau, the documentary will explore different aspects of the series through several interviews with the cast, crew, and production team.

In a press release from his office, Favreau described the series as an “opportunity for fans to take a look inside and get to see a different perspective, and perhaps a greater understanding of how The Mandalorian came together.” 

When the show’s Mandalorian bounty hunter took a job for a former Imperial officer and the job turned out to be a green child with special powers, the internet awww-ed and cooed.

But when the stoic hunter decides to protect the child from the evil Imperials and goes on the run, the internet flipped!

Top 10 Best Moments from The Mandalorian

However, the green bundle of joy was as much a focus of mystery as it was of adoration. Known as The Child, it was soon christened a name of its own by the internet –  Baby Yoda!

While there is no explicit mention of Baby Yoda and the plethora of mysteries shrouding the 50-year-old child, we are hopeful he will be a part of the ‘greater understanding.’ 

Meanwhile, what we know for sure is that one of the topics to be explored in the upcoming docuseries is the special effects and props team, which brought The Mandalorian’s creatures to life.

And these creatures include what could be the latest successor of the greatest Jedi masters – The Child

Baby Yoda FAQ

Here is a list of questions about Baby Yoda that have had the virtual world stuck in what-ifs for months. May The Fourth be with us all and with answers to these questions! 

  1. Where is Baby Yoda from? Was it born, hatched, and who is its father?
  2. If so, does Baby Yoda have a mom too?
  3. There’s already a fan theory that the mom is Yaddle, a minor character from Attack of the Clones. Then what does it mean for the baby’s name? Yodle? Yoddler? Yaby? Lil’ Yoda?
  4. If Baby Yoda is really 50 years old, who was hiding it for all this time — throughout the rise of the Empire and the ensuing rebellion — and why?
  5. Is Baby Yoda force sensitive? Is it in its blood as part of the special species it is born into?
  6. Does Baby Yoda’s crib float on its own, or did Baby Yoda make it float?
  7. What will it look like when Baby Yoda throws a tantrum? (Seriously!)
  8. In the future, willThe Mandalorian revolves around Baby Yoda, causing chaos? (Please, let the answer be a yes)
  9. What does Baby Yoda eat? Does it drink from bottles? 
  10. Will the Mandalorian have to hunt down Yoda-appropriate forms of baby food? Is this where the green milk from The Last Jedi could be useful?
  11. Will Baby Yoda learn to speak like Yoda if it’s raised by the Mandalorian?
  12. Can you leave a Baby Yoda with the fish nuns? Are fish nuns even certified daycarers?
  13. Is Baby Yoda born with the famous lightsaber skills? How soon can we see a Baby Yoda swoosh a fight lightsaber?
  14. At what age will The Mandalorian be appropriate viewing for Baby Yoda?
  15. Wookieepedia says that members of Yoda’s species possess a “sub-brain” that activates when they have visions. Okay. 
  16. Will Baby Yoda eventually become Teen Yoda? Will it be a teen for centuries?
  17. Is the child the last Yoda?
  18. What is his future role?

Season 2 Release Schedule

The documentary comes in the wake of several productions halting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With impending and likely shortage of content,  Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian comes to the rescue.

The Mandalorian Season 2 - Teen Yoda Parody Trailer

The second season of The Mandalorian finished filming before production shut down due to the pandemic. And Disney is yet to indicate if the second season’s release date will be affected. It’s set to hit Disney+ in October.

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