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New Teaser For ‘The Ice Guy’ Anime Confirms 2023 Debut

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague is a story that ironically melts hearts and warms you up emotionally (all while making single people cry).

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It follows Himuro, a descendant of a yuki-onna with strange icy powers, and Fuyutsuki-san, his cool and calm co-worker. Although Himuro seems like a cold person (quite literally), he’s warm-hearted and likes flowers and cats, which he can’t touch as he’ll freeze them.

Recently, the manga received an anime adaptation, and rom-com fans went out of their minds to finally get a wholesome anime without a weird trope. Since then, we’ve all been waiting for a trailer, and the franchise has finally decided to give us one.

Miyuki Tonogaya’s The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague manga has revealed a cute new teaser for the anime coming out in 2023.

TV anime “ Ice attribute boy and cool colleague girl ” teaser PV / 2023 TV anime broadcast decision

The trailer animates Himuro and Fuyutsuki’s first meeting under the cherry blossoms, right before their office’s orientation ceremony.

To say their encounter was hilarious is an understatement, as Fuyutsuki found Himuro getting cold feet. Yes, the ice guy’s legs were literally frozen quite literally due to nervousness.

Fuyutsuki wonders how she has met a person so unique and someone whom she had never encountered before.

As the video ends, it reveals how Fuyutsuki’s kind gestures make him flustered, leading to a blizzard around him, much to his ignorance.

The franchise has also revealed an icy visual featuring Himuro covered halfway up in ice while making eye contact with Fuyutsuki.


“Ice attribute boy and cool colleague girl”

2023 TV animation decision & key visual lifted!


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#ice attribute boy

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On the other hand, the story is not just about Himuro but also about Fuyutsuki. She has always been labeled as a cool-headed and calm person when in reality, she thinks that she’s emotionless. However, this changes the moment she meets Himuro, who makes her heart flutter.

I just know for a fact that this rom-com anime will top the charts next year.

About The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague is a manga by Miyuki Tonogaya. It started serialization in 2019, and received an anime adaptation in January 2023.

The fantasy romance story involves Himuro, a boy who is a descendant of Yuki-Onna (a spirit depicted in Japanese folklore). He has a tendency to freeze things around him and summon snowstorms when he is agitated.

Himuro has a crush on his colleague Fuyutsuki who is an eccentric and mysterious woman who seems oblivious to Himuro’s powers.

Source: The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Anime’s Official Website

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