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The Day I Became a God: Release Date, Visuals and News

The story for Kamisama ni Natta hi was created by Jun Maeda, who also wrote the screenplay with the original character design by Na-Ga. Both Jun Maeda and Na-Ga are from Key.

The Day I Became a God is the third anime created by Key and produced by Aniplex and P.A. Works.

The Day I Became a God - release date and info
The Day I Became a God | Source: Reddit

The first two original anime were Angel Beats and Charlotte in 2010 and 2015 respectively.

Kamisama ni Natta hi is scheduled to premiere in October 2020.

1. Release Date

In March 2020, a live stream on Nicinico formally announced the anime project, ‘The Day I Became a God’, would be broadcasted in October 2020.

The 3rd original animation project ‘The Day I Became a God’ by Key, Aniplex, and P.A.Works is being produced! The broadcast will start from October 2020! After ‘Angel Beats!’ and ‘Charlotte’, Jun Maeda returns to the starting point

English Translation, Twitter Translate

In March 2020, a live stream on Nicinico formally announced the anime project, ‘The Day I Became a God’, would be broadcasted in October 2020.

P.A.Works tweeted that the project has been in works for a while, and the voice acting was pre-recorded.

Another live stream revealed the first PV, staff, cast, and the character designs in July 2020. It also hinted another PV to be released in September 2020.

P.A.Works producer Mitsuhito Tsuji revealed in 2019 that he would love to work with Jun Maeda again for a new original anime. 

Then there was an official announcement for a ‘continuation’ project after 2 franchises in 2020. This year would be the 10th anniversary for Angel Beats and the 5th anniversary for Charlotte.

Once again, this year will be 10 years since “Angel Beats!” and 5 years since “Charlotte”. That’s because 2020 is such a milestone… We may report more about this in the coming days!? Please look forward to it!

English Translation, Twitter Translate

A website called Maeda Lab was created for the anime series, which features talks with Jun Maeda and special guests, articles on Jun Maeda’s writing works to date. These include all his major work for Key like Angel Beats, Charlotte, and more.

The fans’ expectations for this third collaboration between P.A.Works, Aniplex, and Key have been raised to an all-time high. With two legendary original anime ‘predecessors’, how well can this 2020 upcoming anime do?

Read below to know all the information we have about ‘That Day I Became a God’. 

2. Health of Jun Maeda

Jun Maeda was hospitalized in 2016. He suffers from idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (unexplained enlargement and weakening of heart’s left ventricle).

That Day I Became a God - release date and info
Jun Maeda

He revealed later in 2016 by tweeting, “I went for a check-up. It seems I can’t keep living with my heart, and I still need a heart transplant.” 

Maeda later reassured his fans that he still has a long life to live and will still write more stories.

3. High Audience Expectations

It is given that Jun Maeda’s visual novels are masterpieces, as proved correct by Clannad, Little Busters, Kannon, and more. 

While his two original anime series Angel Beats and Charlotte were phenomenal (and heart-breaking at the same time). 

Though fans sometimes prefer his visual novels to the 12-episode anime series, it’s only because of the time constraints. Visual novels get a lot of room for freedom for the amount of words to write or the world-building. 

Anime series, on the other hand, need to have a 24 minute limit for each episode and that isn’t enough for connecting with characters. 

Anime only fans on the other hand liked Angel Beats and Charlotte with a ferocious protectiveness. The anime Maeda creates always leave the viewers emotionally drained, and closer to the characters as they tend to be a bit depressing. 

With the announcement of a new anime Kamisama ni Natta hi, many fans are speculating it to be another heart-wrenching collaboration between Key, Aniplex, and P.A.Works. Looking at their history the fans might be true.

There are lots of theories surrounding the anime that it may be set up in a world similar to Angel Beats as they have similar themes of ‘God’ and ‘Death’, but it could be a rouse to promote the new anime. 

With few fans dislike that the previous franchises got only 12-episodes, causing the story to feel very rushed at the end. But deep down everyone is excited for this October 2020. Let’s get started with the plot and cast of the upcoming anime!

4. Anime Production

Let’s look into the technical details of this upcoming anime to check what influences the production of ‘The Day I Became a God’. 

I. About the Studios

Kamisama ni Natta hi is a collab between Key, Aniplex, and P.A.Works. 

Key is a visual novel studio co-founded by Jun Maeda. Maeda has been involved in the creation of many visual novels.

He is also an accomplished lyricist and music composer. He has worked in animes like Kanaan, Clannad, Little Busters, Angel Beats, and Charlotte.

Aniplex is one of the studios co-producing the upcoming 2020 anime. It is a Japanese production company with a huge history of producing and distributing legendary anime. 

They include Black Butler, City Hunter, Durarara, Erased, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Gintama, Naruto, Sword Art Online, Your Lie in April, and many more.

P.A.Works has many anime under its name. They have produced True Tears, Another, Red Data Girl, Shirobako, Angel Beats, Charlotte, Fairy Gone, and more. 

Compared to the other animation studios, P.A.Works don’t bring out a lot of anime series as they tend to focus on the quality rather than quantity. That is one reason why most of their anime series tend to be well liked by fans. 

Yoshiyuki Asai is the director of the anime. He has previously worked as the director of Charlotte and Fate/Apocrypha. He was also the episode director of Canaan, Fairy Tail, and Soul Eater. 

The voice of Nao Tomori, Ayane Sakura will be returning as a part of the cast, and Na-Ga will be doing the character designs. 

As the third collaboration of Maeda and P.A.Works, we can hope to see a heart-breaking, fantasy anime with supernatural powers. 

II. Animation Quality

P.A.Works is one of the best studios when it comes to backgrounds. They always find a way to fill the dialogue with wonderful backgrounds behind the characters.

It makes the scenes so intense, emotional, and memorable. Their art is always something to look forward to. 

Their original works like Fairy Gone, Sirius the Jaeger, and Canaan are all praised for their art and visuals. We can see how the animation style has evolved over the years from Angel Beats to Haruchika to Fairy Gone. 

When comparing the animation of Key, Maeda, and P.A.Works’ previous animations, there are many similarities, which may be found in the October anime too.

The cinematography and overall animation for Charlotte is exceptional. The art is vibrant and the realistic background visuals are filled with details. 

Angel Beats has a washed-out surreal look for its animation. The fight scenes were smooth and the character designs were one of the features that were striking in both the anime.

With the PV of The Day I Became a God released, we can see the elegant animations during a few of the scenes with the narration of the cast in the background. 

5. Any Future Works?

There is no news about any other scheduled work to be produced after Kamisama ni Natta hi. 

Though many fans would love to watch a second season of Charlotte with news about the future events of Yuu and Nao, there is no official announcement so far about a sequel.

However, Clannad written by Jun Maeda too has had many seasons and movies, so fans can still hope for a future season.

6. New Key Visuals

The official website has released a key visual and the character designs for the new anime. 

The Key Visual shows two characters, the male lead Youta with the main heroine, Hina. 

That Day I Became a God - release date and info
Youta and Hina | Source: Anime News Network

There are 5 characters, all having some sort of relationship with the male lead, Youta.

That Day I Became a God - release date and info
Youta | Source: Anime News Network
That Day I Became a God - release date and info
Kyouko | Source: Anime News Network
That Day I Became a God - release date and info
Ashura | Source: Anime News Network
That Day I Became a God - release date and info
Sora | Source: Anime News Network
That Day I Became a God - release date and info
Hina | Source: Anime News Network

7. New Teasers/Trailers

The live stream of the anime project released a PV with new key visuals. An official trailer which introduces the male lead and heroine, and the rest of the cast, was also released this July.

It sets the premise of Hina, a God, and the reason why she descended on Earth. It hints at a new PV to be released in September 2020 at the end.

The Day I Became a God | Official Trailer
That Day I Became a God Trailer
The Day I Became a God PV Subbed
That Day I Became a God PV

8. Expected Plot

One day during Youta Narukami’s last summer vacation of high school, a girl named Hina suddenly appears in front of him and calls herself an ‘Omniscient God’. 

She announces that the ‘world will end in 30 days’ to Youta. He witnesses her prophecy powers and it convinces him of her proclamation.

Hina’s innocence belies her powers and thus begins an eventful summer before the end of the world. 

Jun Maeda claims the series to be the most moving anime ever. 

9. Cast & Staff

The following are the cast and staff members for the anime show:

PositionStaffOther works
DirectorAsai YoshiyukiAngel Beats!
Original CreatorMaeda JunAir
StudioP.A. WorksAngel Beats!
CastStaffOther works
Narukami YoutaHanae NatsukiAbsolute Duo (Torasaki Aoi)
Satou HinaSakura AyaneAlice or Alice (Rise)
Izanami KyoukoIshikawa YuiAikatsu! (Shinjou Hinaki)

10. About Kamisama ni Natta hi

Hina awakened as a god. She foresaw ‘the end of the world’. Thus, she chose a lone young man as her companion, who will spend his time with her until the very end.

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