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Sword Art Online Progressive Movie: Set To Release In 2021!!!

Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series that is set in the dystopian future. It focuses on Kirito and Asuna playing through various virtual reality MMORPG worlds.

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The franchise is set to release a movie based on Sword Art Online Progressive Starless Night Aria, which is a side story of the Sword Art Online series.

The start of the anime project was announced at the night performance of the special event “Sword Art Online Alicization -After War-” which was held on November 8th this year.

The official Twitter account of the movie announced that the new movie, Sword Art Online – Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night, is slated to premiere in 2021. A teaser along with the main cast and staff of the movie was released.

Sword Art Online Progressive Movie: Set to Release in 2021!!!
Sword Art Online | Source: Crunchyroll

The visual features Kirito and Asuna from the first arc of the series which will look really familiar to ardent fans of the franchise.

Sword Art Online: Progressive The Movie – Official Trailer | English Sub

The teaser of the movie features scenes from Asuna’s first day playing the VR MMORPG Sword Art Online. It also shows glimpses of characters like Kirito, Klein, Agil.

The video features the announcement by game creator Akihiko Kayaba that everyone logged in was trapped inside, and would die for real if they died in-game.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu from the original series will be reprising their roles as Kirito and Asuna respectively. The other staff and main cast of the movie include:

PositionStaffOther works
StudioA-1 PicturesThe Anthem of the Heart
DirectorAyako Kono High School Fleet
MusicYuki KajiuraFate/Zero
Character designKento TotaniNanbaka
CharacterCastOther works
KiritoMatsuoka YoshitsuguSōma Yukihira (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma)  
AsunaTomatsu HarukaMileina Vashti (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season)

Written by original author Kawahara Reki, Progressive will see Kirito take on the identity of the Black Swordsman again.

The spinoff explores Kirito and Asuna’s early days when they were stuck in the game and their journey up the first floors of Aincrad Tower in more detail.

By comparison, the original Sword Art Online novels jumped back and forth in time, those early days and relationships told via flashback.

Sword Art Online: Progressive is sort of the remastered version of the original “Aincrad Arc” of Sword Art Online.

About Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec.

The series occurs in the near future and focuses on the protagonist “Kirito” Kirigaya Kazuto and Asuna Yuuki as they play through various virtual reality MMORPG worlds.

Sword Art Online, aired in Japan between July and December 2012, followed by its second and third season along with a movie, titled Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale.

Sword Art Online III Season 3 is the second part of Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld.

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