Summer Game Fest to Primarily Focus on Announced Titles This Year 

With E3 2022 canceled, all eyes are going to be on Summer Game Fest this month to get the latest gaming updates, trailers, and world premieres. However, host Geoff Keighley has already warned spectators to keep their expectations in check. 

Speaking during a Twitter Spaces conversation, Keighley said he felt “very excited” about the games that Summer Game Fest would feature. But soon, the host went on to urge viewers to manage their expectations for “megaton shocks” as the event will mostly focus on already announced titles. 

The presenter reiterated that the upcoming show “is not The Game Awards,” meaning that crazy announcements should not be expected this time around but instead in December. 

So we’re doing some good stuff for you, but definitely manage your expectations in terms of the megaton shocks that you’re expecting. This is not The Game Awards. We’ve got lots of good stuff to show you, but buyer beware of some of the crazy rumors I’m seeing out there in terms of things people expect to get announced. 

Geoff Keighley
Summer Game Fest to Primarily Focus on Announced Titles This Year
Geoff Keighley

As for what the Summer Games Fest will have to show, the beloved host said that the event would feature exclusive titles for Xbox platforms and Nintendo Switch.  

He also confirmed that The Summer Game Fest would include a gameplay demo for The Callisto Protocol, the first level playthrough of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, along with “a reveal and some news” around Gotham Knights. 

Giants of the industry like EA, SEGA, Activision, Bandai Namco, Capcom, PlayStation, and miHoYo, to name a few, will be participating in the event, and the much-loved Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will also be in attendance as a special guest. 

With Geoff Keighley honestly coming forth to shed light on the reality, fans will be able to tune into the event with an open mind with a clear idea of what to anticipate. This, in turn, helps dissipate the future disgruntlement from fans if the event is not up to their standards. 

Summer Game Fest to Primarily Focus on Announced Titles This Year
Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest’s “spectacular live, 2-hour world premiere showcase” will begin on Thursday, June 9. Below you will find the show’s start time for each region: 

  • North America: 11am PDT / 12pm MDT / 1pm CDT / 2pm EDT 
  • UK/Ire: 7pm BST 
  • Europe: 8pm CEST / 9pm EEST 
  • Asia/Oceania: 3am JST / 2am AWST / 4am AEST 

About Summer Games Fest 

Summer Games Fest is a free, industry-wide all-digital celebration of video games that was kicked off in Summer 2020. It is hosted and organized by prominent video game journalist Geoff Keighley. Summer Game Fest 2022 will take place on June 9 at 11 am PDT. 

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