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Suguru Geto’s True Identity Has Been Revealed! Who is Kenshuku?

Jujutsu Kaisen masterfully establishes Suguru Geto as the main antagonist– the one pulling the strings in the shadows right from the beginning. Just like everyone else, I had a lot of questions after I finished watching the anime. I still knew near to nothing about Geto, so I approached the manga.

Through Gojo’s Past Arc, we learn that Suguru Geto was once a student at Jujutsu High with Satoru Gojo. A defected sorcerer– sounds simple enough until Geto is revealed to have died several years ago and is then believed to be possessed by the evil sorcerer Noritoshi Kamo! However, this too eventually turns out to be a misdirect!

Suguru Geto was the former Jujutsu sorcerer who defected from Jujutsu High because of his different views on society. His dead body has been taken over by Kenshuku, the current antagonist, for his Curse Manipulation technique. Kenshuku took over Noritoshi Kamo’s body before Geto’s.

1. Who was Noritoshi Kamo?

Noritoshi Kamo was introduced in chapter 60 as an extremely powerful and the evilest sorcerer in the history of Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s known for his Blood Manipulation technique and the Nine Cursed-Womb Death paintings.

He is considered a stain on the Kamo family name for the atrocious experiments he carried out on a woman with unique genetics that allowed her to carry the child of a cursed spirit.

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Noritoshi Kamo | Source: Fandom

After getting pregnant, she ran to a temple which was coincidentally run by sorcerers, where Noritoshi Kamo found her. The woman had nine pregnancies and nine abortions, resulting in the creation of the Nine Cursed-Womb Death Paintings.

Noritoshi had mixed some of his own blood with some of the cursed wombs leading to them inheriting the Kamo clan’s Blood Manipulation technique. These events lead to Choso, one of the death paintings allied with Yuji, eventually realizing Geto’s true identity as Noritoshi Kamo through their blood bond in Chapter 134.

However, in the very next panel, Noritoshi, or rather Kenshuku, says that Noritoshi Kamo is just one of his many names– a subtle hint about his true identity.

Noritoshi Kamo was possessed by a sorcerer named Kenshuku, a fact revealed by Master Tengen in Chapter 145. Both Suguru Geto and Noritoshi Kamo have the same scar on their forehead, indicating their brains were switched out.

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Noritoshi Kamo | Source: Fandom

So in all likelihood, the evil deeds of Noritoshi Kamo, including the creation of the Cursed-Womb Death Paintings was the work of Kenshuku rather than Noritoshi Kamo.

2. Who is Kenshuku? Why did he possess Geto?

Very little is known about Kenshuku aside from the information provided in Chapter 145 by Master Tengen. He reveals that Kenshuku is a Master of Barrier Techniques– second only to Master Tengen himself.

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Kenshuku’s current appearance | Source: Fandom

Master Tengen also explains Kenshuku’s plan to bring about the second ‘Golden Age of Jujutsu.’

It can be deduced that Kenshuku is well over 1000 years old based on his statement in Chapter 136 about the binding vows he made millennia ago and his declaration to Sukuna at the end of the very same chapter about reviving the ‘Golden Age of Jujutsu’ of the Heian Era.

I. Suguru Geto’s Cursed Technique

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Geto’s Cursed Manipulation Technique | Source: Fandom

Suguru’s Geto’s Curse Manipulation Technique is incredibly powerful and is likely the primary reason Kenshuku chose to possess him. Kenshuku clearly intended to extract Mahito as well as Jogo’s cursed techniques from the very start. Geto’s Curse Manipulation has also aided Kenshuku in setting his plans into motion.

II. Geto & Kenshuku

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Gojo with the corpse of Riko Amanai | Source: Fandom

The events of the Gojo’s Past Arc– the death of the Plasma Star Vessel Riko Amanai and the acclaim received by the Star Religious Group for the same, shook Suguru’s faith in humanity. He began to develop a dislike for non-sorcerers. This dislike gradually grew to hatred as Suguru continued to question the merit in repeatedly exorcising and ingesting curses for the sake of deplorable non-sorcerers.

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Suguru finds Mimiko and Nanako | Source: Fandom

Suguru reached his breaking point in Chapter 77 when he encountered two young female sorcerers, Mimiko and Nanako, being mistreated by non-sorcerers and killed all 112 inhabitants of the village.

He eventually developed the ideology that sorcerers were superior to non-sorcerers, and all non-sorcerers needed to be killed as part of the next step of evolution. He wanted sorcerers to be free from having to risk their lives protecting the weak.

Since humans are the source of cursed energy and Curses and sorcerers can control the cursed energy they release while non-sorcerers cannot, he wanted to ‘treat the cause’ by killing all non-sorcerers. Suguru’s ideas of evolution seem to be in line with Kenshuku’s current goal and could have drawn his attention well before Suguru’s death.

III. What Is Kenshuku’s Plan?

Kenshuku’s plans seem to revolve around bringing about the evolution of humans and bring the Golden Age of Jujutsu. However, the end goal of this evolution is yet to be revealed.

Kenshuku’s experiments while possessing Noritoshi Kamo and the creation of the Cursed-Womb Death Paintings was likely his first attempt at bringing about this evolution.

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Kenshuku’s plan | Source: Fandom

These experiments, however, failed as what he could create was limited by his own potential. In Chapter 136, he says that he realized that he would have to create chaos beyond his control to overcome these limitations. This chaos takes the form of the Culling Game.

Using Geto’s Cursed Manipulation, Kenshuku ingested Mahito and extracted his Cursed Technique of Idle Transfiguration. He then remotely cast this technique on two types of marked non-sorcerers– those with cursed techniques whose brains were adjusted for sorcery and those who he made to ingest cursed objects like Itadori Yuji, who were given strength as vessels.

At the same time, Kenshuku made vows with several sorcerers over the last 1000 years– the remains of these sorcerers being the cursed objects provided for the new vessels. An additional seal was also placed on these cursed objects. The binding vows which kept the cursed objects sealed were nullified when Kenshuku took over Suguru Geto’s body.

At the same time, he instantly broke the additional seal immediately after casting Idle Transfiguration– awakening several cursed objects at once. He also released several curses he had gathered using Geto’s power.

With the Culling Game in place to force these new sorcerers and Curses to fight, Gojo sealed away and unable to interfere, and the leaders of the Jujutsu World left with no time to react, the chaos Kenshuku wished for ensues.

Kenshuku plans to use the chaos of the Culling Game to acclimatize the new sorcerers to jujutsu techniques and grow to heights that would never otherwise be achieved through training alone before assimilating them with Master Tengen.

Due to fate and the interference of Toji Fushiguro eleven years ago, Master Tengen was unable to merge with a Plasma Star Vessel and since then has evolved past humanity. He is now similar to a Cursed Spirit rather than a human and has attained a new level of existence that allows him to merge with people other than a Plasma Star Vessel. Upon merging with Master Tengen, the jujutsu sorcerers would surpass existing definitions of a jujutsu sorcerer.

3. Why Was Gojo Satoru Sealed?

Gojo Satoru is incredibly powerful being the only one to inherit both the Six Eyes and the Limitless Technique in the last 100 years.

It is said that only the ones who possess the Six Eyes can draw out the full potential of the Limitless Technique.

If it were for him, Gojo could easily defeat Kenshuku, and all the newly released Curses and bring an end to the Culling Game.

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Kenshuku seals Gojo | Source: Fandom

Kenshuku sealed Satoru Gojo to prevent him from interfering in the Culling Game. Kenshuku’s plans have been constantly thwarted by the previous Six Eyes users. Instead of attempting to kill Gojo, he sealed Satoru in Prison Realm because only one person can inherit Six Eyes at a time.

I. Will Kenshuku Capture Master Tengen?

Master Tengen has evolved to a point where Geto’s Curse Manipulation Techniques can be used on him.

Kenshuku will definitely attempt to capture Master Tengen as he is an integral part of his plan to bring about human evolution. Kenshuku plans to assimilate Master Tengen with every human in Japan after the Culling Game to create a race of sorcerers at the peak of human potential.

Kenshuku has a vast array of curses to choose from to launch his attack and is also a Master of Barrier Techniques, according to Master Tengen. However, Kenshuku would have to face Choso and Yuki, who Master Tengen has asked to be his guard.

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Master Tengen | Source: Fandom

4. Can Kenshuku Be Stopped?

Yuji, Megumi, and Yuta have set out to join the Culling Game to try and save the sorcerers involved and prevent Megumi’s sister Tsumiki from having to join. They have also obtained the back end of the prison realm and are also looking for a sorcerer named Angel who has the ability to terminate all cursed techniques to help free Gojo.

Yuta, Megumi, and Yuji form a powerful trio. Together they have the ability to disrupt the Culling Game and stop Kenshuku. Kenshuku’s plans can also be foiled if Angel is found and Satoru Gojo is unsealed.

The extent of Yuta’s current strength is unknown– he was strong enough to defeat Geto as a new inexperienced sorcerer and has undergone years of training since then.

Suguru Geto's True Identity Has Been Revealed!
Yuji Itadori | Source: Fandom

On the other hand, Yuji has ingested 15 of Sukuna’s fingers so far but is yet to take on any of Sukuna’s techniques. Despite not having an innate technique of his own yet, Yuji has been recommended as a Grade 1 sorcerer. Megumi, too has grown in terms of power and as a character since the Death Painting Arc and is fueled by his desire to save his sister Tsumiki. Together, this trio is sure to wreak havoc in the Culling Game.

5. About Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen, also known as Sorcery Fight, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 2018.

An anime television series adaptation produced by MAPPA premiered in October 2020.

The story revolves around Yuuji Itadori, a high-school student who, despite hating athletics, is insanely fit. Yuuji gets involved in the world of sorcery when he swallows a powerful talisman to protect his friends from its curse.

On observing that Yuuji wasn’t affected much even when inflicted with this curse, Satoru decides to send Yuuji on a quest to save the world.

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