What Would Succession S4 Entail? Theories on Premiere & Expected Plot

The Emmy-award-winning drama Succession saw the Roy family feud going bonkers in season 3, and no one’s really complaining.

The four Roy kids – Connor, Kendall, Roman, and Shiv – got on with their emotional, extreme manipulative games, thinking they’ve almost got it. But Logan Roy had an ace hidden, which, when revealed, brought up a storm in the season three finale.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Succession Season 3.

Logan hands over the reigns of Waystar RoyCo to none other than GoJo’s visionary, Lukas Matsson. The decision definitely swept the siblings off their feet, who have been vying for the conglomerate throne and have struggled, in their very own ways, a lot for it.

Kendall’s depression hits hard as he can’t seem to do anything but tries to get back up when his siblings mention the threat. Roman tries to get into his father’s good books even though it set him against his siblings.

What Would Succession S4 Entail? Theories on Premiere & Expected Plot
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Meanwhile, Shiv does her siblings dirty, seizing the opportunity of Roman’s explicit picture. However, she too underestimated Logan.

After an incredible season of lies, betrayals, foul language, and glimpses into the super luxurious life, it won’t be silly to think season four will aim to top them all.

Succession Season 4: What can we expect?

HBO Max announced the renewal of the epic black comedy satire only a couple of months ago. They haven’t yet released any official synopsis or teasers but based on the ending, we have multiple plot points to look forward to.

I. The Roy children: Assemble!

The backstabbing might take a slight backseat now that the Roy kids have the same enemy. While handing over the keys to Lukas might just be a ploy of Papa Roy to get his children in line, there’s no denying the kids will go all out to take what’s rightfully theirs (no matter if they deserve it or not.) The next season might see them teaming up, maybe for the first time since Succession started. But cunning runs in the Roy blood. How long will they be able to team up?

II. Shiv and Tom

While Shiv might have put up a facade of the insinuation of her husband and Waystar executive Tom Wambsgans betraying them, we might see a blowup of emotions in season four. Know how ambitious Shiv is, she won’t let anyone get away with double-crossing her.

What Would Succession S4 Entail? Theories on Premiere & Expected Plot
Shiv Roy
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III. Kendall, the safest choice for Waystar

With absolute zilch out about the fourth season, we’re not sure if this would even be the last installment. But, the kindest among all the siblings, Kendall might be the one taking the throne. His journey has been no less than an extreme, lengthy emotional rollercoaster ride.

Seemingly fewer betrayals and more human than his siblings, Kendall looks like the sensible candidate to take over after Logan. However, his vulnerability and love-hate relationship with Logan could still be a major deterrent.

When will Succession Season 4 premiere?

With production delays and considering the season three finale only aired a day ago, Succession season four will take some time to arrive. Estimating a trailer release per the last seasons, the first tease for Succession season four could arrive by Summer 2022. The fourth season might only reach the audience by late 2022 or early 2023.

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About Succession

Succession is a satirical comedy-drama TV series created by Jesse Armstrong for HBO. The American TV series first aired on HBO on June 3, 2018 and has four seasons. 

It follows the Roy family who are owners of the conglomerate media house WayStar RoyCo. With patriarch Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) health on a steady decline, the heirs of the family business rival against each other for their rightful succession.

Part of the ensemble cast as Logan Roy’s children are Jeremy Strong playing Kendall, Kieran Culkin playing Roman, and Sarah Snook playing Siobhan. 

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